‘Pastor’ Paula White, Rocker Husband’s Wolf, Riding Hood Halloween Photo Stirs Controversy

White-compressedControversy is stirring over a photo posted on Instagram on Sunday by megachurch leader Paula White, which shows the author and speaker dressed up for Halloween with her husband Jonathan Cain of the rock band Journey.

“Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf,” she wrote, hashtagging “#love #marriage #life #fun #makingmemories.”

White wears a red hood in the photo with a black and white blouse or dress revealing decolletage as she is embraced by her husband dressed in a wolf costume and face paint.

White, 49, is known for founding without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida with her second husband Randy White. She turned the church over to him years after their divorce in 2007. White hosts the television show “Paula White Today,” which airs on TBN and BET, and now serves as leader of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida.

She also considers herself a life coach, authoring books such as “The Ten Commandments of Health and Wellness,” “Simple Suggestions for a Sensational Life,” “I Don’t Get Wholeness, That’s the Problem—Making Relationships Work” and “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.”

White’s first marriage was to Dean Knight, who she married as a teenager. The two have a son together, named Bradley.

Jonathan Cain, 65, is known for his roles in the bands Bad English and Journey, especially for penning the Journey hits “Don’t Stop Believin,’” “When You Love a Woman” and “Who’s Crying Now.”

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His first marriage was to singer Tané McClure, who he divorced and later went on to marry Elizabeth Fullerton, with whom he has three children. Cain recently divorced for the second time, and married White in April.

White’s photo on Sunday, which generated 1,600 likes and over 300 comments, generated polarized discussion online as to whether or not it is appropriate for Christians to celebrate Halloween.

“By dressing up for Satan’s holiday, you are praising him,” one commenter wrote. “This is righteous judgment, not pointing a finger. The enemy needs to be exposed openly.”

“I am very disappointed in you Mrs. White. You are a pastor and you are celebrating the devil’s day, why?” another asked. “Please take this photo down and repent. Why celebrate the day of God’s enemy and go to church on Sunday to preach, what wow.”

Others defended the megachurch leader.

“I love my pastor and her family and my NDCC family! The little riding hood with the big bad wolf was classic. I myself was Batgirl,” one commenter wrote.

“Every church had a party or something … on October 31. But you [think we] are to be above having fun,” another said in response to those who rebuked White. “Pastor Paula, you rock and are the best pastor there is! The world is jealous of God’s chosen.”

Joe Schimmel, pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, California, and director of Good Fight Ministries wrote on his blog “Cup of Joe” last month that Christians should not seek to justify participation in Halloween activities.

“There will certainly be people who will still rationalize ways to participate, at some level, in the festivities of Halloween. To this the Lord replies in Proverbs 3:7, ‘Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil,’ and 8:13 ‘To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech,'” he said. “Will we seek to push the boundaries of our faith to see just how far we can go? Or will we seek to serve the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength?”

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  • brendia

    Really, you have to tell us how many times theyve been married and divorced? As if their holloween costumes werent enough to cast all kinds of judgement and hell upon them by “well meaning Christians”? Lol

  • I don’t see the sheep’s clothing here.

  • afchief

    This woman is a heretic. May God have mercy on her soul.

    • sue cordes

      She is a heretic alright and a deceiver. And I won’t say anymore, as God will NOT have mercy on the souls of the deceivers, that led others to hell!!! Mat 18:4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
      Mat 18:5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
      Mat 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
      Jesus himself spoke that, so I doubt if he will have mercy, hey?

      • GibbyD

        You made a comment about the meaning of saying ” Merry Christmas” . I do not see your post now on the thread and wanted to answer. I do not say “Merry Christmas”. Instead I may sign a card with or wish someone a, Merry Christ’s Birth remembrance Day. We are not told to specifically remember His birth as much as His Death. ” Do this as often as ye do , in remembrance of me”. A Birthday greeting for Him would probably be more appropriate in September.

  • Phipps Mike

    ” dressed up for Halloween…”
    Halloween is not to celebrate Satan, The idiots who said that need their heads checked to get back to reality. Halloween celebrates the fun of scary stuff

    Christians need to GET A LIFE and shut up.

    • Nidalap

      …Says the guy who travels to a Christian news site for the opportunity to speak against them… (^_^)

      • Phipps Mike

        really? you have no idea why I come here. Halloween was NEVER a harm to anybody. You have a problem with kids having fun? get off our planet then.

        • Nidalap

          Uh-huh. You must come here for a totally different reason and accidentally end up doing that. My mistake, I’m sure…

          • Phipps Mike

            2 replies to me and in neither one did you address the topic. So are you like a scrooge to children and dont think they deserve to celebrate holidays?

          • GibbyD

            Halloween is a Glorification of DEATH. Death and Hell are not things to be taken lightly or made fun of. People die and end up in Hell. That is sad, not funny. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. ” Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” ( Proverb 14:9)KJB. I do make issue of it if and when unbelievers take part in it. I often use those trick or treat nights and parades to hand out Gospel tracts and even serve Hot Chocolate and candy and Bibles with my church group. We have been doing that now for 5 years. This past trick or treat nigh we found a very busy street corner and gave out 250 Bibles and thousands of tracts. We do not condemn people for taking part in that event but use the opportunity to present Christ and show them we care.

            Concerning Christians though and their participation, “To our own masters we stand or fall ” I won’t though wear clothing and emblems that represent evil and death. Again that is nothing for a professing Christian to be involved with. If a believe disagrees then that is between he and God. I have an opinion though , the same as you. I don’t think it right though for you to attack Christians that know a little bit more about Halloween’s origins. I am sure you have a copy of the book , ‘The Two Babylons’, the classic work on the subject concerning the pagan connections as it has to do with many of our customs, festivals and traditions.

          • Phipps Mike

            you need to take a thorazine. You Christians are out of control attacking everything that seems liberating/fun. Halloween has NEVER been a problem to ANYBODY in the past. Its only NOW that you bunch of lunatics want to attack anything that doesnt resemble being a robotic zombie sheeple.

          • GibbyD

            Maybe you need to re-read what I posted. I did not attack those that participate in Halloween events. I simply pointed out that there is more to it than I guess you understand or know about. To remain ignorant about it is not wise. Did you know that in witchcraft among those that take Wicca seriously, that that night is one of the most active? Animal and human sacrifices are done in the name of demonic entities to appease them and gain , they think, certain powers and ranking among the other wicca practitioners. Ask yourself the question Mike Phipps, what is the common theme in Halloween? It should not take you very long to figure it out. The common theme is evil , pain, death and devils. Where in Scripture are we told to make light or fun of death and hell. People are actually going to go there if they die without Christ . Are you without Christ Mike? Maybe that is the reason why you would want to make fun of death and pretend it is not real. The Bible says that friendship with the world is not good.

            “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” ( James 4:4)KJB. –

            — It is better to share the Gospel with them than to yoke up with them and or pretend that all is well when in fact if they are not born again, they are in very grave danger.

            I think once you yourself become born again , you will understand the need to come out from among them and be ye separate.
            —- “What caused me to change my mind began when I was leafing through a back issue of Moody Monthly magazine. The October 1975 issue to be exact. An article by Joy A. Sterling caught my eye –“We Should Unmask Halloween” was the title. (Take a moment and read a copy of that article for yourself) Her article really got me to thinking. If what this lady said is true, I need to rethink my involvement in Halloween activities. I decided to do some research on my own and see if there was anything to what she was saying. WOW! WAS I SHOCKED by what I discovered.

            The History of Halloween

            Our Pilgrim forefathers well knew of Halloween’s occultic roots. In fact they banned celebrating Halloween in America. Halloween was not celebrated in this country until 1845. At that time multiplied thousands of Irish emigrants flooded into New York because of the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-46. They brought with them the old Druid holiday of Halloween. Gradually celebrating this day spread throughout the rest of the country.

            Now, to understand Halloween better we must go even further back. I found that the original celebration was not called by its present name, Halloween. But, it began long before Christ among the ancient Celtic peoples (Britons, Gauls, Scots, Irish). They observed the end of summer with sacrifices to SAMAN (Shamhain). He was “the lord of death and evil spirits”. This marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year.

            A Note About Saman

            Depending on your source material, the Druid lord of death and evil spirits was called Saman, Samana, Shamhain or Samhain. His “holiday” was called “The Vigil Of Saman” or Samhain (pronounced so-wein). You probably have seen a modern day version of SAMAN without even knowing it. This pagan god was shown as a ghostly, skeleton holding a sickle in his hand. He later came to be known as THE GRIM REAPER.

            More About the History of Samhain (Halloween)

            Ralph Linton in his book Halloween Through the Centuries, says “The American celebration (of Halloween) rests upon Scottish and Irish folk customs which can be traced in a direct line from pre-Christian times. The earliest celebrations were held by the DRUIDS in honor of Shamhain, lord of death, whose festival fell on November 1st.”

            Searching other sources, I have this information to add: The Celts considered November 1st as being the day of death because the leaves were falling, it was getting darker sooner and temperatures were dropping. They believed Muck Olla, their sun god, was loosing strength because Samhain, lord of death, was overpowering him. Further, they believed that on October 31st Samhain assembled the spirits of all who had died during the previous year. They had been confined to inhabit animals’ bodies for the past year as punishment for their evil deeds. On the eve of the feast of Samhain, October 31st, they were allowed to return to their former homes to visit the living. Supposedly to protect these people, Druid priests led the people in diabolical worship ceremonies in which horses, cats, black sheep, oxen, human beings and other offerings were rounded up, stuffed into wicker cages and burned to death. This was done to appease Samhain and keep the spirits from harming them.

            The Druids

            Who were the DRUIDS? They were occult practitioners, witches of sorts. In the century preceding the birth of Christ, Caesar conquered the Britains and he records very carefully the account of the DRUID PRIESTS (early witches)…”All Gallic nations are much given to superstition…they either offer up men as victims to the gods, or make a vow to sacrifice themselves. The ministers in these offerings are the Druids, and they hold that the wrath of the immortal gods can only be appeased, and man’s life redeemed, by offering up human sacrifice, and it is a part of their national institutions to hold fixed solemnities (Ceremonies) for this purpose.”

            I looked deeper to see if I could find the dates of these “fixed solemnities.” In the series edited by Richard Cavendish called, Man, Myth and Magic it says, in volume 6, page 720, “…the pagan Celts in Northern Europe held two great fire festivals each year — Beltane on the eve of 1 May and Samhain on the eve of 1 November — to mark the beginning of summer and winter.” I also came across an article written by Robert Graves in the Daily Telegraph Magazine, May 21, 1965. Graves said the fixed worship days are the “cross- quarterly days-Candlemas (February 2nd), May Eve (April 30th), Lammas (August 1st) and Halloween (October 31st).

            When they got together on these pagan worship days they would meet in a grove of trees (preferably oak trees) or in a Druidic stone circle, the most famous surviving circle being located in Stonehenge, England. It is evident that human sacrifice was common at this ancient Druid Sacrificial Circle because within three miles of this sight there are over 350 funeral mounds that contain the remnants of countless human sacrifices.

            Holiday researcher George Douglas adds some interesting information when he says “Many of Halloween’s customs are derived from the ancient Baal Festivals. Other customs originate from the taking of omens from the struggles of victims in the fires of druidic sacrifices.” (From: The American Book of Days, by George William Douglas revised by Helen Douglas Compton).

            Alexander Hislop in his book, The Two Babylons, says, “The god whom the Druids worshipped was Baal, as the blazing Baal-fires show — We know that they offered human sacrifices to their bloody gods. We have evidence that they made `their children pass through the fire to Molech’, and that makes it highly probable that they also offered them in sacrifice; for, from Jeremiah 32:35, compared with Jeremiah 19:5, we find that these two things were parts of one and the same system.” Further, it is to be noted that the “priests of Nimrod or Baal were necessarily required to eat of the human sacrifices; and thus it has come to pass that `Cahna-Bal’, (Cahna is the emphatic form of Cahn which means `a priest’) meaning the priest of Baal, is the established word in our tongue for a devourer of human flesh.” (from The Two Babylons, Hislop. See page 232).

          • Phipps Mike

            you want to be all pious about origins of holidays? look up Thanksgiving and see what Its REALLY about. THEN come back all pious and try and lie to me that you will skip Thanksgiving this year. Hint: it celebrates the mass execution of non Christian native Americans because they wouldn’t convert to the ILLEGAL immigrant settlers Christian religion, who tried to force it on them. Yes, we can play this game all day and I will literally BURY you with all of the wrongs the United States and Conservatives are guilty of. Imperialism and the United states go together like salt to McDonalds fries.

          • GibbyD

            I did not know that. I will look it up and study it . I guess no matter where there is man there will be sin. Are you saying that you believe that all those early settlers that came here were murderers and or had only evil intent ? Were there not some that wanted to do right and even present the Gospel to the Indians ?

            Why do you limit your angst to The United States and “conservatives” . Don’t you believe that evil and sin is throughout the whole planet? I believe all have sinned and come short of the glory of God . You know the verses. Don’t you believe that man is a sinner and in need of salvation? Don’t you believe that the Gospel can change a person and make them a New Creature? There is only One Perfect Person and His Name is The LORD Jesus Christ. It is a wonder that He would want to save any of us. I am glad though He is offering and has done something to make it possible. That something we will be in awe about for all eternity.

          • Phipps Mike

            Not all, no. There were Pilgrims who had nothing to do with it, but agreement cannot be settled as to WHICH was the TRUE “First Thanksgiving”. Until that is settled, we are left to be possibly celebrating Indian deaths. I don’t limit my angst to just the US. I simply mentioned only the US because most ethnocentric conservative Christians are proud of this Country when its hands are dirtier than most any other country.Had I known in 1981 what i know now, I would NOT have served in the US Army. You speak as if I dont have any spirituality. Actually, I do, However, I differ from most in the way that I see EVERYBODY AS EQUALS. NOBODY is any better than another.

          • GibbyD

            I have no illusions about this country but I do see allot of Good too. And we both know of countries past and present that were and are far worse.

            Believers have a better country , a heavenly one “By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. 9By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise: 10For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” ( Hebrews 11:8-10)KJB.
            “But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city. ” ( vs. 16)KJB.

            I agree with you that we are all sinners ( not perfect) and equal in that sense. God’s love is the same for all for He died for all. I am NOT a hyper calvinist. I do not believe there is a special class of special chosen ones that were predetermined before they were born that they would be saved as opposed to those that were not chosen and thus predetermined to be lost. The secret things though still belong to God about all those hard questions that we sometimes debate over . I know that God will do right and he is just and Holy and Good. I will trust Him that He knows best. I also believe (1st John 5:13)KJB and Philippians 1:6 and Psalm 16:11 and Ephesians 2:8,9. The unknowable things I will trust God for. One day i will understand.

          • Phipps Mike

            “The purposes can best be understood as fitting in with the
            description of the Pilgrims that animates the so-called National Day of
            Mourning sponsored by the United American Indians of New England.
            “The pilgrims … introduced sexism, racism, anti-lesbian and gay
            bigotry, jails, and the class system to these shores. One of the very
            first things they did when they arrived on Cape Cod … was to rob
            Wampanoag graves.”

            Or as one of the founders of the National Day of Mourning, AIM’s Russell Means, claims,
            “After a colonial militia had returned from murdering the men, women,
            and children of an Indian village, the governor proclaimed a holiday and
            feast to give thanks for the massacre. He also encouraged other
            colonies to do likewise — in other words, every autumn after the crops
            are in, go kill Indians and celebrate your murders with a feast.”

            http://historynewsnetwork . org/article/15002

            the TRUE meaning of Thanksgiving.

          • sue cordes

            People should also look up and study about the pagan Christ mass and Ester! Christ mass means Death of Christ. So in saying Merry Christ mass, what are you really saying over and over again? Merry death of Christ! Is that what you really want to partake of? Also evil, but look at the millions who call themselves “christians” who partake of it. Just saying!

          • FoJC_Forever

            You statement is inaccurate, to say the least. Halloween has never been celebrated by Christians. God has always had a problem with it.

            Follow Jesus, find Truth.

          • afchief

            The problem is you do not understand the spiritual side of this. Unless you have the Spirit of Christ living in you, there is NO way you can possible understand. NONE. 1 Corinthians 2:14 (NASB) But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.

            That is why you see this as foolishness. You do not have spiritual eyes to see. We do!!!

            The word of God tells us in Ephesians 5:11 (NASB)
            Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

            Satan disguises himself as an angle of light. That is why you see this as harmless. We see the spirit(s) behind this.

            To us, it is quite obvious.

          • gmstanfield

            Do you celebrate christmas with a tree?

          • GibbyD

            I personally do not but I don’t make much of a stink about those that do. Yes, I am familiar with what it says in Jeremiah 10 and I know about the paganism connected to the other aspects with that otherwise Rome adoubted day to remember the birth of Christ. I believe The LORD especially told us to remember His death and sacrifice. We are told about His birth but it is His death that we are to remember more because that is what made it possible for any of us to gain everlasting and abundant life and love. LORD willing that is what we will be doing in about three hours from now at our Assembly when we are gathered together unto and in The Name of The LORD Jesus Christ.

          • sue cordes

            We should remember and thank God everyday that Jesus Christ the Lamb of God gave his life for us. Not once a year, as so many “confessing” christians do!

          • GibbyD

            amen. And if “breaking bread” was what was meant by the remembrance meeting ( communion ) , then the Apostles and early believers remembered The LORD every day from house to house by taking the elements of the bread and the cup. We give thanks for His unspeakable gift and remember Him for Who He is and what He did , saving us from that horrible wrath that we deserve. Awesome and Wonderful. His name is Wonderful , so aptly so because of what it should cause in the heart of every man to think that God would become a man and suffer what would have to be at least equal to what it would be like to burn on fire forever. I suppose that would be the best we could do to describe what it would be for Him to bear our sin in His own body while on the cross of Calvary. He bore the full measure of that wrath upon Himself. He did this so that no man or woman would have to. Amazing , Wonderful , Awesome ! It is available to be received for whosoever wants it , this salvation that cost Him so much. I do not understand why any would refuse or reject it. “..repentance toward God and faith toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21)KJB.

          • sue cordes

            I don’t! 🙂

        • FoJC_Forever

          It’s not your planet. It’s God’s planet. If you die in your current state, you will be removed from it and cast away into Eternal Damnation.

          • GibbyD

            I don’t see what anything that Mike said indicated that he did not believe The Gospel and was not saved, only God knows that. I understand the point he was trying to make concerning what kids do in innocence as they dress up and trick or treat. I would not do it or encourage it but those that do do not know about what some connect it to. We have knowledge about it and that is why we reject the active participation in Halloween but those that don’t understand , see it as simply as a way for kids to have fun. Our Church use that time to go out on a busy corner of trick or treaters and hand out hot chocolate, candy , Bibles and Gospel tracts.

            I can only guess that Mike was exposed to some hard-line legalistic styled churches that did not represent Christ as well as they should have. God knows. We do not. Mike’s initial comments were over-board but we do need to do the same with our remarks.

    • Harold Cain

      hahaha…ever think that maybe you should take a moment to investigate the history of ‘halloween’?…before spouting off with SUCH an amazing ignorance on the subject??? Just an idea, it will be a humbling experience as your ‘clueless’ idea of what ‘holloween’ represents…is really a personal fabrication that contradicts historical truth. j/s… 😉

      • Phipps Mike

        see my new reply to gibby about Thanksgiving and shut the … up.

        • Harold Cain

          Yeah…um…I gotta pass on researching you. Your ignorance on ‘halloween’ has blinded me from seeing my keyboard.

          • Phipps Mike

            I gotta pass on seeing you as having an inkling of intelligence. Gibby already provided that above BEFORE your comment and I already KNEW all of what she offered. Keep up. Point is that Halloween is NOT anti-religious. So get over it. If
            you insist on being an idiot, quit celebrating Thanksgiving too since it celebrates the death of Indians.

  • yeshuado

    Church leaders dress up for Hallowe’en party… little bit for Jesus and a bit for devil too, and on Sunday service they will teach you what to do or not, or pay to them your tithing. Lol

    • Sum Ting Wong

      Oh how they love to demonize the congregation for not tithing

  • FoJC_Forever

    Christians do not celebrate Halloween, but fake ones do. Anyone who is seeking the LORD and hearing from Him will immediately know that it is a celebration of death and evil. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that this false prophetess is celebrating it. She’s just another one of many, many false religious leaders claiming to be Christian.

    Judgement is coming.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      The woman is no Christian, but a successful business owner.

  • RoburtMcDunn

    A ‘female minister’ (which is not even biblical) who is twice divorced, and remarried to a man who is twice divorced, and everybody is upset about she and her ‘newest’ husband dressing up for Halloween – that’s rich.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      Lol, great point! As Jesus himself said, these 2 are both living in adultry

  • acontraryview

    Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country where people are free to dress up for Halloween?

  • Let me see…she…serves as a paster; divorced and remarried; had inappropriate relationships outside of marriage; celebrating paganism ceremonies, all under the guise of Christian theology [sic]. Come on folks. That’s already four different violations of scripture. Are we really surprised by her behavior, let alone, her choice in costumes?

  • Rebecca

    Paula is a Charlatan. She is not, nor will she ever be a Pastor. That is reserved for men.
    Multiple marriages too. What a sad pathetic person she is. Enjoy your “rewards” here on earth, I doubt you’ll get any after you die.

  • Harry Ebbeson III

    There are actually two different issues and it seems like it must be easier to just lump them both together and tear her apart, right? Nice try.

    There are actually Christian and Celtic roots in the Halloween ‘holiday’. My wife did a study on this, because I have not celebrated Halloween for over 20 years because I did not like the idea of having my kids dress up in funny or mocking costumes and going to stranger’s homes to beg for candy. This year, however, I did celebrate because my band had a gig on Halloween night.

    It turns out that Christian tradition celebrated this holiday because it was believed that dressing up as the little demons and other scary representations actually mocked the evil spirits (which of course, according to our faith have already been defeated by Jesus on the cross). I am not saying that it is okay to dress revealingly and being wild on that night and such……the Bible talks about that as well (modesty and decency)… If she was out with her new hubby and enjoying a celebration somewhere, then great.

    Before we go and blast her for her choice of outfit and life (who here does not have a past?), are we really worthy to actually do so? Remember the ‘cast the first stone’? It is our job as brothers and sisters in the faith to help hold each other up, not tear each other down with judgmental attitudes based on feeling and often, inaccurate interpretation of Scripture. We are to help each other on our journey (no pun intended) with love and Scripture and I have seen none of that in the posts below…

    Surely, her life was a mess. My life was too, but it is the redeeming power of Jesus on the cross that gives me hope to live in Him yet another day. If she is making a mockery of her faith then that will be answered by God at the time of judgment.

    I am not condoning or judging what she has done or how she dressed, and I would advise the rest of us to do the same until we have achieved the perfection that is exemplified in Jesus Christ. We know that cannot happen since only Christ was perfect. I would, instead, recommend that we pray for each other and help hold each other up according to His standards and work on our personal relationship with Jesus.

    Be blessed 🙂

    • Rebecca

      We are to shun those who are not living Biblically also. Only God knows her heart, but her lifestyle choices speak volumes.

  • Michael Morgan

    So what, it could have been in seclusion. Not of her flock; this should be their business, besides Christians look bad in others eyes anyway. Wish them no harm, nor look to them as examples of good.

  • 7thseal

    “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7)…..seems we have a lot of sinless people making comments here.

  • Rev Donald Spitz

    According to this article, she also seems to marry and divorce quite easily.

  • Watch man

    Was this lady ever a child of God? Well, the Lord knows His own and cannot be deceived. If she belongs to Christ He will flog her back into the fold at the right time. But what I see in her is no different from those members of church of satan. She is not an example to copy.

  • April J

    If so many have already decided she’s a terrible Christian and a Charlatan, isn’t this photo just par for the course?

    Also, glad to see comments on an Instagram photo now count as news. I can feel my brain melting…

  • billinghamboy

    The World is in the grip of evil,a last days scenario and this nonsense is news?
    False prophets will abound.

  • Rick

    If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

    24“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.
    Matthew 6:23-24

  • Jack Smith

    Like any normal woman she dreams of being eaten by a big bad wolf. Its all legal they are married. Stop moaning and groaning because your partner falls asleep and hers doesn’t. Maybe it is because she preforms fellatio like all women should. Eat away big bad wolf I bet sheep tastes great! A bunch of sicko puritans writing replies here while they cheat on their wives with a 20 year old! “Let he who is without sin throw the first words of criticism”