‘I’m So Glad We Didn’t Listen:’ Mom Refuses Abortion as Doctors Deem Child ‘Incompatible with Life’

Ultrasound IILONDON — A mother in the UK is expressing thankfulness that she refused to listen to doctors who advised her to obtain an abortion two years ago after asserting that her then unborn daughter was “incompatible with life.”

Michelle Macaulay and her husband learned in late 2012 that they were pregnant with their second child. But as Macaulay went for her 12-week scan, doctors found that the baby had a genetic disorder and didn’t believe that she would make it to birth.

“They said the baby had a cystic hygroma, where the lymphatic system doesn’t develop properly,” she recently told the Daily Record.

Macaulay was advised to abort the baby as doctors asserted that the child was “incompatible with life.”

“To be told by a consultant the baby was incompatible with life was just horrendous because, looking at that screen, there was a life already started,” she said. “It’s just an awful term to call anyone, let alone a baby growing inside of you.”

Macaulay refused the abortion, which she considered unthinkable. And the baby survived and continued to grow.

As she developed polyhydramnios and pre-eclampsia, Macaulay had to deliver early at 36 weeks via C-section. She gave birth to a girl, who she named Carla.

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Doctors tested the child, but were unable to pinpoint her condition as she came back negative for a number of genetic diseases.

Now, little Carla is almost two years old, and while she has her struggles, she has defied the odds against her.

“Carla’s not walking, but she started crawling and pulling herself up in November—-things we were told she would never be able to do,” Macaulay stated. “She will develop and then she might plateau for a long time. She can eat normal foods but she can’t feed herself. The physiotherapists are really confident that she will walk and they’ve always been quite positive.”

Macaulay said that she is thankful that she did not abort Carla as the doctors suggested.

“She’s amazing,” she stated. “I’m so glad we didn’t listen to what we were told because we couldn’t imagine life without her.”

Last month, a number of parents from around the world appeared at the United Nations in Geneva to urge that the phrase “incompatible with life” stop being used.

“We have undertaken this global campaign because the phrase ‘incompatible with life’ is not a medical diagnosis: it misinforms parents, it pushes families towards abortion, and it denies those families a chance to spend time with their children, to make memories and to heal,” declared Every Life Counts spokesman Tracy Harkin.

“The life and human dignity of an ill child are even more worthy of protection than those of a healthy child,” also testified professor Bogdan Chazan. “It needs to be said categorically that a doctor is not for hire for any work. The doctor is in the service of life … Interrupting human life is not in keeping with the essence of the doctor’s profession.”

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  • FoJC_Forever

    All who support abortion of any kind are incompatible with Life. The innocent blood cries for Justice, and Judgement is coming.

    • Bill

      piss off pig.

    • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

      God remembers every Unborn Human Life killed through Abortion ! God will remember those killed them and the ones who supported the Killing of the Unborn .

  • The Last Trump

    Hey, remember when doctor’s used to work for the preservation of life?
    Instead of getting paid to kill human beings ’round the clock?
    Those were the days….
    “Incompatible with life”!? It’s frightening how cold people become in a godless society.
    Modern America would have made the NazI’s proud. 🙁

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  • Truthhurts24

    Satanic doctors “incompatible with life” what a psychotic statement.