UK Mother Sues Hospital for Urging Abortion After ‘Brain Dead’ Baby Born Healthy

Sarah Aaron Hagan Credit North NewsA woman in the U.K. is suing her local hospital for urging her to abort her son, who they asserted was brain dead and missing one eye, but was born without any signs of the alleged conditions.

Sarah Hagan, 38, is suing City Hospital Sunderland now that her son Aaron is 15 months old and suffers from ailments stemming from a premature delivery following a botched abortion over an alleged condition that turned out to be non-existent.

“It breaks my heart every day when I look at my son and think how I almost got rid of him,” she told the Sunderland Echo.

After Hagan obtained a 24-week ultrasound last year, doctors told her that her child was brain dead, missing an eye, and had no chance of survival. They urged her to either take the abortion drug Mifepristone to end his life, or go to the infirmary where doctors would stop his heart and then extract him from her body. After pondering the matter overnight, Hagan followed through with her doctor’s advice and took the recommended abortion pills.

However, as time passed, Hagan realized that her child was miraculously still alive. She returned to the hospital where doctors were likewise surprised that the baby had indeed survived the abortion.

Hagan was then told that she must deliver her son right away. He was born weighing in at 1 pound, 7 ounces, and contrary to assertions, the baby was not brain dead, and had two bright blue eyes.

“Despite what they said, he was born breathing and kicking,” Hagan told reporters. “[His] brain is on par with any other baby of his age.”

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However, because the child was born prematurely, he began to fight an infection and heart ailments, and later also struggled with lung problems. A cyst was discovered on his brain as well.

“If I had been allowed to go longer into the pregnancy, I am sure he wouldn’t  have had any of these problems,” Hagan said.

The child, named Aaron, is now 15 months old and looks like any other 1 year old baby.

“I still find it hard to believe they could get it so wrong–that it was just presumed my baby would not survive,” Hagan lamented.

Therefore, the unwed mother of two has filed suit against City Hospital Sunderland for the suffering and distress surrounding the matter. Officials are aware of the suit, but have declined to comment at this time.

“The Trust can confirm that it is aware of the legal action being taken by Ms. Hagan and her partner, and it would be clearly inappropriate to offer any detail or comment on the case at this present time,” a spokesperson told the Sunderland Echo.

“When I look at him now and think what could have happened, it brings me to tears,” Hagan said. “I just want other mothers to know my story so that nothing like this happens again.”

Photo: North News

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