Washington, Minnesota Officially Reject Biblical Definition of Marriage

After a tight battle at the ballot box, the states of Washington and Minnesota have voted to reject the definition of marriage as being between one man and woman.

Because the margin between the yea and nay votes was so slim, official announcements on the outcomes were not made for some time, leaving voters up in the air about the initiatives’ passage or failure. In Washington, pro-family groups reportedly conceded today following news that the ballot initiative was rejected by 52 percent. Homosexual groups already made the call yesterday, believing that they had succeeded.

“The election results reflect the political and funding advantages our opponents enjoyed in this very liberal and secular state,” Joseph Backholm of Preserve Marriage Washington said in a statement released Thursday. “The results show only that in a deep blue state, with a huge financial advantage, gay marriage activists can win — barely.”

Voters in the state were deciding whether to approve a law that was passed earlier in the year, which permitted homosexuals to “marry.”

“This is a day that historians will look back on as a turning point for equality,” remarked Governor Christine Gregoire in a written statement.

In Minnesota, voters struck down an initiative that would have added an amendment to the state constitution, recognizing marriage as being solely between a man and woman. Homosexual “marriage” is already illegal in the state; therefore, little to no change is expected other than increased efforts to strike down the existing law.

Richard Seaver, an open homosexual who leads Falcon Heights United Church of Christ in St. Paul, told local reporters, “I’m very pleased with our state that people believed that relationships built on love are sacred and not to be played with.”

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However, others stood their ground, stating that man’s vote does nothing to change God’s law.

“Despite the disappointing outcome of this election, we rejoice tonight that marriage is still marriage. We know that God has defined marriage as between one man and one woman, regardless of the efforts of some to overthrow His design,” said John Helmberger, chairman of Minnesota for Marriage.

Approximately 48 percent of voters approved of the initiative. The Associated Press made the official call early yesterday morning.

As previously reported, Maine and Maryland also sanctioned homosexual “marriage” on Tuesday, becoming the first states in American history to do so via popular vote. Heretofore, every state that had voted on the issue upheld the Biblical definition of marriage, striking down attempts to overturn current statutes. There are 38 states nationwide that have laws on the books banning homosexual “marriage.”

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  • Neil

    Chuck Anziulewicz how does this sit with you.
    In 1892 in the Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States case, after listing example after example of official acknowledgments of God and Christianity in America, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that “this is a Christian nation.”

    Sounds like we are a Christian Nation.

  • Neil, I’m trying to locate that in the U. S. Constitution. Can you tell me which article or amendment defines that?