Abortion Provider at Center of Supreme Court Case: Jesus Would ‘Hold Hands’ of Aborting Mothers

Photo Credit: Whole Woman’s Health

AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas abortion facility owner who is at the center of a current U.S. Supreme Court case surrounding the constitutionality of two abortion regulations says that she believes Jesus would hold the hands of women as they are obtaining an abortion.

Amy Hagstrom Miller is the owner of Whole Woman’s Health, a chain of abortion facilities in the state. Whole Woman’s Health is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Texas officials, challenging two news laws passed in 2013 that require abortionists to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital and to ensure their facility meets surgical center standards.

As previously reported, oral argument over the matter was heard last week by the U.S. Supreme Court, and a decision is expected in June.

On the day of the hearing, Hagstrom Miller spoke with Valerie Tarico of the site AlterNet to discuss the case and her thoughts about abortion in general. During the interview, Hagstrom Miller asserted that Jesus would hold the hands of the women obtaining an abortion.

“Would you say that this work has a spiritual dimension for you?” Tarico asked.

“Absolutely. I was raised in a liberal Christian tradition, and I come to the work because of that background, not in spite of it,” Hagstrom Miller replied. “The Jesus that I was taught about would be holding the hands of women inside the clinic; he wouldn’t be screaming at them.”

“Acting on Christian principles is holding the hands of people at difficult times in their lives, and being supportive and nonjudgmental and kind. That is very much what we bring to the work,” she said. “I don’t know how to say it more clearly than that.”

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Hagstrom Miller spoke against the regulations that are placed on abortion facilities, including the requirement that mothers obtain an ultrasound prior to ending their child’s life.

“They’ve all seen an ultrasound before and yet we force them to watch another as if they don’t know what’s growing inside of them. They know, and they are committed…,” she explained.

During Wednesday’s hearing before a divided U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Samuel Alito suggested that the various safety regulations and standards are necessary because of existing violations that have already been found at Hagstrom Miller’s Whole Woman’s Health.

“Whole Woman’s facilities have been cited for really appalling violations when they were inspected: holes in the floor where rats could come in, the lack of any equipment to adequately sterilize instruments,” he said.

Texas Alliance for Life also obtained documentation from the Texas Department of State Health Services, which show that four of Hagstrom Miller’s five abortion facilities were cited in the past three years. The facilities were marked for violations including unsterilized equipment and “numerous rusty spots” on suction devices, possessing “the likelihood to cause infection.”

Whole Woman’s Health’s website outlines that the women that come to their facility “come from all walks of life – from young college students to teenagers to professional women; from religious folks and spiritual people to women struggling to figure out what they believe.”

“Abortion is a normal part of women’s reproductive lives,” it asserts.

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  • Emmanuel

    Wow, some churches are doing a great job in teaching and preaching the Bible and moral principles. Way to go liberal churches, keep producing confused and lost followers.

  • Reason0verhate

    Funny how people invent this fictional “Jesus” who seems to resemble themselves.
    And it’s always the polar opposite of the Jesus in the New Testament.

    It wasn’t that long ago that most Americans, even if they were particularly religious, were familiar with the Bible. Now that most people are biblically illiterate, it’s easy for someone to get on their soapbox and say “Well, this is what Jesus would do…” And no one calls them on it, because even people who attend church regularly are ignorant of the Bible. A hundred years ago, or even 50 years, this silly woman would not have gotten away with her ridiculous statement.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      I thank God for good theological pastors and Bible churches! Right after converting from atheism at a relatively late age, I got into a great Bible church – it was like Seminary training – folks walking around with Greek NT’s and all. They gave me the foundation to take it to the streets – I was very lucky to get into that church when I knew almost nothing about God’s Word.

  • bowie1

    More than likely Jesus would tell them to go and sin no more as he did with the woman caught in adultery. He would in no way condone it.

    • Weed should be legal you fool

      You sound like you live in the medieval times. Go back to feather an pen.

      • bowie1

        Is abortion any different than that the Jews that were murdered by the millions – the murder of human beings? If that is “medieval” then so be it.

        • Weed should be legal you fool

          How does genocide compare to a woman choice?! IMO your argument is outdated and i think you should go visit some unbiased sites for your news.

          • Michael Caruthers

            A woman’s choice. Think about that. Her choice to support a life or to end a life. To end a life is to kill. To end a life that is not threatening hers is murder. Yeah, some “choice”, sounds a lot like the choice Hitler made when he decided to exterminate the Jews.

          • Weed should be legal you fool

            Whats with the worst case analogies?! Its like all you guys are pessimistic assholes.

          • Michael Caruthers

            Pessimistic? Ok, so now being against murder is considered pessimistic?

          • Weed should be legal you fool

            Why is it only guys responding to this conversation, where are the people who are actually affected by this issue.

          • Michael Caruthers

            Probably smoking a joint without you.

          • Weed should be legal you fool

            You sir just gained my respect, even if we disagree on issues and you can still roast.

          • Michael Caruthers

            You, on the other hand, are confused. I do not roast, nor do I condone that either. It was a sarcasm directed at your screen name.

          • Weed should be legal you fool

            It original don’t you think?

          • Michael Caruthers

            Hmmmm, weed has been around for like…..forever. A ton of people want it legalized. How does your name screen name show any originality? It doesn’t.

          • Weed should be legal you fool

            The “fool” part, Shakespeare and Moses were stoners.

          • Michael Caruthers

            And you base your claims on Shakespeare & Moses upon what?

          • bowie1

            Many women also speak for the unborn child, you forgot that part.

          • bowie1

            She does not have the God given right over someone else’s life. She must protect as best as possible the life growing and developing within her.

      • Oboehner

        They had child sacrifice back then too.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      I am pretty sure that He would be overturning the tables in any abortion mill.

  • Destiny2429

    The woman is delusional.

  • Destiny2429

    How could anyone possibly think abortion is a normal part of a woman’s life? The Bible talks about these end times where good will be called evil, and evil will be called good…

    • gogo0

      one thing I have in common with christians is that I cant wait for the rapture to take place. finally there would be some kind of evidence that the christian god actually exists. but you guys and gals have been talking about the ‘end times’ for thousands of years, can we get a move on??

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        I am upvoting you for humor points. 🙂

        Technically, the end times began after Jesus’ Ascension. So, that is why we Christians talk about it so much – and it is theologically correct to have done so for nearly 2000 years.
        But, you are correct that there has been a ton of false teaching when it comes to predicting the Rapture or Second Coming. And for that, your humor scores. 🙂

  • Irene C

    “she believes Jesus would hold the hands of women as they are obtaining an abortion” what a blasphemy comment against of our Lord and Savior, the life giver. This woman is a spiritual and emotional mess.

  • hank

    Stop using the name of Jesus when you know nothing of Him!

    • Balerion

      Funny how the more people profess to worship Jesus the less they seem to actually know of what he was actually about.

      • hank

        You make it so easy to pick out the athiests

      • Gary Whiteman

        Strange that atheists claim the right to define what is “Christian.” It’s kind of presumptuous and fascistic. If you don’t belong to a group, you have no business telling it “You are doing it right.” Christians are the judges of what is Christian, just as Muslims are the judges of what is Muslim, and Buddhists are the judges of what is Buddhist. Outsiders’ opinions are worthless. You seem to have issues with the freedom of people to form associations that set their own rules. That has always been the case in totalitarian regimes, meddling in asociations.

    • thelordlives2011

      Hank, you are exactly right. I would hate to be Ms Miller when one day she has to give an account in front of Jesus why she killed all of these innocent babies for no reason. He will probably say I know you not. This quite a price to pay using the name of Jesus to justify infanticide.

  • ZEPHANIAH54321

    Now what if it was the TEN COMMANDMENTS that were being written in the earth in JN 8
    Then the first time JESUS bent down to write it could have been the first five commandments.

    And the next time he bent down to write would of lead to the next five and number six would have been,

    Then it says that when they heard it they began to depart beginning with the eldest, who would have been more familiar with the law.

    And number seven would of reminded the woman,
    not to sin anymore . And what about the man DEUT 22:22

  • George

    she looks like a bloke!

    • TampaZeke

      So does Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. It can’t just be a coincidence that pro-abortion women are decidedly unfeminine.

  • Becky

    “Abortion is a normal part of women’s reproductive lives,” it asserts.

    Name one example from the bible that teaches abortion is a “normal part of women’s reproductive lives”. Go.

  • Becky

    There’s no such thing as a liberal Christian. Either you are a Christian or you’re not.

    “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” Matthew 7:21

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Jesus is Pro-LIFE!

    “Jesus answered, ‘I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ ” — John 14:6

  • Daniel Petersen

    Was this article written by a child for children?
    Oh wait, Christian news dot net?
    Never mind…

    • Gary Whiteman

      It’s for children, and you read it.

  • Bacchus

    Jesus would NOT hold the hands of the mother or the “doctor” Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  • Dan Jones

    And there blood will be on YOUR head…. Butchers all…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Lilyrose

    Who are you to judge? Jesus said..he who is without sin, cast the first stone! Jesus holds all of our hands in our darkest hour! Americans can be so religious, yet I’m sure many of you use vaccines (many of which are created using aborted tissue), where is your faith in God to heal you?! Stop joining forces with the Accuser of the Brethren and love others as the bible instructs us to do! His Grace is sufficient for ALL!

    • Max

      Like you said:

      Who are you to judge?

  • Filia Svibanich

    Ultra-sound is a reality check, not a torture. It is taking a responsibility for a growing life and facing the victim one more time. A friend of mine went to her gynecologist sure in her decision to abort. Her whole family supported her in whatever she decides. When she saw her 2cm baby cheerfully stretching in her tummy on the ultrasound – she couldn’t abort and kill that tiny dependable life growing under her heart. Today, that baby is a big boy, a grown talented man – the same Person he was at the time his mother could’t kill as a 2 cm fetus.

    BTW Jesus holds hands of every fetus at the time of their extermination by their selfish and unsupported mothers .. and cries over ignorant greedy people like dr Miller

    • Jalapeno

      Why would we have invasive, medically unnecessary “reality checks”?

      Just in the hopes that we convince more people to make the decision that you like?

  • Hans Geiger

    She is no woman, she is a female. A woman would not kill her child. And Jesus can’t hold her hand, He is busy to hold the baby.

    • Jalapeno

      “A woman would not kill her child’

      Based on what, exactly?

  • Jesus may very well hold the hands of those enduring an abortion out of His love for all His children, out of pity, out of comfort, but will no more approve of murder in this case than He would in any other case: MURDER of the unborn is MURDER of the unborn, no matter what twist or rationale an apologist may want to put on it.

  • borgerboy

    that “woman’s ” photo sure looks manly.

  • Gena B

    “raised in a liberal Christian tradition” hence the word ‘liberal.’ Boy that broad street sure continues to get wider…Christians don’t get to pick and choose, don’t add or take away, just follow and let God lead. I don’t think Jesus would be in favor, I picture Jesus would be telling Miller to ‘Get behind me Satan’ and pulling that woman up from the table.