Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Homosexual Acts for Going ‘Against the Order of Nature’

India MapNEW DEHLI – The Supreme Court of India has officially banned homosexual acts, saying such actions go “against the order of nature.”

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of India reinstated Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which dates back to 1861. The law states that sexual actions “against the order of nature … shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

In 2009, an Indian high court struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, arguing that it discriminated against the rights of homosexuals. The 2009 ruling called for “inclusiveness and understanding” when dealing with homosexual behavior.

However, Wednesday’s 98-page ruling from the Supreme Court of India reversed the 2009 decision and once again criminalized homosexual acts in nation. The Supreme Court cited dozens of previous court rulings, ultimately concluding that evidence is “wholly insufficient for recording a finding that homosexuals, gays, etc., are being subjected to discriminatory treatment either by State or its agencies or the society.”

“Those who indulge in carnal intercourse in the ordinary course and those who indulge in carnal intercourse against the order of nature,” the ruling explains, “constitute different classes and the people falling in the later category cannot claim that Section 377 suffers from the vice of arbitrariness and irrational classification.”

The ruling further states that “a minuscule fraction of the country’s population constitute lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transgenders and in [the] last more than 150 years less than 200 persons have been prosecuted [for offenses under the law].”

“In view of the above discussion,” the Supreme Court concluded, “we hold that Section 377 … does not suffer from the vice of unconstitutionality.”

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Following the court’s ruling, The Economic Times described the decision as “a blow to gay rights activists” and reported that “gay activists in the court looked visibly upset.” Slate referred to the ruling as a “shockingly bad” decision.

“I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed that the Supreme Court can be party to taking away the rights of a section of the country’s citizens,” an Indian homosexual activist told TIME Magazine.

India’s legislature will meet to further discuss Section 377 and its ramifications. Spokespersons for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)—one of the two major political parties in India—have said they will stand by the Supreme Court’s recent decision.

“If an all-party meeting is called,” said the BJP president, according to NDTV, “we will support Section 377 as we believe that homosexuality is an unnatural act. We cannot support it.”

“We have a culture and tradition and [homosexuality] goes against it,” a BJP spokesperson reaffirmed. “One cannot allow a new culture of this kind… against the established norms of society.”

Though the Supreme Court’s decision angered homosexual activists, many Indians are pleased that Section 377 is being reconsidered.

“[Homosexuality] is definitely unnatural and shouldn’t be encouraged,” one commenter posited. “If we allow such acts citing human rights, then we will soon have to approve many more similar things in the near future.”

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  • Mary Waterton

    Hindu India has better moral sense than “Christian” America. What does that tell you?

    • Sir Tainly

      ….move to India????….


      • John W

        This was Interesting article actually. This would never occur here, simply because the homosexual believes they are their own ruler. The spirit of rebellion that rules their life, does not allow for such things as a higher authority such as God or the “order of nature”. Since they have removed God and any moral values from their life. This is why they than look at a court to guide their life… The problem is though, simply because a court says something CAN be done, doesn’t make it RIGHT or means it SHOULD be done or ACCEPTED

    • m. saeger

      It tells me America is steadily losing morals and scruples, and freedoms, since the Obama administration began it’s destruction of the American way. He is a divider.

      • m. saeger

        I’m not judging anyone; not my place, and I’ve enough issues of my own. Just giving my opinion.

        • John W

          If you have “issues” Jesus will take care of them for you. It’s time to stop sitting on the fence and decide who will you be serving. It’s an absolute lie of the devil, when the believer MUST accept the sin and immorality that is around him and not be able to say anything about it. Than we justify our apathy to sin with the Bible how wrong.
          Of course we don’t condemn anyone to Hell, that is not our position BUT we are given the responsibility to warn others before that appointment with Hell occurs. Don’t allow the devil to place you into apathy, fear or inaction. Because I can tell you, there are countless multitudes that need to hear what God has for them. And you are his vessel of choice to take that message to them.