Three Lesbian Women ‘Marry’ Each Other, Claim to Be World’s First ‘Throuple’

ThroupleMASSACHUSETTS – Three women in Massachusetts claim they are the world’s first lesbian ‘throuple,’ after they all exchanged wedding vows and ‘married’ each other last year.

Brynn, Doll, and Kitten are three women who range in age from 27 to 34. Last August, they organized a wedding-style ceremony, in which they entered into a threesome “marriage” union.

Even though Massachusetts recognizes same-sex “marriages,” polygamy is illegal. However, that did not deter Brynn, Doll, and Kitten from entering into a three-way relationship.

“In our eyes we are married,” Brynn told The Sun newspaper. “We had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so our assets are equally divided.”

The three women recognized that their union is possibly unprecedented.

“As far as we know, there aren’t any other three women who are married like us,” Doll told the Daily Mail.

Doll says she has considered herself to be polygamous since high school.

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“I had always dated girls, who—although they had boyfriends or girlfriends—were also allowed to date me,” she stated. “I never thought that much about it and I had never really come out as poly to my friends and family. To me, it was just how I was.”

Brynn describes their relationship as a “romantic committee,” where the household responsibilities are allocated between the three of them. Nevertheless, she says that she and her two partners are “very traditional people” and “perfectly normal.”

“Doll, Kitten, and I may not be the norm but we are perfectly normal,” she claims. “We are simply people trying to live the life that we feel is best for us and we deserve the rights afforded to others.”

According to the three women, they would like to raise children by using anonymous sperm donors. They say they want three children—one for each of them.

“We always joke that the children should never outnumber the parents,” Brynn says.

Massachusetts officials say they will not reprimand the three women for their polygamous relationship.

As previously reported, non-traditional marriage and parenting structures are becoming increasingly common, with contract-based “co-parenting” especially on the rise. Late last year, a federal judge struck down part of Utah’s polygamy ban as unconstitutional.

Experts have long warned of the societal consequences of non-Biblical “marriage” models. In an article published last December, Ken Klukowski of the Center for Religious Liberty explains that the legalization of homosexuality opens the door to polygamy.

“If government cannot forbid homosexual conduct, this argument goes, then neither can it deny those who define themselves by homosexual behavior to officially recognize any such relationship as a marriage,” Klukowski wrote. “It began a religious and philosophical debate in America between two different definitions of marriage and family.”

“The new conception of marriage, rooted in the proliferation of no-fault divorce laws in the 1970s and the sexual revolution, is that marriage is about personal happiness and fulfillment,” he continued. “People should be free to form whatever relationships they find personally satisfying and to follow whatever their personal sexual inclinations are to engage in whatever form of sexual behavior they find gratifying.”

“If, therefore, you have a right to officially recognize those homosexual relationships through redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, then there is no reason to say it cannot include more than two people, so long as everyone is a consenting adult,” Klukowski proposed. “The exact legal arguments for same-sex marriage equally apply to multiple-person marriages.”

Photo: Daily Mail, News Dog Media

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  • Robert Taylor

    So they not only have broken God’s law, but state law also! I hope its worth it to them when they will spend eternity
    In hell!

    • Don’t forget to love the sinner. Hate the SIN. Love the SINNER.

  • Melissa

    Great….soon I can marry my goat….smh.

  • Dave_Ralte

    Whether they are the first throuple or not are Heavenly Father made marriage for man and woman anyone disobeying the Law will be punished for their cause.

  • XSoftAngelWingsX

    Unfortunately, strange things are out there in our evil world. These articles below may sound completely “crazy”, but you just wait… time will tell! Check out these examples!

  • WhatTheHeck

    I want to marry my two grandsons. Is that weird?

  • Disturbed

    Oh my word. My first thought was, “how sad.” I cannot be angry with them because they are missing out on something truly beautiful, holy and set apart by God. Will definitely be praying for these poor deceived ladies.