ISIS Releases Video Showing Toddler Executing Prisoner in Children’s Ball Pit

A disturbing video released by the barbaric Islamic group ISIS, which identifies as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, shows a number of children carrying out executions for the terrorist organization, including a toddler who guns down a man tied up in a children’s ball pit.

In the footage, the black-clad male toddler, who appears to be in an abandoned playground, enters the pit filled with broken balls where he finds a man tied to the fence. An adult ISIS member hands him a small gun, which the child then holds up to take aim, scrunching his face.

The boy shoots the prisoner five times, and holds the gun in the air declaring, “Allahu akbar,” meaning, “Allah is the greatest (or above all others).”

The 18-minute video, which was released by ISIS at the end of 2016, shows other children executing prisoners, as well as being trained to do so.

According to PJ Media, one clip shows a young boy participating in the stoning of an individual, and two other segments capture children beheading prisoners. The toddler is present for one of the beheadings, making a cut-throat motion with his hand to the adolescent boy who carries out the beheading.

The video is believed to have been filmed in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, and the prisoners were reportedly accused of spying for the Kurds.

“Obviously those children have been brainwashed by ISIS radicals,” Omar Abu Laila told ARA News. “ISIS has been kidnapping children and forcing them to join jihadist training camps in Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Mosul. They’ve been forced into committing such atrocities on behalf of the ISIS self-proclaimed Caliphate.”

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As previously reported, in 2015, ISIS similarly released a video showing young boys being trained to fight for ISIS. Wearing fatigues and black bandanas with the ISIS insignia, and lined up in rows, they mimic exercises performed by the instructor and chant back responses, including “Allah Akbar.”

In addition to performing exercises, children recite verses from the Koran and bow to the ground in prayer with their instructor, who sits adjacent to a pair of guns.

Other videos and images have likewise demonstrated that the Islamic group is grooming children to fight jihad. Vice News released a documentary in 2014 that, in one hour-long segment, focused on ISIS’ recruitment of children.

“What do you want to be? A jihadist or to execute a martyrdom operation?” Abdullah Al-Belgian of Belgium asks his young son Abdullah in the video. “A jihadist,” he answers.

“Who do you fight with?” filmmaker Medyan Dairieh asks another child featured in the documentary. “The Islamic State,” the boy answers. “Where are you going after Ramadan?” Dairieh inquires. “To the camp … to have training,” the child replies. “What are you going to do after?” Dairieh asks. “Fight the Russians [and] Americans. The infidels,” the boy states.

ISIS refers to the children it trains as the “Cubs of the Caliphate.”

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  • bowie1

    I wonder if these toddlers really understand what they are doing. Probably scares the wits out of them when the gun goes off I would imagine.

    • Chad Trendle

      Of course they don’t understand, they are toddlers! They do as they are told and believe what they are told to believe, this is why God only judges adults!

  • Robert

    were well aware again and now once again their religion of isis abuses their own children this way.Their isis religion and members abuse children spiritualy
    mentaly, phisicaly , sexualy.

  • Robert

    christians can not fix all the injuctices we see in the world but God has. that place is known to us as heaven and thanks be to Jesus for the ones that go there and taste in see the fix.

  • sammy13

    That was certainly sick. Some sort of demonic evil behind it I suppose. Although I must say that the fellow appeared to be either dead or asleep before the youngster fired the gun.

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    This is showing the evil side of ISIS. To use children like this is pure evil.

    • Chad Trendle

      ISIS only has one side and it IS evil

  • Chet

    The warriors always take down those who are bound and on their knees. Thus, wholly unable to resist much less fight back…

    • peanut butter

      They are cowards. Too afraid they might get busted in the nose. And they prey on the weak and powerless.

  • peanut butter

    Pure barbarism! Makes me sick. And you know that some are teaching there children here the same thing. Waiting, watching for the moment to strike.