Wife in Mass Shooting Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Before Massacre, Husband Linked to Al-Qaeda in Syria

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — The Pakistani-born woman who joined her husband in a violent massacre in San Bernardino on Wednesday pledged her allegiance to ISIS just moments before the attack, and her husband had been in contact with members of terror groups, reports state.

“We are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism,” David Bowdich, assistant director at the FBI’s Los Angeles office, announced during a press conference on Friday as a result of ongoing revelations.

He explained that Syed Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, had tried to “destroy their digital fingerprints,” crushing their cellphones and throwing them in the trash, and deleting files from their computer to cover up their tracks.

Reports also state that Malik had posted on Facebook around the same time as the shooting, declaring her allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Farook had been in contact with members of at least two terror organizations, including the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front in Syria.

Malik married Farook in 2014 after coming to America from Saudi Arabia on a K-1 visa, and the two had a child together six months ago. The couple left their infant daughter with family the morning of the attack, claiming that they had a doctor’s appointment. Farook’s co-workers, some of whom died in the attack, had just thrown a baby shower for Farook and Malik months ago.

“The investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations,” national FBI Director James Comey outlined at a press conference in Washington. “We have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning.”

“We are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence,” he said. “This is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us.”

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Farook and Malik’s apartment has been characterized as an “IED factory” as 12 pipe bombs were found inside the residence, as well as a large amount of ammunition. Officials had also found a remote control toy in the couple’s vehicle following their death, which is believed to have been rigged to set off explosives.

The two dressed in tactical gear as they carried out their attack on the Inland Regional Center, and police found over 1,600 rounds of ammunition in their vehicle after Farook and Malik were killed during an intense shootout.

“They came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters. “They were dressed and equipped in a way to show they were prepared . … They came in with an intent to do something.”

The FBI believes that Farook and Malik acted alone, although they were likely inspired by Islamic terror groups such as ISIS.

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  • Rebecca

    islam is evil.

    • afchief

      It is straight from the pits of hell!

      And our slime-ball pResident can’t even call it what it is…..Islamic terrorism.

  • FoJC_Forever

    If she were a Feminist, she would just be killing babies in the name of healthcare. Female terrorists are no different from Feminists, they just target different people.

    The innocent blood will be avenged.

    Judgement is coming.

    • Becky

      Feminists are a vicious bunch, indeed.

      • gizmo23

        Should we go back to unequal pay and women getting permission from their husbands to get credit. How about not being able to drive or vote

        • Becky

          No middle ground, huh?

          • gizmo23

            I don’t see womens rights as evil

          • Becky

            Who’s talking about women’s rights? The reference was made about feminists and, as I said earlier, they’re a vicious bunch. All you have to do is google the term and it’ll take you to the dark side of their “movement”.

            I’m grateful for my God-given rights…I’m grateful to God Almighty through Christ who first said, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28.

            Clearly, the feminist movement isn’t the be all end all for women’s rights.

          • gizmo23

            Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by feminism. I view it as an equal opportunity movement

  • Josey

    Indeed perilous times…

  • BarkingDawg

    A related story and a “Florida Man” story to boot!

    A Florida man taken into custody for vandalizing a Palm Beach Islamic center, has a Facebook page containing posts attacking Muslims, with other photos showing him admiring guns, saying: “That AR-15 will put down any radical Islamic!! I wish they would!!!”

    Acting on a tip, North Palm Beach Police arrested 27-year-old Joshua Warren Killets who confessed to detectives after being taken into custody, the Sun Sentinel reports.

    Members of the Islamic Center of Palm Beach discovered the damage early Friday morning, with over a dozen windows smashed out and blood on the scene. Security cameras caught footage of the vandal carrying a tire iron, as well as video of an SUV leaving the scene.

    While police did not release any details of his confession or motive, a perusal of his Facebook page shows a deeply-held belief in Christianity combined with hatred for Muslims and refugees.

    In one photo, Killets can be seen holding a AR15 assault rifle next to a comment saying it would “take down any radical Islamic.”

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Please forgive me for being critical, but is this really the best you can come up with for the Christian side?!? If so, we are the most peaceful folks on the planet. Let’s examine just the November 2015 “score” for Muslims:

      http://akathleptos .blogspot .com/2015/12/islamic-killings-for-nov-2015.html