UK Elementary Teacher Facing Disciplinary Action For Refusal to Read ‘Gay’ Penguins Book to Children

London, England — An elementary school teacher in London is facing disciplinary action after she refused to read a book to her class about gay penguins.

The teacher, who is only going by “Mrs. A” in the media in order to protect her identity and her job, had begun to read And Tango Makes Three to her class when she realized that it was a book meant to promote homosexual “marriage.”

According to reports, the book, written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson and illustrated by Henry Cole, is a true story about a pair of Chinstrap penguins named Roy and Silo who live in New York’s Central Park Zoo. In the story, Roy and Silo are seen bowing to each other and being friendly, and soon make a nest together as they attempt to hatch a rock that resembles an egg.

When zookeepers come to the conclusion that the two male penguins have now become a couple, they take an egg from a male-female couple and give it to the two male penguins to raise. The male penguins then take turns sitting on the egg, which eventually hatches, and the baby chick, a girl, is named “Tango” by the zookeepers.

While Christian News Network has not obtained a copy of the book to see if the entirety of the story is included, reports state that Silo later moved on as he became interested in a female penguin named Scrappy.

“For those who have pointed to Roy and Silo as models for us all, these developments must be disappointing,” stated commentator Warren Throckmorton. “Some gay activists might actually be angry.”

In America, And Tango Makes Three became one of the most most challenged books in the public school system from 2006-2008. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Superintendent Peter Gorman ordered the book to be removed from libraries within the district.

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In Ankeny, Iowa, parents requested that the book be moved to a restricted section, so that only adults could check it out. However, the school board later voted 6 to 1 to keep it in circulation. In St. Joseph, Missouri, the book was moved to the non-fiction section after parents complained about its homosexual content.

However, in London, when Mrs. A, a Christian, stopped midway through the story and explained to the children that people have different beliefs about homosexuality, she was told by the school’s head teacher that she had violated the law. Now, the head teacher is threatening to take away her classroom.

Mrs. A still refuses to read the book to students.

Attorneys in the UK have warned the government that if it legalizes homosexual “marriage” in the country, a number of Christian teachers may soon be without a job for their refusal to teach material that is contrary to their deeply-held religious beliefs. Lawmakers in England are already pushing to pass bills pertaining to the matter, as last month, the House of Commons voted 400-175 to approve homosexual nuptials. The proposal still faces a vote in the House of Lords before it can become law.

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