Chinese Officials Shut Down House Church for ‘Violating Religious Affairs Regulations’

China pdWENZHOU, China (China Aid) Authorities in China’s coastal Zhejiang shut down a house church on Nov. 13 for “violating religious affairs regulations.”

Officials from the Rui’an Municipal branch of the Wenzhou Municipal Religious Affairs Bureau issued an administrative penalty hearing notice to Zhang Renai, the leader of Yaochi Garden Christian Church, indicating that the church had never completed the procedures establishing a location for religious gatherings.

China Aid’s reporter, Qiao Nong, spoke with a religious affairs bureau official regarding the incident who claimed it was “not convenient to talk about.” The official said that, “If our bureau wrote this notice, it is the truth,” and suggested the reporter speak with the Riu’an Municipal Propaganda Department.

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  • The Last Trump

    Isn’t it strange how fearful totalitarian regimes are of Christianity?
    You know, like Obama’s?

    If nothing else, THAT should be a red flag to all skeptics and Christian website stalking trolls to consider. Must be something in those Bibles that these tyrants really don’t want you to know about, huh?

    Maybe you should find out what.
    While you still can.