Statewide Bible Reading Marathon Planned in Kentucky

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FRANKFORT, Ky. — A statewide Bible reading marathon is planned for Jan. 1 throughout Kentucky.

The marathon was organized by Mark Harrell, pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship in Somerset and founder of the Kentucky Pastor’s Prayer Focus.

“These end times are troubled times. We must expect them to be so, for the word tells us they will be,” an outline of the event reads. “The troubles are a consequence of living in a fallen world of sin that is spiritually dark. Jesus is the light of the world; Jesus is the word.”

Harrell is hoping that every county in the state will participate in the marathon, as organizers are looking for “dedicated believers to read the Bible aloud continuously from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.”

“Our heart’s desire is to have concurrent Bible reading in progress at the same time in all 120 counties of Kentucky,” the event outline reads. “While the reading/proclaiming progresses, other believers are encouraged to be in prayer, lifting up the needs of the community and state.”

The marathon involves public gatherings at city halls courthouses and college campuses, where volunteers take turns reading the Bible aloud for 15 minute segments. Volunteers must sign an acknowledgment that the purpose of the event is only to read the Scriptures.

The non-stop event, which begins at midnight on Jan. 1, is expected to last for four days.

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“Could Kentucky represent a state coming into one accord with 120 counties as we celebrate the authority of the word of God and read it out loud from seats of government or college campuses all over our state?” Harrell asked.

He found significance and parallel in the number 120.

“When 120 people met in one accord, the Holy Spirit moved suddenly and people began getting saved daily as spiritual awakening began,” Harrell said. “Our country desperately needs awakening again. May the Lord move mightily on each county as they participate and may Kentucky begin to lead the way in national spiritual transformation.”

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  • Kenny Michael Powers

    Lighthouse Team Ministries in Guston Kentucky agrees and we will help in any way we can. I;m the Associate Pastor and my Senior Pastor agrees. I’ve shared it on our FB pages as well.

  • acontraryview

    Maybe that will help with their #8 standing in divorces in the country and their high rate of births to unwed mothers.

    • Sherry Wesson Willis

      Sounds like you are giving some stats to prove their point…..that, not only, Kentucky but “our country desperately needs awakening again.” 🙂

      • wandakate

        Every single stage in the United States is living in SIN, and are in terrible disobedience to the “word” of GOD.
        He’s on the back burner of most lives, and more so in some states and towns/cities than in others, but GOD is calling out His people, calling them mightily in these last days as we know them.
        Rampant sin has taken over b/c satan is the god of this evil world, therefore JESUS is calling all who are weary and heavy laden to Him. Let’s hope it spreads from the north to the south and to the east and west of Kentucky and touches many lives as I know there are many who are suffering and in need of JESUS.
        He is the ONLY way, the truth and the light, and NO man (soul, person, human being), is going to come to the FATHER except through JESUS…

    • wandakate

      Since we are NOT a perfect people yet, anything positive can help and we know it’s the LORD’s will that it will happen, so KUDOS to them. I hope it starts a USA revival, that’s exactly what we need and would indeed be ONE BIG HUGE MIRACLE!!!