‘This Is About Public Signaling’: Yale Announces ‘Gender Neutral’ Restrooms Ahead of Commencement

YaleNEW HAVEN, Conn. — Ahead of Yale’s commencement ceremony on Monday, the university announced the opening of more than 300 “gender neutral” restrooms for use on campus.

The Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources posted an interactive map on the university website to provide directions to the various locations on campus.

“Yale aims to be a leader on this front,” Tamar Gendler, dean of Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences told the Associated Press. “Part of what is important about the all-gender bathroom project and about putting it at the top of our commencement site, is this is about public signaling.”

As previously reported, in 2013, the university announced that it was considering including sex change operations in Yale’s student insurance policy, and later approved the move. The school also now accommodates students’ requests to be referred to by their preferred pronouns, and includes their preferred name rather than their birth name on their diploma.

Yale also made headlines for presenting a four-day workshop called “Sex Weekend.” During one workshop, some students admitted experimenting with masochism or bestiality.

“People do engage in some of these activities that we believe only, for example, perverts engage in,” said event organizer Guilana Berry. “What the goal is, is to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.”

Students also had an opportunity to submit discussion topics anonymously. According to a report in the Yale Daily News, a number of submissions related to “sexual fantasies involving family members.”

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“At first, yes, the fact that so many people brought it up surprised me, but then I thought it might be more of a psychological thing we might all have,” said student Alex Saeedy. “I think that’s what the point of the workshop was — to bring up things we thought were so taboo, and desires or urges we criticize are just regular parts of sexual psychology.”

But other students decried the event, stating that the university should be ashamed that such material was being presented on campus.

Yale, like a number of historic universities, has Christian roots. Carrying the motto “Light and Truth,” Yale was founded as a college to train ministers and political leaders. A group of ten local pastors joined together to fill the university’s library, and Pastor Ezra Stiles, one of the school’s early presidents, required all freshmen to study Hebrew, so that they could read the Old Testament in its original language.

“All scholars shall live religious, godly and blameless lives according to the rules of God’s word, diligently reading the Scriptures…” read the requirements for students in 1745.

Jonathan Edwards, known for his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” went to Yale at age 13 and was ordained for the ministry in 1727.

Today, Yale Law School is considered one of the most prestigious legal institutions in the nation.

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  • hytre64

    “People do engage in some of these activities that we believe only, for example, perverts engage in,” said event organizer Guilana Berry. “What the goal is, is to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.”

    There you have it – their goal is to “normalize” what most people would call “perversion”. This was started a number of years ago with the effort to “normalize” homosexuality, and will continue until all perversions are “normal”.

  • Ja_cob

    CONNECTICUT Section 53a-186.

    Public indecency: Class B misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of public indecency when he performs any of the following acts in a public place [i.e., public restroom]: (1) An act of sexual intercourse as defined in subdivision (2) of section 53a-65; or (2) a lewd exposure of the body with intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of the person; or (3) a lewd fondling or caress of the body of another person. For the purposes of this section, “public place” means any place where the conduct may reasonably be expected to be viewed by others. (b) Public indecency is a class B misdemeanor.

    This is a public indecency, which is a criminal rather than civil concern, rather than an so called equality issue that is a civil rather than a criminal issues like public indecency. Connecticut may amend its public indecency law to require the posting a public indecency notice in any “public place” where “a lewd exposure of the body with intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire [orientation] of the person.”

    • Gal 5:22-23

      Your statement shows that people are already protected from lewd behavior no matter the sex, sexual orientation, or gender identities of those around them. If a person isn’t engaging in lewd conduct then it doesn’t matter what of these qualities they have, if they are then they are committing a crime again no matter what of those groups they belong to.

      And my guess would be the majority of these 300 restrooms are single occupancy ones that used to be ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ rooms that are now just ‘anyones’ rooms. Local bar just did that – had a single use mens and womens, now they just are for whoever wants to use them.

      • Ja_cob

        Correct but this isn’t the issue, sex segregated public toilets, showers, changing rooms, etc..

        • Gal 5:22-23

          The writer I responded to thought it was the issue.

          And why is looking at it by sex rather than gender better? Do guys really want transwomen in dresses in their restrooms and locker rooms? Do women really want trans men with bulging muscles and full beards in the women’s room?

          Gender is a much better sorting criteria than mere presence or absence of a ‘Y’ chromosome that none can see anyway.

          • Ja_cob

            Man defines gender identity and nature defines one’s sexual identity while in the mother’s womb.

          • Gal 5:22-23

            Even if true what does that have to do with this issue?

          • Ja_cob

            What is publicly decent versus indecent and the most criminal laws to enforce community standards of public decency in any public areas, public toilets included.

          • Gal 5:22-23

            Still, either seeing someone nude is ‘decent’ or ‘indecent’ for anyone seeing it. If you are advocating single use facilities I can see that.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      I’m sorry, I don’t see what part of the Public Indecency law was violated.

      • Tangent002

        Well obviously trans people only use public restrooms to fulfill a sexual desire…

        …I guess.

        • gogo0

          there are many people who object to women breast feeding their children in public because they cannot associate breasts to anything but sex and arousal. it makes perfect sense that they would conflate the use of genitalia for other normal biological functions with sex as well. they are obsessed with sex -primarily everyone else’s, oddly enough.

      • Ja_cob

        Is this clearer as it, and other similar public indecency laws, provide an overview regarding the concern with what is and what is no indecent.
        DELAWARE TITLE 11 § 764. Indecent exposure in the second degree; unclassified misdemeanor. (a) A male is guilty of indecent exposure in the second degree if he exposes his genitals or buttocks under circumstances in which he knows his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to another person. (b) A female is guilty of indecent exposure in the second degree if she exposes her genitals, breast or buttocks under circumstances in which she knows her conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to another person. Indecent exposure in the second degree is an unclassified misdemeanor.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          It’s not a matter of being unclear, it’s just that I don’t see what it has to do with this case (and that now it’s from the wrong state). Who is talking about people exposing their genitals in public?

        • acontraryview

          A transgender using the women’s restroom would be in a stall. In the stall there would be no way to expose one’s buttocks or genitals to another.

          • Ja_cob

            Wrong. What about urinals? Toilet seats left up would be a sore point in public toilets as it is in most homes. Or, what about public showers or changing rooms? This issue concerns not only public toilets but all public areas.

  • ComeOnPeople!

    Normalizing perversion is what your TV programs , news broadcasts and movies are all about. They put before you that which offends day after day after day in hopes that society will drink it in and become intoxicated & no longer be able to think clearly. You have every perversion known to man displayed now right before your eyes and the eyes of your children. Those images are meant to corrupt your conscience and cause you to over time accept things you formally opposed. They paint abnormalities as normal. They give fictional images of perversion as not being harmful to others or those who practice perversion. Yet TRUTH never mixes light and darkness. Clean and unclean water cannot remain in the same vessel. for when you mix the two, (no matter how much you claim it will do no harm) you contaminate the water.

  • Marshall P

    Judging from the male college students I’ve seen recently, few of them would be considered “men,” so their confusion is appropriate.

  • Nidalap

    Hmm…the discussion topics from the students probably give a clue to the next perversions to be forced upon society…

  • Amos Moses

    “The Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources ” ……………….

    Located at Skull and Bones HQ – AKA …….. the Tomb……… and the Russell Trust and the Bush’s …….. GWB, GHWB, Prescott, and all the rest of the NeoCons ………….. give their thanks to all the gullible who follow them ………………

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    The liberal Democrats in the Blue States pander for the votes of the LGBTQs n feminists. Some feminists r now conflicted about their support for the Democrats since they hv to share public bathrooms/restrooms with penis-holding transvestites n r more susceptible to heterosexual male sex-perverts who pretend to be transgenders.