Mexican Satanists Kill Friend in Ritual to Turn Him Into Vampire

Palma-compressedCHIHUAHUA, Mexico — Three people have been arrested after being accused of killing their friend in a Satanic ritual that they believed would turn him into a vampire.

According to reports, Edwin Juarez Palma, 24, was fooled into taking part in what he believed was an initiation ceremony for the group known as Sons of Baphomet 1.

However, Palma was instead tied up and tortured as one of his friends convinced the others that he should be killed so he could return to his so-called former life as a vampire. He was beaten, strangled, and slashed in the neck with a broken bottle.

Palma soon died from his injuries. He was believed to have been murdered at night in the restroom area of the cafe where he worked.

Police were notified as Palma’s body was later found wrapped in plastic bags, lying in the street.

Three suspects have now been arrested in his murder: Iveth Lopez, 18, Gustavo Dorantes, 18, and Omar Sanchez, 25. Police are still looking for the fourth suspect, Calep Acosta.

“All that’s left now to do is to arrest the leader of the sect whose name we have,” Police Chief Pablo Rocha told reporters.

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Lopez is stated to have posted Satanic imagery on her Facebook page, including using a cover photo that read “In a relationship with Satan.”

As previously reported, in January, a woman in Texas told reporters that she believed her 18-year-old son, Edward O’Neal, killed his teenage friend after becoming enthralled with Satanism.

“He doesn’t believe in God. He believes in the devil,” the woman, who did not want her identity revealed, told reporters. “He’s been drawing devil pictures [and] putting 666 on there. He’s been asking me why God would let innocent people die.”

She said that she had raised her son in the church.

“He’s wrong. I didn’t raise him like that. As a child he was born and raised in the church home,” the woman stated. “I noticed some change in him.”

She said that after O’Neal became interested in Satan, he started drawing satanic pictures and killed the family pets.

His friend, 16-year-old Ryan Robert, was found dead in a wooded area in mid-January. O’Neal was charged with murder in early February and has been spending time in a mental health facility since the incident.

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  • Josey

    Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and also warps the minds of satanists involved, he possesses them to do these acts.

  • Quantz

    I don’t know much about Satanism, but it has nothing to do with killing. It’s more to do with taking responsibility for your own actions.

    • George

      yeah, right….

      • Quantz

        You’ve researched it, have you? I have.

    • TheKingOfRhye

      Sons of Baphomet 1? Certainly nothing like LaVey’s Church of Satan, or The Satanic Temple (which are pretty much similar in a lot of ways)

    • Gabriel A. King

      That’s what they tell you in the beginning as BAIT. It’s all about “Liberty” etc. Becoming your own self determined “God” etc. your divine nature.

      But it’s all BS to lure you slowly deep into the spider web. Any belief system which hails pride, materialism, and ego as a virtue is entirely faulty.

  • Mark Johnston

    he dont believe in God!?? He just believes in Satan!?? God is real dude and Satan is just a pissed off Fallen Angel…………it’s all real folks God is coming back soon to crush Satan’s Head under his feet

  • Gabriel A. King


    ” Play stupid games… win stupid prizes ! “

  • Gena B

    Possession seems a possibility for the woman with the son. The friend who was killed sounds more for sport than the lies about trying to turn him into a vampire.