Chaplain’s Assistant Threatened With Punishment for Posting Facebook Status Decrying Homosexuality

facebookAn Army chaplain’s assistant says that she is being threatened with punishment if she does not remove a status from her personal Facebook page decrying homosexuality.

The anonymous 26-year-old told conservative commentator Todd Starnes that she posted the status on Sunday after she watched a documentary about a pastor that endorsed the homosexual lifestyle.

“A lot ticked off. Now to all my gay friends, you know I care about you, so don’t think otherwise. I’m watching this documentary and this gay guy went to a church and the pastor was telling him that he needs to embrace his way and know that it is not a sin,” she wrote. “Ok umm, wow, dude it is. I’m sick of people making God’s word what it’s not. Yes, God loves you as a person, but He hates the sin. Tired of hearing about pastors being ok with homosexuality.”

However, the soldier says that she believes someone took offense at her status and reported it to her superiors. Yesterday, she was ordered to appear before her commander.

“He said I was creating a hostile and antagonistic environment in the unit by posting that on Facebook,” she recounted to Starnes. “He said I needed to either take it down or face a UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).”

The chaplain’s assistant says that she will not be removing the status, but will rather stand her ground.

“I haven’t taken it down and I won’t take it down,” she stated. “It is frustrating that people are trying to silence me for something that I believe in. We fight for the freedom that I can’t enjoy right now. That’s not right.”

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