Yale Considers Paying For Students’ Sex Change Surgeries

New Haven, Connecticut — One of the oldest and most renown universities in America is considering joining the ranks of other learning institutions that provide insurance coverage for sex change surgeries.

Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut, recently reported in its student publication Yale Daily News that the school is reviewing its insurance coverage policies regarding “gender reassignment surgery.” While employees were extended the coverage in 2011, students are not a part of the program.

Dr. Paul Genecin, the director of University Health Services, told the publication that he has received a “small number” of requests from students that sex change operations be included in Yale’s student insurance policy, and that revisions are “under consideration.”

“Yale’s slowness on this issue is a problem from the perspective of history,” said student Michelle Morgan, whose significant other desires female-to-male surgery. “When history looks back on gender-confirming surgeries and coverage, Yale should strive to be on the cutting edge and not defensive side of that history.”

However, some of the students that commented below the article disagreed with the change.

“[T]he reason why Yale shouldn’t pay for this is the same reason why I am not covered by Yale for all the plastic and cosmetic surgery I want. It is not medically necessary,” wrote one student who identified as Eli. “As much as you all think you will die if you don’t get this surgery, I can assure you that it will not be the case. Anyway, I’m sure this will pass, as Yale has continually caved to pressure from the tiny minorities who stomp their feet the loudest. Everybody have fun paying higher health insurance premiums next year!”

“If Yale is sane, pay for it yourself,” another wrote.

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If Yale decides to provide the coverage, it would join approximately 35 other colleges and universities across the country who also offer some form of insurance coverage for sexual treatments, whether hormone therapy or major surgery. Other schools include Harvard, Stanford and Cornell University.

As previously reported, Brown University in historic Providence, Rhode Island recently announced that it would adjust its student health insurance plan to now cover “sexual reassignment surgeries” and 14 types of treatments for students desiring to switch genders.

“God help us. I guess this is what moral collapse looks like,” commented one concerned reader, who remained anonymous. “Then good riddance to your ‘morality,’” replied another identified as KN.

Like Brown University, which was founded in 1763 by Pastor James Manning under the direction of the Philadelphia Association of Baptist Churches, Yale also has Christian roots. Carrying the motto “Light and Truth,” Yale was founded as a college to train ministers and political leaders. A group of ten local pastors joined together to fill the university’s library, and Pastor Ezra Stiles, one of the school’s early presidents, required all freshmen to study Hebrew, so that they could read the Old Testament in its original language.

Today, Yale Law School is considered one of the most prestigious legal institutions in the nation.

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