Idaho Posts List of Locations With Free Ultrasounds in Effort to Save Unborn Babies

Ultrasound IIBOISE, Idaho — The Department of Health and Welfare in Idaho has posted a list of locations that provide free ultrasounds for pregnant mothers in compliance with a new law that is meant to help save the lives of unborn babies.

In March, Idaho lawmakers passed H.B. 516, which mandates that a list be “compiled by the Department of Health and Welfare of health care providers, facilities and clinics that offer to perform ultrasounds free of charge and that have contacted the department annually with a request to be included in the list.”

It also required that the Department release a statement “that the patient has a right to view an ultrasound image and to hear the heart tone monitoring of her unborn child and that she may obtain an ultrasound free of  charge.”

The bill passed the House 56-13 and likewise overwhelmingly cleared the Senate 28-7, and was quickly signed into law by Gov. C.L. Otter.

“This bill will only empower women more,” Rep. Heather Scott (R-Boise) told reporters. “This informs the mother that the ‘piece of tissue’ inside her has hands, feet, eyes, looks like a baby and has a heartbeat.”

Now, the Department has followed through with the requirements of the law by posting the list on its website, which also includes illustrations of the various stages of fetal development, as well as a free helpline where mothers can receive help both during and after their pregnancy.

“According to Idaho Statute 18-609, a patient contemplating abortion has ‘a right to view an ultrasound image and hear heart tone monitoring’ and ‘she may obtain an ultrasound free of charge,'” the site reads. “This list includes providers, facilities, and clinics across the state who offer ultrasounds free of charge.”

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Locations include A Blessed Beginning in Bonners Ferry, WISH Medical in Moscow, Stanton Healthcare in Boise and Compassion and Hope Pregnancy Center in Pocatello.

“Ultrasound imagery is a game changer,” Brandi Swindell of Stanton Health Care told the Associated Press.

Planned Parenthood is not on the list as it does not offer ultrasounds for free.

As previously reported, Philadelphia legal writer, educator and Christian apologist Francis Wharton, who wrote several books on American law, penned an entire chapter on abortion in his book “American Criminal Law,” which was published in 1855.

Wharton called abortionists “persons who are ready to degrade their humanity to this occupation” and stated in regard to abortion in general, “Such conduct cannot be too strongly condemned, and is the more deserving of receiving the punishment awarded for the criminal offense in question.”

He proceeded to outline the wonders of fetal development in his book, showing that even in the fourth and fifth week of development, the facial features of the baby are distinctly recognized.

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  • robertzaccour

    I think anyone considering abortion should see an ultrasound.

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    Most women who see the humanity of the unborn through an ultrasound will often change their heart on Aborting their unborn baby. Most abortion clinics will not let the mother see them because they could loose a lot of money when they change their heart on that abortion.

    • Jalapeno

      Most women do not change their minds after an ultrasound, actually…and many clinics DO show the ultrasounds.

      • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

        This is my only and my last reply to you Most PP abortion clinic do (((NOT))) show the ultrasounds and it is for a reason.

        • Jalapeno

          Yes..when they don’t provide an ultrasound it’s because it causes an extra expense. Many states require the woman to have the option though, and when it’s not required they’ll usually do it per request.

          Also..the vast majority of women do NOT change their mind.

          Silly facts.

        • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

          Sigh………….. Abba Father Please deal with this person’s heart for me. In You Son Jesus I ask.

        • james blue

          They do not prevent the woman from seeing it if she wishes.

          • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

            Not true.

          • james blue

            Okay lets say that’s the case, is the woman obliged to stay?

          • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

            I am not a Pro-Abort. I am not the best person to answer that question. There are a lot of Pro-Abort sites that I am very sure you would enjoy. A lot of them are also Anti-Christian and I am sure you would feel more at home on those sites. This is my last post to you as you are connected to other Anti-Christian Trolls who come to this Christian site to cause trouble with the Christians you hate so much.I will not read any post you make to me. You will just be wasting you time. Like I say there are other sites that would be better for you to go to.
            Good night. Pleasant dreams.
            May the Will of God be done here as His Will is done in Heaven.

          • james blue

            I’m against abortion. This doesn’t mean I cannot look at what is or isn’t true even if I don’t like it. I can be against abortion and still not bear false witness against abortionist.

            I accept Christ as my savior, but that doesn’t mean I have to close out all sound I would rather not hear. If you wish to close your ears to things you don’t like hearing that is your prerogative

  • james blue

    Women always had “the right” to view an ultrasound image and hear heart tone monitoring, Having the right to an ultrasound is not the same as compelling them to have one. having the right to see and hear is not the same as compelling her to see and hear.

    The ultrasound list should be limited to licensed medical facilities with a qualified doctor who is certified to read and diagnose.