Unprecedented Skull Discovery Raises Serious Questions Over Evolutionary Premises

SkullDMANISI, Georgia – The discovery of an ancient human skull in the Asian country of Georgia has thrown the proverbial monkey wrench into the theory of human evolution.

On October 18th, Science Magazine published a journal article titled, “A Complete Skull from Dmanisi, Georgia, and the Evolutionary Biology of Early Homo.” The article records the discovery of a human skull found in Dmanisi, Georgia, where numerous other ancient human remains have been discovered.

The skull had been discovered in 2005; however, as explained in the journal article abstract, scientists have only recently determined the significance of the skull.

“Here we report on a new cranium from Dmanisi that, together with its mandible, represents the world’s first completely preserved adult hominid skull from the early Pleistocene,” the abstract reports. “The Dmanisi sample, which now comprises five crania, provides direct evidence for wide morphological variation within and among early Homo paleodemes. This implies the existence of a single evolving lineage of early Homo, with phylogeographic continuity across continents.”

For evolutionists, the skull presents a major problem. According to naturalistic dating methods, the specimen is nearly 2 million years old. Yet, despite the alleged ancient age, the skull is similar to today’s cranial structures, with differences that could fit into variation levels of modern humans.

For decades, evolutionists have claimed that different human species evolved at different rates in various locations. However, the skull discovery in Georgia shows that there was actually much more continuity than predicted, with only one distinct lineage of humans. Critics of evolution say this discovery lends support to the creationist model of human history, since the Bible outlines that all nations were “made of one blood” (Acts 17:26).

David Lordkipanidze, lead study author for the research, admitted that the skull discovery in Georgia has forced anthropologists to reconsider long-held evolution premises regarding the history of humans across the world. As Lordkipanidze put it, evolutionary scientists are now “rethinking what happened in Africa.”

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Major mainstream outlets are also reporting how the Georgia skull has presented a significant challenge to evolutionary theory.

“[The skull discovery] has led researchers to a surprising conclusion: Specimens that supposedly represent several early human species might be merely different-sized individuals from the same species,” NBC News reports. “If the conclusion holds up, the skull discovery would require a major rewrite for the story of early human evolution.”

“[R]esearchers suggest that the fossil record of what have been considered different Homo species from this time period … could actually be variations on a single species, Homo erectus,” CNN explains. “That defies the current understanding of how early human relatives should be classified.”

“Modern humans have an enormous variation in statute (4 to 7 feet), physical appearance (coal black aborigines to lily white Scandinavians), and brain capacity (700 to 2000 cc),” writes Bruce Malone in his book Censored Science. “It is apparent from the fossil record that this human disparity was larger in the past. … It is also apparent that fully human skull shapes were more diverse in the past.”

“None of this dissimilarity is proof of evolution,” Malone continues, “but simply of the enormous variety created within the original human gene pool.”

“Why aren’t erectus-like skulls found in rocks assigned with old ages,” Malone concludes, “also explained as simply the result of human variation, disease, or environmental causes? This blatant inconsistency in the handling of human fossils is strong evidence that there is something very suspicious about the all-pervading ‘apelike-creature-to-man’ evolution story.”

Photo: National Geographic

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  • Thom Dunbar III

    True science already discounts evolutionary theory – there are no transitional forms of life – only lies. Evolutionary theory is only that – theory; but it is part of a religion – secular humanism, which is supported by the federal government, and propagated in public schools.

    • banana breath

      Evolution is indeed a religion. Most ‘Atheists’ use only one definition of religion when applying it to themselves, when ALL the rest apply to Evolution. ‘Atheists’ that freak out over public (mainly Chrsitian) displays only proves it’s a religion, because your going against their belief system. People get really irritated when you threaten their belief system. They often claim it’s not a belief system because they believe NO God exists, except they still have to have answers for 1. why are we here? 2. Where did life come from? 3. What happens when we die?

      • You Slipped on your own skin

        Actually Athiests have answers to all your 3 questions.

        1) We are here thanks to evolution.
        2) We do not know the exact details of how the first cell came into being (this is an answer, and its better than saying the tooth fairy created it)
        3)When you die you just become like all other matter that decomposes and decays eventually becoming nothing but molecules ready to support life in the future.

        • steve wester

          It takes more faith to believe that than to believe in intelligent design.

          • Chris

            I wish I knew who came up with this meaningless platitude as it did all of us intellectuals a favor by helping make your nonsense appear all the more foolish.

            To suggest that believing the evidence as we understand it requires “faith” is to demonstrate that you don’t know the meaning of the words “evidence” or “faith”… or either.

  • Jo D. Murch

    jodymurch@hotmail.com. I am torn about the appropriate response: should I say “DUH!” or ,”nyaah nyaah nyaaaah!”. During my lifetime I’ve seen several monkey wrenches thrown at Darwin’s big lie, and the followers of the serpent choose to believe it anyway. It’s been that way for thousands of years, and only the rebirth of any individual into the Family of God will change that, and then only for that individual. The description of reprobates in the end of the first chapter of Romans hasn’t changed, and the results of refusing to believe God haven’t changed. We need to quit trying to use science & logic on people who worship science and hate logic, and just stubbornly proclaim the Bible as truth, and quote its words to them. We also need to live as “icons”, visible images, of the Word of Truth, revealing the character of the Incarnate Word to the world. It’s the method God designed, and the one that spread the Gospel most rapidly in the first century. Other methods are mostly distractions, and attempts to persuade the enemy’s human prisoners have no power except the Word of God anyway.

  • Lance Ruffel

    Interesting comments, some here are suggesting that they are Homo Erectus, not Homo Sapiens.In the study of fossils there have ALWAYS been ” lumpers” and “splitters.” That is those that see different fossils as different species based on slight variation and those that “lump” slightly different fossils in a smaller number of groups.This is not a refutation of evolutionary theory, but might call for a change in some hypothesis.For those that can’t understand the difference between the scientific and the common usage of “theory”, well I feel sorry for you.The common usage of hypothesis= guess= hypothesis, not the scientific definition of theory!Evolutionary theory need not be in conflict with belief in God. Science does not test God, measure a soul or try to view heaven

  • Lance Ruffel

    The common usage of “theory”= guess= hypothesis, not the scientific definition of theory! sorry, typing too fast!

  • clif

    according to chart of Darwinism you would be a form of primate when we are actually classified as Homo-sapiens,all the skeletons and skulls found around the world had more characteristics of humans than apes even in the dna.why should man discount god, I love science but when you discount or try to prove that god does not exist, you have failed because you have not also have produce facts that he does not exist.If god did not exist then you would not have inner feelings that care for one another or would cared about what is morally right or wrong, example you would commit murder as it was nothing and have no feeling that it was wrong….want another you would not care if someone shot you offspring…Other-words you will not lash out at this statement because your moral feelings would not exist if there was no God…I personally put faith in god to get me through this life because more of science seems to not help but aid in wars or to be use against homo-sapiens and also the way this world is going it won’t matter here shortly the bible is pointing the way to the collapse of human kind, where science is still trying to catch up to disprove it…

  • Conrad

    Creationists trying to interpret evolutionary biology are like atheists trying to interpret the bible. Don’t do it. There is nothing about this skull that casts a doubt in any way that humans EVOLVED and were not created. The ONLY thing it does is demonstrate is that the geographic regions and time periods can be refined from what was originally thought. Which is why Theory is better than Dogma. Theory, contrary to what you want to pretend it is, is not a “guess.” It is a continuous refinement based on observable data. Every piece of data gets you closer and closer to the correct answer, but you can always get a little closer. This skull will help get us even closer to fully understanding our origins, but will still not tell the whole story, thus: theory.

    Think of it like zeroing a rifle. Every bullet you shoot and adjustment to your scope will get you closer and closer to the center, but even when you’ve shot three in a row right in the middle, it is impossible to zero your scope absolutely precisely at the sub-atomic level so that it is perfectly aligned with your barrel. You just make adjustments that get you very very close. However, your zero, much like the theory of evolution, means that even though you aren’t “perfectly” zeroed, you will never shoot at a paper target and not even hit the paper. The theory of evolution may have and accept refinements on occasion, but the overwhelming weight of evidence will never cause us to completely deny it. Theory provides small flexibility; dogma does not.

    • Aamir

      Atheists trying to interpret biology is like atheists trying to interpret the bible

      • banana breath

        Amen to that, considering their biased view toward biology is no different than their biased view of the Bible. Biology really has nothing to do with evolution anyway. Biology is the study of biological organisms. Period. Not inventing wild impossible theories of what happened in the past, such as life coming from no life or genetic material intelligently constructing itself to a level of complexity we have only begun to understand, all without intelligence.

        • Chris

          You have never set foot inside of a university science classroom, have you?

  • edee

    After thinking about this a great deal, and having taken a B.A. in Anthropology, minoring in archeology and geology…having read a huge amount of material the biggest problem I see here is a misunderstanding of cultural material and its origin points: qv: the process by which one arrives at a hypothesis.
    (1) you begin with some sort of thesis based on available facts.
    – The origin point of humanity….-
    (2) in order to create a hypothesis you research the available material.
    (a) are humans a steady-state life form?
    (b) how do I explain the physiological/genetic and phenotypical differences in any human, ancient or modern, as there are similarities and dis-similarities based on geography and environment?
    (c) what does the EDUCATION/Universitiy literature say?
    a. secular (ethos)
    b. folklore (karitos)
    c. religious (pathos)
    d. science (logos)
    (d) analyze and synthesis
    (e) fieldwork to proof
    (3) formulation of theory, which is provable information

    (4) what allows a life-form to survive: q.v. intelligence, cooperation and attachment to others in the group.
    Answer: Humans are not a steady state life form. Adapation to new environment conditions is possible. Expression of the survival of pheno-type derived from the genotype is depended on what best suits survival in the current environment.

    (5) What other considerations are there?
    (6) What origin stories may confirm some or all of the cultural artifacts?
    (7) Is there evidence of a genetic bottle-neck (qv, humanity seems to have gone through at least one of those, about 74,000 years ago when the super-volcano, Toba (Indonesia) blew up, confirmed with archeological data, when the lush world that existed before became a very difficult place to live in and -2- about 10,000 years ago when the glacial age melted out, flooding the coastlines with 400 more feet of water depth).

  • Gary

    Still want to know how the Woodpecker evolved and how many died before they could withstand the cranial impact of pecking wood for worms????????

    • edee

      Environmental considerations drive adaptation(s) to survive. Change is not Lamarckian ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamarckism ). Change rather occurs as to what parental DNA survives to reproduce based on the conditions at the time of survival. Therefore the offspring will carry the DNA that survived.

      Aves (birds) are especially vunerable to environmental changes.

      Woodpeckers have a long history ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodpecker ) which is not entirely explicated.

      Please remember considerations for any species survival can and do change.

  • Stephen Redford

    First Of All, Matt, Evolution Is a THEORY

    • Chris

      Do you know what a scientific theory is?

  • Vic

    OK here we go, the so-called science-based evolution believers coming out of the woodwork to use “science” to support their argument, which must be accepted as fact.
    Please will someone on the evolution side of the argument tell me when pi became 3.14156……..off to infinity with no repeating decimals? How about when did the speed of light officially become c (omitting units here, speed of light in a vacuum), or when did the sum of the angles that form a triangle become 180 degrees?
    The answer ought to be obvious. These three simple examples have no time limit. Is your objection to God that you cannot accept an infinite intelligence that exists outside of time? Well, do you believe in pi? Exponential growth rates? These things existed when the first primordial fern unfurled before the Sun, a continuous hydrogen fusion reaction burning and burning, long before Einstein or Teller, or any other man ever lived.
    I can’t even say that it is a leap of faith to believe life is an accident of time and chance, that all the vast complexity of mathematics, chemistry, electricity, and nuclear mechanics is a result of timeless eons and randomness. It’s not faith at all. You have turned a blind eye to logic.
    I close with an observation from GK Chesterton:” When man ceases to believe in God he does not believe in nothing; he believes in anything.”

  • Ralph

    When God wat talking to primitive men, He used the term “blood” Because DNA would be hard for them to comprehend!

  • Bridget

    I’m no Monkey …

  • Gary

    We are living in a organic computer that god built. The big bang was the computer being turned on. Time only exists when god plays the game. To god looking at our universe, time does not exist. Just the code for the game. Our universe and reality is basically a multi-dimensional hologram which only exists when god plays the simulation game he created. Jesus is basically like the game tron where the creator of the game when inside the game. Imagine a small game on a huge hard drive. Like humans it would look out to the rest of the drive/universe and see that many places support life or can hold other programs, but since you are the only program you can not find an other life (i.e. other programs). Our future can be predicted just like levels in a game. Many was to get to the future or the next level, but the definition of that level is pre-coded by god the creator of the game. DNA Cells, Genes, all source code for the game. God Satan players of the game.

  • Gary

    Transistors and Logic gates -> The building blocks of the universe, physical particles

    CPU/Motherboard/Firmware -> How the universe works, laws of physics etc

    Turn the computer on -> Big Bang (everything exists in an instant, but not ready for life)

    Load all the firmware and device drivers -> Universe goes from goo to ready to support life

    Computer/Hard Drive -> The physical Universe, Stars and Galaxies

    Program Memory (on HD) -> Earth

    Program Code/Objects/Characters -> Humans/plants/animals (DNA/Genes), Laws of Nature, How humans, plants and animals interact and all their possible futures (string theory, the string is the source code!)

    Program Creator/Users -> God, Satan, Jesus (Jesus would be equivalent to the movie Tron!, the creator goes inside the game!)

    Individual Game Users Beliefs/Objectives/Goals -> Influences that affect our path through time

    The actual playing of the game by the users -> Our actual reality and path through time

    Levels of the game -> Major events in history, our pre-defined future

    The end of the game -> Singularity with the creator of the game? Higher Consciousness?

  • tlforyou

    Gary…find your analogy appropriate. When telling my son about being born again, in trying to put this supernatural experience into terminology he could relate to, I used the same; as if there is an energy switch inside of me that was turned on, connected to the main cpu (God), through which info (wisdom, knowledge, truth) now flowed upon request (prayer). Closest analogy I could find. Is this switch present in all humans? Based on scripture, I think so. Will all humans find it? Sadly, no, because I think to get there, it requires a study of the user’s manual to obtain the awareness to seek the solution, and a willingness to lay aside pre-conceived notions and bias to entertain new theory (ironically, something “scientists” hang their hat on).

    If humans only understood that spirit is energy and vibration, calibrated to harmonize with the one creative energy, they would all seek to go “on-line”.

    • Gary

      God is not the CPU God created the CPU. Think of holding an xbox cartridge in your hand. It is nothing to you but plastic, silicon, silver, gold etc. Purely physical and static. But you plug it in and play an on-line game with multiple users in a fully realistic 3D virtual reality and suddenly that plastic game you just held in your hands (the hands of god) turns in to a pseudo real multi-dimensional reality, with timelines, characters, life, death… If we can do that with a game, it makes sense god has done that with us on an advanced scale that we can not understand. And since infinity is infinite, it only makes sense that someone has played the same game on god! There can be no end because if there is, then there is a boundary, and where there is a boundary the must be something on each side of it. Hence it still does not end!

  • Craig

    Does no one find it hypocritical that the religious who say the world is 5000 years old are also fine with using information from a 2 million year old fossil to support their position.
    All live evolves. All life continues to evolve.
    This is not open for dispute, it is not just a theory, there are millions of substantiated facts. The only thing not perfectly known is the whole process.
    But think of it this way.
    You own a computer. You know it was made and shipped and arrived eventually at your door, but you do not know every single step along the way.
    Evolutionary science is the same thing. Not all the facts are known yet, doesn’t mean the computer doesn’t exist.

    The Catholic church after a very long time of being opposed to it, now teaches and supports evolution.
    Their argument is simple.

    The universe exists through amazingly complex, complicated scientific processes. All these processes do not diminish God, they merely show that the universe is far more complicated than we could ever have known. There is also the view that to know God, one must study the universe to understand. So a solid and complete scientific education is the best route to take.

    Your only other choice is to decide that even though you were given a fantastic mind that can learn and grow and seek new answers, you spit in the face of this gift and decide that ignorance and primitive beliefs are all you want

  • Ricardo Best

    Evolution is as likely as you going to some place in the world
    where no man in the history of the earth has set foot, you flip over a massive
    rock and find a perfecly formed digital wrist watch
    with its circuitry, battery, the ccorrect time and date and even
    an enscription at the back saying made in china. This is the same
    with evolution, IMPOSSIBLE! Your are an absolute idiot
    if you belive in evolution. Its still only a theory and always
    will be. It is knowledge and understanding that evolves.

  • Spectrum

    Evolution is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the world.

    • Roxene Kimes

      what is more interesting to watch is how everything DEvolves, For instance survival of the fittest is the de-evolution of accountability and discipline and it’s really easy to watch that going on right in front of your eyes in real time rather than having to make it up as you go. Pretty convenient though when you simply just ad a few billion years to something as “proof” or for proof’s prevention. Its really more like “POOF!”

    • Douglas Grice

      Evolution of Man is a theory, not a fraud. At least it doesn’t try to manipulate the sentient emotional needs of the human condition as in the case of all belief systems. If you wish to bury your heads in the sand like Ostriches and refuse to observe the world around you out of fear of punishment from a perceived higher power, then do so recognizing your own ignorance. Death knows nothing but it’s existence may teach us a few things through analysis. I think it is important that we use our ever evolving technology to study it. Evolution is a fact. Man and his understanding of the world during recorded history proves that beyond any reasonable doubt. We as a species have Evolved. Lol…. some more than others. None of you know the answers, yet your egos and fears motivate you to argue your position as though you hold some divine connection or knowledge. I know nothing and at least I can live at peace with the world around me knowing that. It also makes it much easier to read about new information and discoveries without living in fear. I feel sorry for those that cling to what they have come to believe. You don’t realize the prison you live in. You live in a world of resentment and hate and angry words and negative feelings. If that is your Creator’s wish then I hope your Creator isn’t mine. I hope that I am a product of Evolution.

  • Jason Tribolini

    The discovered skull further proves evolution, but spin away.

    • PristineVision

      You are delusional. It proves creation. Period.

      • IanL

        WRONG; it does nothing of the sort. This is further evidence of evolution.

        The only controversy regarding this skull is whether it is an example of one sub-species or evidence that what was previously considered to be two sub-species are actually one and the same. Specifically, based on physical characteristics, we may have defined Homo rudolfensis and Homo habilis as separate sub-species, when both were actually Homo erectus.

    • Roxene Kimes

      apparently you don’t know how to read Jason.

  • Chuck Hendrickson

    Whatever scientist call fact today will be proven fiction by scientist tomorrow! Almost everything I learned in high school science has since been corrected, for now! The new beliefs will be corrected at a later date i’m sure!

    • PristineVision

      That’s why you might as well just give up, and trust the Bible in the end. Way more reliable than our limited ability to interpret and accurately apply science.

  • Roxene Kimes

    thing is evolutionists are only agenda driven anyway. They make it up or cover it up as they go anyway…

    • IanL

      Care to back up that claim. Science is built on EVIDENCE. If you can’t PROVE your claim, then what you say is meaningless.

      Science is the search for truth. It follows the EVIDENCE to see where it leads and draws conclusions based on the evidence.

      Creationism is the one with an agenda; it has decided, notably without evidence, that magic sky fairies did everything, regardless of the evidence that disproves this claim.

  • Keith Mueller

    Well, the skull was dated at 2 million years old. That alone destroys the creation argument. One skull will not change the theory of evolution, far too many variables including getting a true dating. This story is a spin job for creationism, a bad spin job.

  • ryan

    Sola Scriptura, and it’s most destructive offshoot (Fundamentalism) is largely responsible for the decline of Christianity in western civilization. “…because the bible says…” is not an acceptable explanation to anyone who hasn’t already come to the same conclusions. This is called circular reasoning and it is a logical fallacy. The very foundation of your entire world view is objectively illogical! Have faith like a child and start questioning everything you think you know!