‘You Are Being a Nazi’: Homosexual Baker Blasts Those ‘Bullying’ Christians to Make ‘Gay Wedding’ Cakes

BartholomewA baker who identifies as a homosexual has released a video in which he scolds other homosexuals who are seeking to force Christian bakery owners to fulfill orders for same-sex ceremonies.

“I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with my fellow gay and lesbian community, that they would stoop so low to force someone to bake a cake for them who simply doesn’t agree with them,” states Jesse Bartholomew in the two-minute video posted to Facebook. “They don’t have to bake a cake for you.”

He says that he doesn’t understand why someone would want to “ruin” personal life events by strong-arming someone who finds the ceremony objectionable to facilitate the event anyway.

“Personally, that wedding cake should be so personal to you and your wedding—just as the ring, just as the invitations, just as to everything in planning a wedding,” Bartholomew states. “That cake which costs hundreds—and my cakes can cost thousands—Why would you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wedding cake and pay that money to someone who doesn’t want to make the cake for you?”

“That is your personal piece of your wedding: your guests eat that, your cake is involved in your photos, that cake is taken in your mouth and you eat it in your stomach,” he continues. “That baker has to spend hours perfecting that cake for you, for your wedding day. And if that cake isn’t perfect, then it ruins your wedding.”

Bartholomew continues to show his frustration, stating that trying to force the issue is “stupid.”

“So, you’re going to say that you want to force someone who doesn’t want to bake a cake for you …. There’s no other bakers out there?” he asks.

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Bartholomew concludes by calling those who seek to force Christians to facilitate same-sex events against their beliefs “bullies” and “Nazis.”

“It’s plain and simple: You are bullying someone,” he said. “You are forcing someone. You are being a Nazi and forcing someone to bake a [expletive] wedding cake for you when there are hundreds of other gay and lesbians that would gladly have your business.”

“Shame on you,” Bartholomew declared.

The baker also created a meme to show his disapproval after he was accused of being a “homophobic right winger.”

“I’m a gay baker. I am disappointed that liberals and the LGBT community would stoop so low to bully a Christian baker because he or she simply refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake,” it reads. “Freedom goes both ways. There are plenty of bakeries and bakers to choose from.”

Bartholomew made the post and video public, out of his hopes that his message will be shared “since another bakery has been forced to shut down and face lawsuit.” The video has already obtained over 122,000 views.

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