Parents Adopt Mentally Disabled Daughter’s Baby Saved from Forced Abortion

CierraWASHOE COUNTY, Nev. — The parents of a mentally disabled woman have adopted their granddaughter after the child was spared from abortion during a court battle that could have ended in the termination of the baby’s life.

Bill and Amy Bauer are officially the adoptive parents of Cierra Marie, who was born in May of last year to their adopted daughter Elisa. In 2012, Elisa, who was 32 at the time but is stated to have the mind of a six-year-old, became pregnant. While some reports state that the woman had been preyed upon by a sexual predator, it is unknown as to whether or not she was raped as the woman had been sexually active.

Because Elisa has mental disabilities and other physical ailments stemming from fetal alcohol syndrome, the Washoe County Department of Social Services went to the courts to force the woman to have an abortion since she and her parents wanted to carry the baby to full term. The Bauer’s were summoned to appear in court to answer why they did not want their daughter to abort. According to reports, the couple explained that they believe that life begins at conception, and that no matter how the child was conceived, to abort her would be murder.

“There are no statutes that give this court or Washoe County the authority to compel Elisa to have an abortion,” said family attorney Jason Guinsasso. “To date, Washoe County has utterly failed to provide clear and convincing evidence that Mr. and Mrs. Bauer’s decision to support Elisa’s efforts to carry her child to term is unlawful or that they are not acting in a manner consistent with the best interests of Elisa’s health and welfare.”

Guinsasso also argued that while Elisa would not be able to care for the baby herself, adoption is a viable option.  He said that others were not so gracious.

“[T]he court set up a series of hearings over the course of 40 days to consider whether to force Bill and Amy’s daughter to have an abortion,” he explained. “Indeed, the doctor summoned by the court stated at one of the hearings that the only compassionate thing to do was to sterilize the Bauers’ daughter and abort the baby.”

But in November 2012, Judge Egan Walker sided with Guinsasso and the Bauer’s, and removed abortion from the issues needing to be considered surrounding Elisa’s pregnancy. The case then turned toward the best care to provide to both mother and child in the months ahead.

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“The Washoe County Family Court will not intervene to force Elisa to have an abortion against her wishes and those of her parents,” Melissa Clement, president of Nevada Right to Life, told reporters. “We saw the hearts and minds of the county officials and the judge change over the course of three weeks. What started as bureaucratic overreach seeking to quickly eliminate a problematic fetus ended as a recognition that two lives were at stake and that care must be taken to protect them.”

Last May, Elisa gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who was named Cierra Marie.

“She is five pounds and seven ounces and approximately 17 inches long,” Guinsasso reported following the birth. “She has a lot of dark hair and a nice pink skin tone. She is sweet and good natured. By all measures, she is perfectly healthy and sublimely beautiful. Thanks to your prayers several months ago, this is the child we helped bring into the world.”

Last Friday, Elisa’s parents, who adopted her years ago as a child, now also adopted Cierra Marie as their own.

“This case was a victory for American families,” Clement posted upon learning of the news this week. “If the court had ordered an abortion, it would have sent a clear and unmistakable message that courts can intervene in family matters to order an abortion against the family’s wishes.”

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  • Joel Rivera

    I’ve always known that after the forces of gay rights got their extra special rights with the blessings of agenda driven politicians and politically appointed judges, “Incest-Rights” was soon to follow. What’s next after that? NAMBLA rights? The rights of pedo’s and zoophiles to marry? And will the gay rights crowd and their political benefactors support this? What was impossible back then is a reality now, and what’s impossible and impractical now will be the newer abnormal somewhere down the road.

  • The Last Trump

    “The Washoe County Department of Social Services went to the courts to FORCE the woman to have an abortion since she and her parents WANTED TO CARRY THE BABY TO FULL TERM.” So the baby isn’t even unwanted but THE STATE decides now who lives and who dies? “Indeed, the doctor summoned by the court stated at one of the hearings that the only compassionate thing to do was to sterilize the Bauers’ daughter and abort the baby.” Wow. The only COMPASSIONATE thing to do, he says! Spoken like a true Nazi.

    • Dawn Harris

      So was this “compassionate” doctor’s last name Mengele by any chance? The lunatics running this country are all for saving the whales, the dolphins, and even fish, but by all means it’s perfectly fine to murder unborn babies. It’s not that these people lack morals or ethics, they’d first have to possess a conscience!

    • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

      That Doctor lied. The only compassionate thing is to give life to this baby.How can a Doctor be so cold? I read this too late.

  • Cosmic Mastermind

    Could we have ALL the relevant details please? Like what term Elisa Bauer was at when it was discovered she was pregnant? An early-term fetus is not a baby. You people keep calling a fetus a baby, over and over and over and over no matter what scientific evidence is presented to you; it is a mantra.

    • AkRidgie

      I have noticed over and over, even among my friends who are the staunchest supporters of abortion, that a baby is a fetus if it is unwanted or we are talking about abortion rights. As soon as one of my pro-abortion friends get pregnant is it a baby, regardless of time of gestation. So unwanted it is a fetus (which means young child/baby BTW), and wanted it is a baby.
      However, the article is not about whether or not it is a fetus or a baby; but whether or not the State can FORCE a woman with parents as support, who wants to keep her baby, to abort. This is exactly what the pro-abortion crowd is supposed to be all about- the freedom of choice in regards to ones own body.