University of Tennessee to Spend $20,000 of Student Fees to Host ‘Sex Week’

Knoxville, Tennessee — The University of Tennessee is gearing up for its annual Sex Week, which is being reported as costing nearly $20,000 this year — an expense that is being paid for by student fees, grants and donations from campus departments.

The six-day event begins on April 7th, and is being hosted by the Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee student group.

Sex Week features a number of daily seminars, the titles of some are not able to be repeated by Christian News Network. Other less graphic seminar titles include “Sex Positivity in Our Sex Negative Culture,” “How to Talk About Sex to Your Parents,” “Loud and Queer” and “Transgender Sexuality 101.” A few events will focus on religious factors, such as “The Birds, the Bees and the Bible” and “Concepts of Virginity.” Other events for students include sex trivia over pizza, free HIV testing, a drag show and a golden condom hunt.

“[T]he Sex Week Team will hide one golden condom on campus,” the site for the week outlines. “Clever hints will be released daily. The retriever of this condom will win a prize!”

Several of the seminars will be held by self-identified “lesbian BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) expert” Sinclair Sexsmith. Sexsmith is the operator of an online project called “Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Sex, Gender and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top.” Her website outlines that she teaches workshops across the country on gender and sexuality.

Student Brianna Rader, who is a part of the group hosting the event, told reporter Todd Starnes that she sees no problem with the subjects to be discussed.

“We have a stereotype of being conservative but there are lots of people who are okay with these subjects – like me,” she said. “This is one way people can get a better sense of what others in Tennessee and this region of the country are about.”

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Rader said that university officials immediately approved the proposal, and that she can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be supportive.

“I would find it very hard to believe that after talking to any student with an issue they would not agree that the purpose of the event is excellent and there is something for everyone,” she said.

However, some are repulsed at the concept of the event.

“Sick and disgusting,” wrote one commenter named Jodi. “What kind of people are running the school now? What happened to morals and ethics?

“This is what indoctrination looks like, folks. If I went to school there, I’d ask for a refund of my fees,” remarked another. “In fact, I think I’ll ask for my tax dollars that went there.”

“As an alumni, my funding has immediately stopped. This is waste that is not needed. If you believe that this lunacy is ‘needed,’ God help your soul,” a woman named Annette wrote. “UT should also use everyone’s fees to fund conferences on ‘marriage God’s way’ and ‘morals, character, and integrity God’s way’ and ‘raising Godly children’ … types of conferences as well, don’tcha think?”

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