North Carolina Satanist, Wife Arrested After Bodies of Missing Men Discovered Buried in Yard

Lawson BurchCLEMMONS, N.C. — A North Carolina Satanist who changed his name over ten years ago to reflect that of a demon has been arrested after the bodies of two men who went missing in 2009 were discovered buried in his back yard.

John Alexander Lawson, 35, who changed his name to Pazazu Illah Algarad in 2002 after the Assyrian demon featured in the film “The Exorcist,” was taken into custody last week along with his wife, Amber Nicole Burch, 24, and are being held without bond.

Police state that they discovered the remains of Joshua Frederick Wetzler, 37, and Tommy Dean Welch, 36, buried in shallow graves at Lawson’s home, who lived with his mother Cynthia.

Both men were reported missing in 2009 and on separate occasions. Wetzler’s car was found abandoned in Winston-Salem and Welch was last seen walking home from visiting his brother. It is not known how Lawson knew the two men, or if he knew them at all prior to their disappearance. Their skeletal remains were taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for further evaluation.

Bianca Heath, a friend of Lawson’s, told the Huffington Post that he had told her that he had committed murders, but she didn’t believe him.

“I’m sure no one else believed him either,” she said. “He laughed about the skeletal remains when telling the story on why he did what he did.”

She said, however, that Lawson told her that he had picked up two prostitutes and killed them both. He said that he burned their remains after eating their flesh, and buried whatever was left of them.

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“I honestly thought he was lying. Now I’m not sure what to believe,” Heath said.

Reports state that animal bones were also discovered in Lawson’s yard, and law enforcement officials outline that he had performed Satanic rituals, including the offering of animal sacrifices, on the property.

“No gang members allowed: anyone that dresses the same, has the same badge and call themselves the authority of the land they did not create,” read a sign affixed to the door of his home, with a skull and crossbones, and the phrase “Evil will triumph.”

While it is not known as to what tipped off police to search Lawson’s yard for human remains, it is not the first time that they have done so. Cadaver dogs searched the property in 2012, but came up with nothing.

Lawson had been convicted that same year as being an accessory after the fact to the shooting death of Joseph Chandler and was out on probation last week when he was again arrested. The Satanist was also accused of attempting to choke his mother in 2010, and his wife faced charges for assaulting the woman a year later.

Both are due back in court on Oct. 23. Krystal Matlock, 28, has also been charged as being an accessory to Lawson for helping to bury one of the men.

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  • Jeffery Kinkead

    It could be demon possession..

    • Jane Bowen

      more than likely if they were summoning demons…for pete’s sake…

    • Yankie Ang

      Thanks for sharing brother Jeffery! 😉

  • Ma Bo

    I second Demon possession Jeffery

  • Jean Katimertzis

    The church of satan was established in Sanfrancisco in 1966. The 1st registered Satanist was recognised by the British armed forces in 2004. Both under the guise of liberty. As we can see from this news story Satanism means:- murder, child abuse: animal and human sacrifice and should have no place in civilised society in the 21st century.

  • Chet

    This is a horrible story with horrible consequences all around. Deceiving and being deceived themselves, these people have no idea whay they’re messing with and what awaits them upon snapping-out into eternity. Should they die in their current state, they shall find themselves in eternal Hell, the madhouse of eternity. There, they shall enjoin umpteen millions upon millions of other lost souls with weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The bloodcurdling screams and utter blackness shall envelope them with untold misery and despair a they are tormented day in and day ou without end. The fire, the pain and no relief available, nothing.

    Perhaps the worst realization shall be their hatred of themselves over having heard of God’s love and his great mercy and gace as made possible by his only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and his death on Calvary’s cross, his burial and his resurrection. And all they needed do was repent of their sins and come unto Jesus in saving faith for his great mercy, mercy that is greater than all their sin. But, alas, they would not. No one is too good that they don’t need Christ and his free gift of salvation and no one is so bad that they cannot partake as well. Jesus Saves! From the guttermost to the uttermost… And the Devil is a defeated adversary who too will be hurled into the Lake of Fire prepared for him and his fallen angels…

    • KT

      Well said! Blessings to you and may GOD be with you during this very dark hour which has descended upon the earth. Jesus does, indeed, Save!!!

    • Jeffery Kinkead

      A big amen to that, Chet! God bless you.

    • Sally Penfold

      Unfortunately some of them know already the truth about Jesus and hell, but they decided not to heed. They mock God as satan mocks God for loving them/ him. They don’t care about the punishments of eternity, not yet anyway; they delight in evil, perhaps it’s the only power they’ll ever get and they start to lust for it.

      I’ve known people who know the Bible, know God, and that Jesus saves, go to church even, but still love doing perverse, sinful things and injuring people on purpose. It’s their heart’s delight. They are of course very broken people but also VERY hard of heart.

      • Amos

        The gospel indeed is hidden to those blinded by the God of this world-Satan.

        • Sally Penfold

          Sad though isn’t it…

    • Rosavera

      Somehow i think they know what they are messing with and they probably believe that the devil will reward them for their action…

    • Maria Gonzalez

      I totally agree with you Chet and couldn’t of said it any better myself!! God is real and our days are so numbered here not like back in the 70, 80, or 90’s the day that our Redeemer comes is coming nearer and nearer!! God bless you all and be good to one another it cost absolutely nothing to do that!!

    • Amos


  • Evolution is a fact

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, religion is evil.

    • Pax Humana

      I have said it before and I will say it again, evolution is a religion that is lying about its origins throughout various guises in a myriad of names and anything that supports, is related to it, promotes it, aids and abets it, or helps it in any way, shape, or form is also likewise a religion. Argue with me at your own peril, Evolution is a scam.

      • Evolution is a fact

        Your comment doesn’t really address mine, but I’ll let that go for now. If evolution is a scam, what is the purpose of the scam? Also, please show me your evidence that evolution is a scam.

        • Pax Humana

          The purpose of the scam is simple, to sucker people into buying into your bad bill of goods. Lucifer is also behind the various scams of religion and you are just another one of his whores. Furthermore, yes it DOES address your comment and if you argue otherwise, then maybe you and I can have a face to face meeting on the subject?

          • Evolution is a fact

            You have not provided any evidence for your claim that evolution is a scam, nor have you provided evidence that Lucifer exists.

          • Pax Humana

            Are you serious? The mountain of evidence would take you MANY lifetimes to read it, son. Suffice it to say, I CAN back up my claims and you can not, so you fail.

          • Lucy_Fer

            What evidence? The bible? Please don’t make me spit out my coffee and laugh even harder. Even if you could back up your claims, you’ve listed zilch. You are a liar, and you will burn in your own mythical hell for these lies.

          • annonymous


          • Lucy_Fer

            2000 years of any day now. Keep dreaming my little fundamentalist.

          • Lucy_Fer

            Actually I do exist 🙂 Cheers. But I’m not that horrid and evil invisible being that murders everyone, that is the invisible loving god Christians fear monger.

          • annonymous


          • Lucy_Fer

            He did, all over your face.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            The evidence you want will be made known to you on the day you face the One you chose to Reject. ………

          • Evolution is a fact

            Well that’s convenient.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            You want the evidence. You will have to wait. You will refuse to believe any evidence from Christians will try to give……………………

          • no

            How about ‘polystrate fossil’? National Geographic published a picture taken in Tennessee years ago.

        • David Westhoff

          atheism and evolution are religions.. you oaf!

        • Michael A. Todd

          Evolution is simply a ruse to keep people from believing they were created by God. As a Physics and Math major, I believed until after I got married that God couldn’t exist. Because if He did, who or what created Him. Well, after I quit being full of myself, I realized that answering that question doesn’t matter. NO ONE here on earth is smart enough to answer that question, so it simply is not worth the brain cells. Having faith means it’s okay to not know the answer to everything. And that makes like much easier and more livable.

          Science cannot explain a creator God as He exists outside of time as we know it and He created science. Until a person realizes this he or she will be stuck with only science and evolution is a natural result of trying to fill in the reason for how we got here. But, evolution has a myriad of holes in it including many fossil finds that were later deemed hoaxes. It requires as much faith to believe in evolution as in a creator.

    • Amos

      There is no reincarnation as some are deceived to believe, Satan the archenemy of both God and Man is the origin of this falsehood, if you want to gamble with your eternal destiny then you may believe this lie, but when you die after reading this book still rejecting God’s salvation by Jesus, then you have no excuse and you will be in unending torments, remember there is no holiday or time off in hell, the tormentors in hell do not take an off duty to attend to other business (their business is to torment and ravage the lost souls), they don’t get tired and they hate humans with all hatred

  • Serious Starsider

    What a cute couple.

  • Psychopaths are psychopaths.. so sad..

  • Joe Blow

    Evil is evil and when you walk in darkness it doesn’t surprise me that what we will come across when you turn on the light.I’m glad that this evil doing person has been caught and hope he never gets the chance to hurt another person again.You need to ask Jesus Christ to protect you from such evil in your prayer and need to follow his word to stay in his light.I pray that all of his children stay in his light and we need to be on guard when we are in the light because that is what the darkness will try to trip us up because it wants us to have nothing to due with the light.Are belief and reading his word is what protects us from evil and I wish more people get Christ’s protection.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Instead of Pazuzu, how about Assahollah?

  • annonymous


  • Carolyn

    I see the haters just cant seem to stay outta our face!!This is a Christian news yet the haters show up to get a rise from us..Does it really make you happy to make others unhappy?I pray for peeps just like you,,These are not simple atheists,,they are satanist!Satan stands for evil!Every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord!In Jesus name I pray for these victims and their families!!

  • This was a horrendous act, but it must be kept in mind that many horrendous acts have been committed in the name of the Christian god as well. If the murderer actually believed in Satan and a real entity, then he was a religious man albeit a deranged one.

  • Herb Planter

    Satanist are dumbasses that wanna cheer for the loser. They think they’re powerful and that devil is almighty. Devil aint in charge of squat and has no power. He lost big time. Why these ppl cling to him and think he’s hardcore or something is beyond me. They need to stop lying to themselves and embrace Jesus and the Holy Spirit. What could be more awesome than that? Everything else is just junk compared to the glory and holiness of the Lord.