Virginia University Students Sign Petition to Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion

MRC Video wsFAIRFAX — A new video posted by the Media Research Center (MRC) shows a number of university students in Virginia signing a petition to legalize 4th trimester abortion — that is, murdering the infant after birth.

The video was part of an experiment by MRC’s Dan Joseph to see if students at George Mason University would really support the cause, and how many. While most students did not seem to know what a “4th trimester abortion” was, they proceeded to sign the petition anyway–some without question.

“Currently, 4th trimester abortions are illegal in all 50 states,” Joseph begins his pitch.

“We believe that it’s a woman’s right to choose — that men in Washington [should not] get to make the rules about what a woman can do with her body and with her baby,” he tells one group of students in the video. “Are you down with that?”

“I’m down,” answer a couple of females in the group, while a male standing by inquires further about the matter.

“Cool” replies one girl later on in the video, and another student happily explains her affiliation with Planned Parenthood.

In one part of the footage, a female student asks Joseph, “Does it cause harm to the child?”

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“Well, the child wouldn’t be there anymore,” he replies. “It’s abortion, you know. The child’s gone.”

The student then proceeds to sign the petition.

“Is the reason why they don’t do it technically because it will hurt the child?” she asks while completing the form.

“I don’t think a woman should be punished with an unwanted child,” he replies.

One male student tells Joseph that he believes abortion should be limited to the first trimester.

“I don’t think it’s a person,” he asserts.

However, others would have nothing to do with the petition.

“That’s going to be when the baby’s already born,” a male student recognizes.

“Yeah, technically that’s true, but what if the baby is annoying or cries a lot?” Joseph asks.

“I’m not signing that!” the student declares, laughing.

One student invites Joseph to a Bible discussion on campus.

“Is that something you’re interested in?” he asks.

“I don’t really know much about the Bible. I’m not really religious,” Joseph replies, adding, “But do you think they’d sign my petition?”

“I want to say that generally, no,” the student replies with a laugh.

In the end, after an hour on campus, Joseph collected 14 signatures from students.

“That’s a lot for summer when there’s not as many people on campus,” he said. “There were a few people who caught on to what I was trying to do.”

“But if you are a pro-choice activist, you have to be happy about this many people supporting this cause,” he adds with sarcasm.

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