Foul-Mouthed SUNY Professor Arrested After Tirade Cursing Out Pro-Life Display as ‘Profane’

Buffalo, New York — A professor at SUNY Buffalo was recently arrested for repeatedly screaming profanities at students who were presenting a pro-life display on campus, calling the photographs “profane.”

Laura Curry, who teaches a humanities course at the university, began to argue with campus police officers when they told her to watch her language. She was taking issue with a display by the campus group UB Students for Life, which demonstrated similarities between human rights abuses throughout history, such as slavery and racism, with the murder of unborn children.

“Where does it say I can’t use the f— word in public?” Curry stated to police. “I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.”

When officers again advised that she needed to refrain from using profanity, she became even angrier.

“That image isn’t profane, but f— is?” Curry asked loudly, waving her arms. “What is the difference between that image and me saying f—?”

She then continued to argue that it was her right to loudly yell curse words in front of everyone in the vicinity.

“I can swear in public because [this display] is profane,” Curry contended, still raising her voice. “That image is swearing to me.”

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She proceeded to repeat several times that she was not doing anything wrong, but it was the presentation that was rather obscene. When she swore again, officers immediately placed her under arrest. As Curry was being led away, she repeatedly screamed, “That image is f—— profane!”

The professor then called out to an individual nearby to alert her 1:00 class that she would not be teaching that day as she had been arrested.

Officials at SUNY Buffalo have confirmed that Curry is now facing criminal charges.

“Laura Curry was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct,” John Della Contrada, Assistant Vice President for Media Relations at the university, told reporters. “She is entitled to due process under the law.”

In New York State, it is against the law for anyone “in a public place [to use] abusive or obscene language, or make[] an obscene gesture … with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof.”

“The University at Buffalo strives to create an environment in which diverse opinions can be expressed and heard. As a public university, it is a fundamental value of UB that all members of the campus community and their invited guests have a right to peacefully express their views and opinions, regardless of whether others may disagree with those expressions,” Della Contrada said. “This includes the right of protesters to oppose the views or opinions of others, but not in such a way as to limit or prevent the speaker’s freedom of expression or interfere with university operations.”

Those who have viewed video footage of the incident have agreed that the professor’s tirade was inappropriate.

“Ok, so she doesn’t like the picture. How does it benefit her students to teach them by her example if you don’t like something the best way to handle it is to act like a vulgar, out-of-control drama queen?” one viewer asked. “And this is what we call ‘higher education?'”

The Creative Minority Report advises that abortion supporters have lashed out at pro-life students on campus in years past. In 2011, angry individuals flung feces at the signs.

Warning: Video contains profane language. 

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