Las Vegas Republicans Remove Marriage, Life from Party Platform

Clark County Govt Center Credit Cool CaesarLAS VEGAS — The Republican Party of one county in Nevada recently voted to remove its definition of marriage from its party platform, as well as its position on abortion.

Members of the Clark County Republican Party largely agreed to the changes on Saturday, editing out language in the party platform that outlined their belief in marriage being only between a man and a woman. A statement affirming the party’s opposition to abortion and its commitment to life was also removed from the document.

Director Nick Phillips told reporters that the adjustments came as a result of discussions during the party’s committee meeting this weekend in Las Vegas. He said that black and white statements on social issues run contrary to the group’s belief in personal freedom.

“We’re supposed to be a party that believes in the right to make personal decisions,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This is a huge first step.”

While removing language from the party platform referencing marriage and the right to life, the Clark County Republican Party decided to add language to its preamble regarding “sexual orientation.”

“We the people of the Clark County Republican Party affirm that this Nation and this State were founded upon the principle that all people are created equal; that the powers of government are derived from the people for the purpose of protecting the people’s God given right to be free and to choose their own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness; without regard to race, gender, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation,” it now reads.

Some reports state that the changes to the platform could be due to recent leadership’s support of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, a libertarian who emphasizes his belief in personal liberty and smaller government.

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“There’s a benefit to having a bigger tent and welcoming everybody—whether you’re gay or you’re straight, or pro-life or pro-choice,” Phillips told KSNV-TV. “The world changes and time changes, right?”

While the Clark County Republican Party is reportedly the first in the nation to eradicate marriage and life from its platform, some have been urging Christians for some time not to look to the Republican Party, or any specific party, as the savior.

“When will Christians ever learn they are getting played by the GOP?” Pastor Matt Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church told Christian News Network. “It is like Lucy pulling the football out from in front of Charlie Brown so that he falls on his back again and again.”

“We need people to be Biblical and constitutional,” former presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka declared. “Republican is not the standard.”

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  • Rodney Spooner

    First of all, the Constitution of the United States, as finally ratified along with the Bill of Rights on January 10, 1791, is mute on any “Right” of same sex marriage and abortion. It neither sanctions or condemns them.

    I firmly believe that our Founding Fathers were closer to being Libertarian in their thinking but not strict Libertarian in the sense of anyone can do anything at anytime as long as it doesn’t interfere with another’s Rights. By that, I mean, that our Founding Fathers were very grounded in the Bible and the principles and values of the Bible were the foundation of their character as well as the very foundation of the Constitution of the United States (1791) and the Republic our Founding Fathers intended.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (John Adams, October 11, 1798.)

    The Bible is quite clearly condemns homosexuality and, as a result, same sex marriage.

    Abortion is nothing less than murder which is addressed in the 10 Commandments, “Thou shall not murder.”

    So, to take the Constitution literally, there is no prohibition to same sex marriage or abortion, however, that is not the spirit of the Constitution which is clearly based on Biblical principals. To deny that is like believing in Heaven but not in Hell.

    “The Harbinger” Jonathan Cahn interview (911~The End of America!?)

    May God bless. God’s will be done.