Five-Month-Old Girl Wows World After Spending 17 Years as Frozen Embryo

marley-compressedPARKER, Co. — A five-month-old baby girl is wowing the world as her adoptive parents are sharing the story of how their Snowflake baby was a frozen embryo for 17 years before her birth.

Elizabeth and Marty Wilson turned to Nightlight Christian Adoptions a few years ago after having difficulty conceiving again following the birth of their first child. The organization, established in 1997, runs the “Snowflake Adoption Program” to provide a means for remaining embryos from IVF procedures to be utilized instead of destroyed.

“Over 1,100 families have donated their remaining embryos through Snowflakes (sometimes referred to as leftover, excess, unused embryos)– allowing them to choose the family for their embryo gift,” Nighlight outlines on its website.

The organization helped match the Wilsons with a frozen embryo being held in a tube simply marked ZXZPN. The tube was dated November 3rd, 1998—long before the Wilsons had even met.

With the Wilson’s doctor’s approval, last year, the embryo was sent via Fed-Ex across the country where the child was then thawed and implanted in Elizabeth Wilson’s womb.

“So many thoughts were running through my head,” she recalled to the blog Baby Center. “I also remember giving it all to God, which I had done months and months earlier in this process, but I had another round of it leading up to the transfer.”

“I knew I had done absolutely everything I could to prepare for successful transfer and pregnancy,” she said. “Realizing that anything can happen, I, at least, prepped myself for the best possible chance of achieving our dreams.”

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Much to the couple’s delight, the baby thrived, and on June 3rd of this year, Marley Jade Wilson was born.

“Marley is perfect in every way. Marley was created and saved for us before my husband and I even met, and before I even knew I would want children one day. It shows God has the perfect plan,” Elizabeth said.

The Wilsons state that they have been corresponding with Marley’s biological parents and would recommend the Snowflake program to others considering the option—both those on the giving and receiving end.

“We would like to offer encouragement to any couple considering going down the Snowflakes route,” Elizabeth said. “Much like any major decision, the process has its high points and low points. Just stay the course and keep the dream alive. Your baby is out there.”

“For families considering donating their embryos, you will help another couple realize their dreams of starting or expanding their family,” she added. “Snowflakes is a wonderful option to consider because the embryos are already created and waiting.”

Marley is among nearly 500 adopted babies who were once frozen embryos.

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  • Robert

    THANKS for the great article nightlight christian adoption sounds wonderful the work they do..

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    Wow. This is great. These frozen embryos being adopted are helping women who have trouble conceiving. Now they don’t have to be destroyed.