Baptist Pastor to ABC: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ is an American ‘Freedom God Has Given You’

A Baptist pastor that appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday told host George Stephanopolous that while he personally disagrees with homosexual marriage, he believes it should be legalized by the Supreme Court because it is one of the freedoms of personal choice given by God.

Pastor Calvin Butts of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York had been posed with a comment from Stephanopolous in which he noted that the pastor’s “political allies have been strongly supportive of gay marriage, yet it’s something that your faith does not believe in.”

“It’s something that we don’t believe in, in terms of what we have learned from the Bible,” Butts replied. “But in terms of men and women having their rights as citizens and human beings, we certainly affirm that.”

“You should have every right as a citizen of this nation and every right as a human being to enjoy the freedom that God has given you,” he continued. “The choice is yours. And I should not stand in the way of you making that choice.”

Butts then repeated his sentiments.

“I have to extol what I believe my religion teaches, and it does not teach that a marriage between a man and a man and a woman and a woman is God’s divine imperative,” he stated. “But, I can’t stand in the way of that, and I don’t think the Supreme Court should stand in the way of that.”

Stephanopolous then remarked, “[So], you have a strict separation between what you practice inside your church and what you believe should happen in the public square.”

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“I believe I have to support [homosexual ‘marriage’] in the civil society,” Butts replied. “Because otherwise, I would not be a good citizen over this great nation and a participant in this experimentation of democracy.”

“However, I choose to believe the Book upon which I build my life,” he concluded.

While Butts personally opposes same-sex ‘marriage,” but believes it should be legalized for those who choose to live as a homosexual, other African American pastors have been vocal against the Obama administration because of its support of the homosexual lifestyle. Last year, the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP), which is comprised of over 3,000 members, launched a national campaign in support of Biblical marriage.

“The time has come for a broad-based assault against the power that be that wants to change our culture to one of men marrying men and women marrying women,” CAAP President William Owens proclaimed at the kickoff rally. “Mr. President, I’m not going to stand with you, and there are thousands of others across this country that are not going to stand with you with this foolishness.”

Owens’ petition, called The Marriage Mandate, states that homosexual behaviors “are sinful and in direct violation of the law of God in that they are a deviation from the natural use and purpose of the body.”

“We therefore declare our opposition to any deviation from traditional marriages of male and female, notwithstanding the rulings of the court systems of the land or acts of legislative bodies in support of same-sex ‘marriage’ and/or civil unions, and call on President Obama to repudiate his assertion that gay marriage is a civil right,” it concludes.

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  • frank keen

    After June, And After D.O.M.A. is over turned by the scum driven obama Supreme Court,….We will no longer have any say what so ever about Gay Marriage,….Any Negative or Opposing Views Against Gay’s Or Gay Marriage Will Be Considered Hate Speech,Or Discrimination ..And Punishable By Fines Or Jail Time.Religious Of Freedom Of Speech Is About To Come To An End!!!!…..

  • Richard Dey

    The original demands of the gay people were for freedom, not for gay marriage. When they discovered that they were free and that the public was not going to oppose their freedom, they discovred that heterosexuals had given themselves a thousand or so ‘special rights’ within ‘holy marriage’. Since they had meanwhile discovered that the Constitution of the United States not only trumped all state laws but also the Bible, they also discovered that civil law trumped Bible law. Is it any wonder that they began to erode the authority of Genesis — the creator of homophobia in about 0538 BCE? Homosexuals survived 2500 years (2051 exactly); they were not about to roll over and play dead. They no longer wanted mere equity but equalitiy! They wanted vindication and restitution. And they replied to black ministers who insisted that they’d never been slaves (they were simply executed) that perhaps they’d never heard of black homosexuals? The standoff didn’t last for long, an only from 1969 (Stonewall) until `994 when the last of the state homophobic laws was declared unconstitutional (which it certainly was). An overwhelming number of states had already legalized homosexuality (and homosexuals), as had most nations in western Europe. In those jurisdictions which propound religious homophobia, young people are simply not going to church. Christianity, by maintaining the immutability of the Bible and not effecting a mutable clause which can modify it as we discover that the world isn’t flat, that rights can be extended further, and that the Scribes of Ezra were indeed racist and sexist bigots, urderers, and covetous thieves, is rendering the whole of Judaeo-Christianity obsolete — and today’s young people are turning from religious’morals’, alchemy, belief and faith (not to mention absolutist Biblical monarchy), to Greco-Roman democracy, logic, medicine, philosophy,rationality,science, and technology. Jesus is going to discover, in his 2nd coming, that he has to do it in private and that, if he expects to get is message out, he’ll need an email address, a publicity agent, and, a hummable jingle, and, frankly, a believable story about where he’s been since 0029 AD whilst “all the sin he fought in vain was carried onward in his name”. In short, if Biblicists are pissed at recent developments shunting the Bible aside, they need to get out and change the Constitution of the United States — and find ot why the Constitution is a more-convincing document. I wish them the best of luck, but they have an uphill battle — and their fear of God and the 2nd coming is not going to empower them. Self-righteousness is a hard sell.