Kansas House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill Declaring Life Begins at Fertilization

Topeka, Kansas — Members of the Kansas House of Representatives have overwhelmingly passed a sweeping abortion bill that, among other regulations, declares that life begins at fertilization. It now moves to the Senate for deliberation.

“The legislature hereby finds and declares the following: (1) The life of each human being begins at fertilization; (2) unborn children have interests in life, health and well-being that should be protected; and (3) the parents of unborn children have protectable interests in the life, health and well-being of the unborn children of such parents,” the bill declares.

HR2253 sailed through the House on Wednesday with a vote of 92 to 31, and in addition to making a direct assertion on when life begins, restrains the abortion industry in a number of ways. One of the restrictions prohibits abortionists from receiving tax breaks. Another bars doctors-in-training at the state medical school from performing abortions on state time. A third requires that all abortionists notify women of the risks associated with having an abortion, including the increased chances of developing breast cancer.

Furthermore, the bill also prohibits organizations that perform abortions from teaching in sexual education classes.

“No school district shall permit any person or entity to offer, sponsor or otherwise furnish in any manner any course materials or instruction relating to human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases if such person or entity is an abortion services provider, or an  employee, agent or volunteer of an abortion services provider,” it outlines.

On Tuesday, the House struck down an amendment to the state’s existing late-term abortion ban, which would have created exceptions in the instances of rape and incest.

During deliberations over the bills, and following the vote for each, both pro-life and pro-abortion legislators spoke their mind about the matter.

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“I’m so disappointed in you all who have not gone to medical school, who have not gone to nursing school and think you know better,” Representative Barbara Boiler scolded the House. “It’s shameful.”

According to reports, Boiler argued on the House floor that unborn children do not feel pain or experience a stress reaction during the abortion process.

“When it comes to stress reactions, I imagine an unborn child does indeed experience stress when being dismembered and having arms and legs torn off,” argued Lance Kinzer, the sponsor of HB2253. Kinser serves as the House Judiciary Committee Chairman.

“I come here to confirm one fact that’s indisputable, at least in my case having studied medicine, that is that life does start at conception,” declared Representative Shanti Ghandi. “If we believe that, I think this bill is too long. All it needs is one paragraph that says life begins at conception.”

The bill will make its way through the Senate in the near future, and is expected to pass.

“We’ll get it done,” Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee Chairwoman Mary Pilcher-Cook told reporters.

If the legislation does indeed pass in the Senate, it will move to the desk of Governor Sam Brownback for signing. Brownback, a Roman Catholic, has remarked in the past that he will sign any pro-life bill that makes it to his desk.

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  • Dawn B

    For all those people who are having a hard time believing that a “fetus” is not a baby, and can’t feel anything, talk to some professionals in the medical field. Like an ultrasound technician. I just had an ultrasound done and at 6 weeks pregnant, I was able to see my babies heart beating. What better proof of life do you need than that?
    We look for any sign of life on mars, but we are unable to realize that at the moment of conception cell are joining, and multiplying, and dividing, and that, is scientifically a sign of life!!!
    So, way to go Kansas!!!!