Teen’s Poem Against Homosexuality Goes Viral, Sends Same-Sex Advocates Into a Spiral

A YouTube video that features a teenage girl delivering a poem about why homosexuality is not God’s design for relationships has gone viral, while also meeting opposition from homosexual advocates who have criticized the production.

The video, entitled Rated T for Tolerance, was posted last Summer, but for an unknown reason, has suddenly garnered a significant amount of attention. In the short, two-minute production, a teenage girl is seen standing in a wooded area sharing a spoken word production on the issue of homosexuality from a Christian viewpoint.

“Don’t propagate your hate because I have a higher standard on who you date,” she begins. “Homosexuality is not innate. It is not a genetic trait, [and] cannot replicate the love between a man and a woman in which God did indeed create.”

“I can’t dictate one’s life and who they call soulmate. I simply don’t want them to bake in the Lake of Fire in the name of love’s sake,” she continues. “Despite your opinion, it’s always a choice with whom you fornicate.”

The teen then proceeds by talking about how homosexual behavior is promoted in the media, yet it fails to note the health risks associated with the lifestyle.

“They fail to communicate the detrimental consequences of those who participate,” she explains. “Male-to-male contact calculate for the highest HIV and AIDS cases documented to date. The FDA won’t hesitate to deny gay men who fornicate the privilege to donate to the blood bank because it violates the qualifications of a safe candidate.”

“This is not to discriminate, but to demonstrate that same-sex relations devastate the health of many, and to advocate for this lifestyle is considered love, and to go against it is labeled hate,” the teen states. “It’s like they don’t see what’s at stake until it’s too late.”

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“In the end, there are two gates: one that’s golden and one that separates,” the girl concludes. “So, what’s it gonna be? Your fate or your mate?”

The video then concludes with the words of Jesus from John 3:19, “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.”

The word “hates,” which is missing for a time in the footage, then appears in the verse in all capital letters.

While the name of the girl in the video is not known, nor the city or state where the production was filmed, the individual who uploaded the footage, who goes by the username “Apologetics,” outlined the message that was meant to be conveyed by the poem.

“Equality or freedom? Jesus didn’t come to make our lives fair, but to set us free,” they wrote. “To become born again and have our mind renewed through Christ is true freedom through righteousness; not equality through fairness. Love is not a right; it is a God-given privilege bought at an extreme price — death on a cross. Jesus freely gave His life for you and me so we can have the privilege to be with Him in Heaven.”

“God only ordains, blesses, and accounts for marriage as being a covenant between a husband and wife. Society, however, will always find cheap imitations of the real thing, promote it, then sell it,” the description continues. “Realize this is not hate speech, I speak every word out of love.”

Recently, homosexual advocates who have found the video have been in an uproar, posting counter videos and voting down the production. As of press time, Rated T for Tolerance had 298 likes, and 3,099 dislikes. Fellow teens have posted videos such as Rated I for Ignorant and T for Terrible, and comments from viewers have called the girl “stupid,” a “religious nuthead” and “hateful.” Other comments were more harsh, as one female told the girl to “[g]o die in a hole please” and a male remarked, “Too bad that bigoted [expletive] wasn’t standing there when that tree fell.”

National publications that have also picked up on the video have likewise criticized the girl’s spoken word performance.

“Maybe we would all be more receptive to hate speech if it rhymed more of the time?” Salon wrote sarcastically.

“[The video] might be one of the most ridiculous anti-gay ‘raps’ ever,” opined the Huffington Post. “T For Tolerance? More like T for Terrible, Terrifying and Tragic.”

Wonkette and Gawker also denounced the video, with the latter calling the performance “a painfully flow-less Christian teen spitting h-ate-ful rhymes about homosexuality.”

However, others who have viewed the footage have written messages on the girl’s YouTube channel to encourage her about her stand for Christ.

“All you haters can resist & mock this message, but what you can’t do is refute a single thing this girl says because you’ve bought into the current mass insanity that homosexuality is normal & good,” one commenter wrote. “I pray that God will open the eyes of millions so they can see.”

“Forget the haters, love,” wrote another viewer named Brittany. “You’re just speaking the word of GOD to a particular sin…”

“This argument has been going on since man was thrown from the Garden,” added a man named Jake. “Truth doesn’t change. It is pervasive and powerful, a river that slowly cuts through the hardness of hearts and either washes away sin or the sinner. I don’t make the rules, I just live by them.”

Rated T for Tolerance has, so far, generated over 334,000 views.

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  • jmtbabs49@aol.com

    Very good message!!!!

  • christy1110@frontiernet.net

    This young girl is exactly right and one awesome young woman. She speaks the truth in love.

  • Joan Rogers

    God Bless her for speaking up for God and His Word…I just pray more of the Body of Christ will come forth with the truth of the word of God and dare to defy the devil

  • Tenney Singer

    Good job, girl. And so true, mankind hates the light because it exposes their dark deeds.


    God bless u 4 this message girl. at least one guy sinner wil repent to be saved for Christ.