British Hypnotist Claims He Will Turn Straight Man ‘Gay’ on Live Television

A hypnotist in the United Kingdom that is known for conducting wild and dangerous magic tricks on television claims that in his next broadcast, he is going to turn a straight man gay — and vice versa.

Derron Brown, 41, is a homosexual himself and came out four years ago. As an illusionist, mind-reader and hypnotist, Brown uses techniques to trick and manipulate the mind into thinking whatever he wishes. In the past, he has hypnotized his subjects into robbing a van, and also convinced a crowd that they were stuck to the edge of their seats.

Brown has also conducted seances on his broadcast in an effort to communicate with the dead, and in 2003, he played a round of Russian Roulette on live television — a “game” where people pass a loaded gun containing only one bullet, seeing if they can pull the trigger with the pistol to their head without killing themselves.

“Controversy has never interested me for its own sake,” he told reporters. “It’s always been about doing stuff that feels dramatic.”

This time, Brown says that he wants to show that he can manipulate the minds of men into thinking that they are attracted to other men.

“I was thinking about this the other day — it would be interesting wouldn’t it? To take a gay guy and make him straight and a straight guy and make him gay,” he explained.

However, in an interview with The Guardian, Brown stated that he has been unable to convert his own sexuality.

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“I didn’t go out drinking, wasn’t going to the gym, and that whole world I didn’t fit into. That feeling of alienation can turn into an envy, and it becomes an issue,” he explained. “Sexuality is often tied in with something you feel you lack in yourself and look for in others.”

Brown says that he was brought up in the church, although his parents were only nominal Christians. When asked what makes him cringe the most about his past, he told reporters, “When I think back to being a Christian. Proselytizing people, that makes me cringe.”

He states that he is now an atheist, and has replaced religion with hypnotism. Brown said that it made him feel more accepted by society.

“The people who often responded well to it were the lads, and suddenly I was in the position of a) being quite cool among them, and b) having control of them, which is very different from being intimidated by them,” he stated. “I was suddenly an authority in this world.”

Brown outlined that his Christian friends became concerned and told him that he was giving himself over to the devil.

Brown’s magical television shows air as broadcast specials in Britain. Last year, he hypnotized an assistant to believe that a meteor had hit the earth and zombies were taking over the planet.

It is not known when his homosexual-themed broadcast is set to air on national television.

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