Ohio Woman Sues Abortionist for Failing to Murder Baby

Akron, Ohio — An Ohio woman has filed a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation after the abortionist she hired last year failed to terminate the life of her now six month old baby. She states she is glad to have the child, whom she calls a “miracle,” but accuses the abortion facility of being shoddy.

Ariel Knights, 22, says that she sought the abortion because she has a medical condition called uterus didelhpys. In laymen’s terms, it means that she has two uteruses — one on the left and one on the right.

Knights discovered that she had the condition during her first pregnancy, but because her son, who is now a preschooler, was implanted in her left uterus, she did not feel as concerned. This time, however, doctors advised Knights that her baby girl was growing in her right uterus, stating that it put her and the baby “at risk.”

Therefore, in March of 2012, Knights went to Akron Women’s Medical Group to seek an abortion.

“It was a decision made because my life was in jeopardy,” she told reporters. “End of story. Point blank, that’s it.”

Knights admits that the environment inside of the facility was morbid.

“Every seat was full. People were standing,” she said. “It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse. It was like, ‘OK, next, next.’”

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When it became Knights’ turn, she hopped onto the operating table, and as the Akron Beacon Journal reports, “position[ed] her lower body above a trash bag.”

Days after the procedure, Knights still felt ill and in pain, so she went to the ER with her fiance, where an ultrasound was performed.

“[The doctor] was like, ‘Oh my goodness, honey, you’re still pregnant,’” she recalled. “My fiance and I, we both were kind of in shock.”

After calling Akron Women’s Medical Group about the issue, Knights decided to seek out another abortionist. However, she was told that the facility would not take over after “somebody else’s mistake.”

Therefore, Knights decided to keep the baby.

Last September, she gave birth to a healthy six-pound baby girl via c-section.

Knights is now suing Akron Women’s Medical Group, its manager Carol Westfall, and abortionists Raymond Robinson and M.H. Rezaee for what she believes are shoddy services. The medical malpractice lawsuit, filed this month in Summit County Common Pleas Court, seeks damages for pain, suffering and emotional distress, and requests $25,000 in retribution, in addition to costs associated with the pregnancy and attorney’s fees. Reports state that Knights, who remains pro-choice, wishes to prompt better treatment in the abortion industry.

She calls her infant a “miracle baby” nonetheless and is thankful to have her.

“I mean, it’s just hard thinking she’s here and thinking [how it would be] if they would have done their job,” she said. “It’s just something I don’t like to think about.”

Her attorney, Jim Gutbroad, told reporters that he opposes abortion for any reason. He sees the lawsuit as more of being a way to take the abortion industry to task for its numerous problems.

“From Ariel’s description, you can see how poorly the clinic is run and how different it is from any other medical procedure that’s done in our country,” he told the Akron Beacon Journal. “The way they do things is horrendous.”

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