Detroit Woman Credits God After Saving Daughter from Sinkhole

Lindsey pdDETROIT — A Detroit woman is crediting God for putting her in the right place at the right time after she saved her daughter from a sinkhole near her elementary school this week.

Monica Lindsey works as a bus driver, and at the last minute on Monday, she agreed to fill in for another driver who was to pick up the children from J.R. King Elementary School in Detroit. As Lindsey’s daughter Dae’lonne, 8, attends the school, it was to have been a happy occasion.

But as Lindsey waved to her daughter and watched her daughter wave back, she also saw the unthinkable right before her eyes.

“She was standing there waving and she just dropped in the ground,” she told local television station WJBK-TV. “And when I looked, all I could see was her head and her hand.”

Dae’lonne had fallen into a sinkhole that was hidden by the snow.

In shock, Lindsey immediately hurried over to her daughter and pulled her out of the hole, which was filled with water.

“When I pulled my daughter out, she was up to her neck in water,” she explained. “When I pulled her out, it was like pulling a towel out of a bucket, or a sink or tub full of water. … She was shaking like a leaf.”

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Moments later, a little boy likewise fell in the hole, and Lindsey grabbed him as well. She took her daughter to the local hospital to be examined as a precaution.

Lindsey says that school officials have been asking the city to fix the sinkholes in the area, but heretofore, have not been successful. However, after the incident occurred, city workers barricaded the hole and later went back to fix the problem.

While some are amazed at Lindsey’s courage and quick thinking to rescue her daughter from the hole, she gives all the credit to God, noting her belief that it was no mistake that she happened to be substituting the route when Dae’lonne fell in.

“I wasn’t supposed to be there,” Lindsey explained. “Everybody was saying, ‘What was I doing there?’ It was God. That’s all I can say: it was God.”

“It was the grace of God that I subbed for that school that day,” she reiterated, “And actually watched her fall in this hole

Dae’lonne is now nursing whiplash, as well as scratches and bruises, but is otherwise okay.

Lindsey said that there were about three sinkholes at the school, and the winter weather made conditions even more dangerous for the youth as the snow covered the holes, making the children oblivious to the danger.

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