Christian Parents Sue to Stop Board From Indoctrinating Kindergartners With Evolutionary Theory

student pdTOPEKA — Christian parents in the state of Kansas have filed a lawsuit challenging newly-adopted educational standards that would mandate children as young as five to be taught about evolution and global warming as if scientific fact.

In June of this year, the Kansas Board of Education joined 25 other states and the National Research Council to adopt new science standards for kindergarten through 12th grade. But the accepted guidelines have been opposed by the Citizens for Objective Public Education, along with a number of Christian parents in the state, “who seek to instill in their children a belief that life is a creation made for a purpose, that does not end on death and is not simply a purposeless occurrence that is the product of an unguided evolutionary process.”

In filing a lawsuit to stop the standards from going into effect, the 15 parents representing  a total of 18 children assert that the origin of life is an inherently religious topic, and that the new guidelines essentially promote the religion of atheism and materialism.

“[T]he F&S begin the indoctrination of the materialistic/atheistic worldview at the age of five or six with young impressionable minds that lack the cognitive or mental development and scientific, mathematical, philosophical and theological sophistication necessary to enable them to critically analyze and question any of the information presented and to reach their own informed decision about what to believe about ultimate questions fundamental to all religions,” the lawsuit outlines.

They further argue that the curriculum, by mandating that children be taught evolution from kindergarten, shows that the school board has the intention to indoctrinate youth with secularism.

“The effect of teaching for thirteen years only the materialistic/atheistic side of a religious controversy to an audience that is not age appropriate is religious, not educationally objective, and is indicative of an intent to inculcate and establish that non-theistic religious worldview in the children,” the complaint continues.

John Calvert, an attorney involved with the suit, told the Topeka Capital Journal that he believes that the adopted standards will brainwash students into becoming evolutionists from a young age.

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“By the time you get into the third grade, you learn all the essential elements of Darwinian evolution,” he explained. “By the time you’re in middle school, you’re a Darwinist.”

In so doing, Citizens for Objective Public Education and the parents involved in the suit state that schools will thus “treat atheists and materialists as favored insiders and theists as disfavored outsiders, and otherwise cause the state of Kansas to be excessively entangled with religion.”

The lawsuit therefore seeks an injunction against the implementation of the standards, and names all ten members of the Kansas Board of Education as defendants, as well as Commissioner Diane DeBacker and the state Department of Education.

The Pacific Justice Institute out of Sacramento also joined the suit as co-counsel. President Brad Dacus said that the adopted standards are an infringement of the U.S. Constitution.

“It’s an egregious violation of the rights of Americans to subject students—as young as five—to an authoritative figure such as a teacher who essentially tells them that their faith is wrong,” he stated. “It’s one thing to explore alternatives at an appropriate age, but to teach theory that is devoid of any alternative which aligns with the belief of people of faith is just wrong.”

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  • Marty

    Parents need to take hold of their children’s education and teach them what the Bible says. Explain to them that what GOD says is the truth. If you can afford it, find a good Christian school and send them to that school where they will get a real life education.

  • Jason

    Hopefully their lawsuit will fail. Kids need to be taught the truth, not some religious fiction.

  • Eri

    And how is your “truth” truth? All this secular mumbo jumbo is a bunch of non-sense.Science proves that God indeed exists.Time and time again.While scientific notions such as parallel universes remain fiction and speculation at best.As is much of these so called scientific theories. Science compliments what the Creator has already said.But mans wisdom…well it fails.All these programs thoughts and ideologies that man has imagined how has this worked out so far?Seems to be failing and miserably so.But what God has said well it happens.The world says “peace peace,but there is no peace.”tion shall rise against nation God said that in the end times that Nation shall rise against nation,there will be earthquakes in diverse places,famine and pestilence-which by the way is happening as we speak.But the theories where are they?Just vanities in mans own heart and imaginations.
    Colossians 2:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”
    I really hope you read the word for yourself Jason.And come to know the Living and Almighty God,as your Lord and Savior for yourself.

    • Jack Smythe

      Can you show me how science proves the existence of an omnipotent being? Curious….

  • Fabio

    …and then you wonder why oh why do atheists treat us like idiots?…

  • Larry Jewell

    Posting on an Internet board. Living in a world controlled by computers. Staying alive because of medical science based on evolutionary biology. Using cell phones that talk to satellites in space.

    And deny, deny, deny, deny science.

    You folks are going the way of the dinosaurs, and you want to take your kids with you. Fine, make it so they are crippled in the modern job market. Less competition for jobs that don’t involve hanging off the back of a truck as you move to the next garbage can.

  • Anne

    I do not understand your objections, the way I see it, you are complianing about the school system indoctrination childeren into believing in evolution, so that you can instead indoctrinate them into creationism. You complian about them combatting what you have been doing for years…