Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Says He Was Fired for Hosting Bible Study for Former Inmates

McCuenGAINESVILLE, Ga. — A sheriff’s deputy who served at the Hall County jail in Georgia states that he was fired this week for hosting a Bible study off site to help change the lives of former inmates.

“It was to help rehabilitate spiritually the guys who are pretty much coming out of jail,” Josh McCuen told reporters.

McCuen had been on the job for eight months when he began an outside Bible study this month for inmates who have been released from incarceration. He also began raising funds to place Bibles in the cells, and maintained a Facebook page for his ministry called Revival 172.

“About 4 months ago, while working in the jail, I came across an [inmate] Jason Williams, who God used to change my life,” he explained on the page. “God grabbed a hold of me and gave me a love for the lost. I was a law enforcement officer for 9 years, and up until 4 months ago, I thought that every suspect I arrested and every inmate was a maggot. God used an inmate to minister to me and God placed me in a jail around these guys every day to show me that they are still his people, too.”

But McCuen said that on Tuesday, he was told to resign or be fired as he had been advised that “fraternizing,” or establishing a friendship with inmates, was a violation of policy. The former jailer says that he doesn’t believe he was committing any wrongdoing.

“Never once did I preach Revival 172 inside the jail,” he told the Gainesville Times. “Never did I fraternize.”

But Sheriff Gerald Couch refuted McCuen’s claims that he was being targeted because of his Christianity, and said that religion had nothing to do with his termination.

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“I have a strong Christian faith and neither I nor anyone at the sheriff’s office would ever persecute someone for their faith, whatever that may be,” he wrote in a statement. “The supervisor discussing this issue did not make any reference to religious beliefs or actions, but this was brought up by McCuen as a reason for his improper behavior.”

The sheriff’s department states that McCuen had been reprimanded twice for insubordination in regard to the jail’s policy against fraternizing. It also noted that religious services are held each week at the facility and Bibles are made available to those who request one.

However, McCuen suggested on his Facebook page on Saturday that further details will be forthcoming regarding his termination as he believes the whole story needs to be told.

“Some things need to be brought to light that were not brought to light by the media,” he wrote. “They only can air a little bit and that’s understandable.”

McCuen said that he will not be filing a legal challenge over the matter, but will trust God for what is ahead.

“I hold no anger or resentment toward anyone at the Hall County sheriff’s office. I thank them for allowing God to use them as a vessel to put God’s plan into motion,” he stated. “I know God will provide a job without me seeking financial restitution from a lawsuit.”

As previously reported, Kelvin Cochran, a fire chief in Atlanta, was also fired this month surrounding a book that he wrote two years ago that contained a brief reference to homosexuality, which he included in a passage surrounding sexual perversion. Mayor Kaseem Reed likewise claimed that Christianity had nothing to do with his firing, stating that he himself is a man of “very deep religious faith.” He then quoted from 1 Corinthians 14:40, which states, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

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  • Fundisi

    I hate it when people calling themselves Christians, pretending to the faith, fire people for sharing their faith outside their workplace. At least be honest, say ‘we fired the guy because we don’t want to be accused of mixing church and state.’ This deputy showed his faith in Christ by NOT suing, but trusting God to honor Him. ” ‘Far be it from Me– for those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me will be lightly esteemed”

    • Frank

      The fake Christian that fired this man of God needs to read Acts 16:16-34 and Matthew 25:31-46. I dare say when that faker that fired this man meets Jesus it will not be a pleasant meeting. To quote Ricky Ricardo to Lucy, “You got some ‘splainin’ to do”. And ain’t no ‘splainin’ gonna get this faker out of the place where the goats go.

      • alnga

        Read the facts and print an apology that Christ will understand and that the sheriff will understand.

        • Fundisi

          First you get saved and then come back and try and reprimand Christians, until then you have no credibility.

        • Frank

          He is a fake Christian. There are plenty of fake Christians in politics and in various government services. There are some though that do exhibit true Christianity such as quoted in Acts 16:16-34 but those are few and far between. Most choose to do the sacrifices to Ceasar rather than be fed to the wild beasts and be victorious and so be saved.

    • alnga

      The sheriff that did the firing is the Christian in good standing, the fake got himself fired. When you get to meet the folks involved it becomes obviously. Because you see it printed here does not mean anything more than a news story with widely opposing stories. . Now in Atlanta you have a reversed situation.

      • Fundisi

        We can only go by the posted story, not YOUR revisionist version. Until and unless other facts come to life, this deputy was holding bible studies outside the facilities, outside his job and his boss fired him on some excuse of fraternizing, but it was really because of the Bible studies.

  • bowie1

    If the article is correct he held a bible study with FORMER inmates so, technically, he was not fraternizing with inmates since they no longer were inmates.

    • BarkingDawg

      I suspect that many of those “former” inmates were on parole or probation and thus still subject to the authority of the Corrections Department.

      Furthermore, unless you have the actual policy manual in front of you, you can not catetgorically determine that the policy did not also apply to former inmates as well as current inmates.

      • The Last Trump

        Oh, you suspect do you? That settles it then. Thank you so much for commenting on this Christian website, as you sooooooo often do. Christianity is very attractive, isn’t it? You just can’t seem to break away! How terrific! There’s hope for you yet!
        Imagine! Former inmates actually being rehabilitated with voluntary Bible studies! CRUCIFY THEM! What an insane generation of depraved fools. Man, you can’t make this stuff up. Unbelievable madness. God help us.

        • BarkingDawg

          Take a chill pill.

          You are getting all red in the face.

          • The Last Trump

            That’s it? Nothing of any value to add, yet again? Disappointing. All bark and no bite. Perhaps another time.

          • BarkingDawg

            What was your point?

            He had a job with specific restrictions on his behavior.

            He couldn’t follow those restrictions.

            Now he can do whatever he wants.

            it actually works out for him. as this is what he wanted to do and now he has lots of time to do it.

  • alnga

    I hate it when liars are on the front page of any news rag claiming to be Christian and hoping for a big pay day. The Sheriff and the dept involved will bend over backwards to be sure you hear God’s word and have access to God’s word. This has been the case under numerous sheriffs here in the past also. This young man is just really messed up and quite inattentive to getting his job done..

  • alnga

    This phony is looking for love offerings and as a liar he does not deserve them.

  • Chosm

    God bless you Mr. McCuen. You are my role model.

  • John Mark IB

    well if this is true from someone who appears to be getting fired over being a Christian again? wow, then when or will this stuff ever end? and again if it’s true according to the article, it’s like they’re determined to continue their relentless attacks on any decent and GOD fearing and Bible claiming Christian? and it is weird that the ones saying they have faith are doing the actual firing? and they then fire them and say it’s not over the faith of the ones getting fired? weird very strange and it’s happening in a supposed at one time Bible belt state? if that’s true then why did they get fired on what basis ? it’s a violation of their freedom of religion isn’t it? or that doesn’t exist anymore? and for what helping the inmates to better their lives ? how much you wanna bet they’d never do any such thing to the new religion of the USSA United Socialist States of AmeriKa= islam? the religion of the big “O” bama,?May GOD uphold these men and give them a double blessing from those of us who’re supposed to be here for them when they need us like now!! so sad and where again is the real true patriotic constitutionalist so called rep-dem politician who will actually do their job and stand up once and for all?? they just don’t exist do they these guys get elected for life and get the power and it transforms them like a drug so why should they really care to the right thing when they’ve got us paying for all their lives and high standards while they rape us from our middle class into the new Marxist/communist one lower class etc??

    • AtciasLuna

      Ben Carson for President!

      • John Mark IB

        ha ha funny AtiasLuna, but, well even if l he is an Adventist, yes I realize this will open me up to the can of worms attacks from thos who are in the SDA’ s but oh well, (I’m not a hater no offense), but yes you’re onto something here, ha ha he’s a super great guy with very high, super way high intelligence, and yeah he is the only one who actually had the decency and guts to stand up to the big ‘O” muslimator!! he floored them with his defence of the unborn and like was right there in their faces excellent man of great conservative and patriotic integrity so yeah nice one, so yeah Ben would actually be great wouldn’t he? and I may, his Adventist doctrines aside, just my view ( I’m not a hater so don’t take offense just being Biblically sound and doctrinally correct!! sorry but Ellen is no true biblical prophet she had some major issues) but he actually would be considered too white for most, just my humble opinion but can you imagine going from the worst first black president ever to the best black president ever!! yeah he’d actually be pretty good I agree, ha ha funny comment for this article but I agree, even though I tend to have given up on the so called “2 party” system (which I believe is actually very well controlled false left/right paradigm lie and CFR trilateral bilderburg whatever) of rep-dem, I have since just basically said I’m with the Constitution party of the US and try to do what I can as they for the most part represent my views almost 100% check them out and just glance thru for a peek, and if you’re an open minded to the truth Adventist 🙂 please by all means check out the following rather than debate with folks we’ll just agree to disagree but definitely there’s truths that are not so obvious to most of us that we should all be made aware of , GOD bless you with love joy and peace always in Jesus name amen! thanks for your comment, have a blessed day and week see hope and pass it on here ok then take care! 🙂


        constitution party info. here I think it’s pretty good, but mainly is it in line with Biblical principles?

        problem is my party has no rich billionaire or millionaire’s supporters like the Romney Mormon billions etc., so we have no support and the American public for the most part seems to not be interested or to really be caring enough of the constitutional principles to want to help?

  • BarkingDawg

    I would tend to think that there are entirely valid, logical, and experience based reasons for prohibiting corrections officers from fraternizing with inmates after they are released.

    • The Last Trump

      You tend to think? Well, lets find out for sure shall we? Did the former inmates complain? Were they being harassed? Were the Bible studies voluntary? WERE THEY ACTUALLY HELPFUL FOR THEM?
      I guess questions like those are not important. Keeping struggling people away from Christianity, an unprecedented force for good with a proven track record for positively transforming broken lives, is all that matters today. And should be enforced at all costs. Let ’em all suffer, eh? Even when we know what could have helped them. God haters not really the most logical bunch are they? They would see society fall apart all around us , as we can very clearly see now, rather than acknowledge even merely the possibility of a Creator. What irrational insanity. Sure is getting dark outside. 🙁

  • Faithwalker

    My prayers are with Mr. McCuen and his family for standing on his faith to preach righteousness to ex-offenders, who by the way need to hear the good news of the gospel. For that reason, God will open another door for him that no man will be able to shut!

  • Dr. Dee Tee

    this kind of cases are hard to discern because the sheriff could be lying and fabricated a legitimate excuse for firing, he could have exaggerated the application of the regulations, or he may be telling the truth and the deputy overstepped his boundaries.

    Sometimes Christians are misguided and think they can break the rules just because they are doing God’s work, they misapply God’s leading, and other infractions that put them in these positions where God doe snot want them

  • Usunder

    We are supposed to rehabilitate inmates but instead a lot of the officers be little them. Even The Humane Society treats animals better than some inmates.