Tennessee Woman Launches ‘Prayer Warrior’ Effort for Christians to Lift Up Local Police

Photo Credit: WJHL screenshot

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. — A Tennessee woman has launched an effort to encourage local Christians to pray for members of their police department.

Amanda Doss of Sullivan County has been connecting with those in her community who are willing to commit to praying to a member of the police force each day.

“I like the fact that our law enforcement is out there risking their lives, and if the smallest thing we can do is pray for them and pray for their safety and pray for their families, then I feel like we have done something that we can give back to them because they give so much to the community,” she told local television station WJHL.

Doss says that she was inspired to launch the effort after learning about the Adopt-a-Cop program in Johnson City, which also made headlines. She also thought of a personal friend who serves in the Sullivan County Criminal Investigation Division, as well as a shooting that took place at an area high school in 2010.

“It means a lot to know that someone is specifically praying for him,” she told reporters.

Doss has a Facebook page called “Police Prayer Warriors-Sullivan County TN” where she connects with those who are interested in the effort and keeps them abreast of developments. Each one who signs up to pray for an officer is gifted with a “prayer warrior” bracelet.

Doss says that the response has been “amazing” as over 200 people have volunteered to pray for their assigned officer. Even her daughter has joined in on the prayer program.

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“She picked a K-9 dog—the K-9 himself to pray for,” Doss told local television station WCYB. “So she has Dexter, that’s hers, and she loves it. Every night she goes to bed and she says, ‘Mommy, I have to pray for officer Dexter.'”

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is supportive and appreciative of the community effort.

“This type of support really means more to the officers than you would ever know,” spokesperson Leslie Earhart told the Herald Courier. “No matter which division an officer is assigned to, they appreciate it anytime someone takes time out to say a prayer for them.”

“The decisions officers must make in a split second aren’t always easy ones, so knowing that there are people out there praying for your safety and guidance means so much,” she said.

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