‘It’s a Sin, But I’m Not Against It:’ ‘Christian’ Pride Fest Attendees Affirm Homosexuality

Charlotte Pride fbCHARLOTTE — Responses to a recent survey conducted at the 2013 Charlotte Pride Fest highlighted the ongoing ‘moral malaise’ of modern society, a Christian commentator reports.

The poll, entitled Are You Open Minded?, was conducted by friends of Dr. Michael Brown, a Christian author and host of the radio talk show Line of Fire. Over 100 attendees participated in the survey, 70 percent of which identified as homosexual.

The first question presented to attendees asked, “Do you agree with the statement, ‘I have the right to marry the one I love?'” Out of the 102 respondents, only two disagreed.

A follow-up was then presented, asking, “Are there any exceptions?” Examples were provided to some, such as polyamory, polygamy and consensual adult incest. Some surveyors also asked if there was an age of consent, and what that should be.

While 53 percent of respondents agreed that there were exceptions, most notably expressing concerns about pedophilia, 23 percent said that love is love, and a person should have a right to marry whoever they have feelings for as long as it “doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Two professing Christian girls, who were in attendance to support family members who are homosexuals, especially stood out to Brown following their response to the question, “Is it bigoted to believe that homosexual practice is sin?”

“I’ve said this,” one of the girls replies, “Being gay is a lifestyle; having gay sex is a sin.”

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“You believe it’s a sin?” one of the interviewers asks.

“It’s a sin, but I’m not against it,” she replies. “I think you’re forgiven no matter what.”

“So, if you’re a Christian, you’re forgiven of the sin?” he inquires.

“Absolutely,” she responds. “You’re forgiven for everything except not believing.”

“So, if you engage in that sex which the Bible defines as sin, it’s still okay as long you believe?” the interviewer asks.

“The only way the Bible defines it as sin is because a man and a woman were put here on this earth [with] what we were given to recreate,” the girl responds, “and so it’s a sin [because] you can’t recreate if you’re having gay sex–lesbian or gay.”

“So, you support people having gay sex?” the interviewer inquirers.

“Yeah, I believe you can’t help your heart sometimes,” she replies.

As footage of the poll has attained several thousand views since being posted to YouTube, many have commented that the video is “heartbreaking” to watch.

“My heart breaks for them!” one commenter wrote. “The deception is thick on these two!”

“That really was amazing,” another stated. “Forgiven no matter what? Forgiven without repentance? ‘You can’t help your heart;’ that makes it acceptable?”

“Imagine Jesus hanging on that tree for your sake and dying for you, paying the highest price for your sin to be done with–such a demonstration of LOVE!” a third exclaimed. “What’s your response to Him? To sin even more?”

Other responses also saddened Brown, as 56 percent of participants stated that it is bigoted to believe that there is only one way to God, and 71 percent said that religious exemptions should not be allowed for those who do not wish to participate in same-sex ceremonies.

Photo: Dr. Michael Brown/Facebook

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  • ann

    What church do these young ladies belong too and who influenced their worldview? As we see sexual sin rampant in the church; adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lusting after other’s within our minds which is the same as committing adultery according to Jesus, pornography, viewing perverted television shows and movies at the theater, and other sexual abominations we do not want to even speak of, it is no wonder that these young ladies are speaking what naturally comes out of their hearts.

    We must remember that judgement begins in the house of God, and what you are witnessing here is a part of God’s judgement as the church system created by man has turned its back on sound doctrine. Jesus left the buildings made with human hands a long time ago and have given man over to its own depravity.

  • lois larrowe

    what do you have to do to get your comment posted?

  • Mark

    Titus 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

  • Saying that God forgives Gays and then them carrying on in their sins is NOT REPENTANCE.Gays can carry on in their sins all they like but unless they turn from those sexual sins in repentance they will end up in Hell.