‘Let Your Baby Live’: Video of Nine-Year-Old Girl Pleading Outside Abortion Facility Goes Viral

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A video of a nine-year-old girl pleading with expectant mothers as she positioned herself outside the window of the waiting room of an Indianapolis abortion facility has gone viral.

“I’m a nine-year old and the voice of your baby right now: ‘Don’t kill me. Save me. Let me live. Let me see the world. Let me see what it can bring. Let me grow up so I can worship Jesus,” the girl, only being identified as Briana, said to the women at Women’s Mede Center.

“Let your baby live,” she pleaded. “Don’t live the rest of your life regretting everything. Don’t live the rest of your life asking questions about your baby. … Don’t live your life asking, ‘What’s her birthday? What would I name her? What would she look like? How old would she be?'”

Briana advised that even if the women obtain an abortion, they will still always be the mother of that child.

“[I]f you get an abortion, you’ll still be a mother. You’ll just be the mother of a murdered baby,” she warned. “You’ll live the rest of your life regretting … what you did.”

The girl, wearing a headset microphone, also told hearers about the happiness of being a mother and holding a “little joyous angel.”

“It will be beautiful,” she said.

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“We’re here to help you today,” Briana called out. “Don’t abort your baby. Please!”

The video, recorded by Amy Schlichter of Hoosiers for Life on July 21, was posted to Facebook on Saturday. It already has 1.7 million views as of press time, as well as more than 13,000 shares.

“This 9 year old girl, outside an abortion clinic in Indianapolis, grabbed the headset and decided to talk to the women in the waiting room while they awaited their abortions. I couldn’t believe the things she said!” Schlichter wrote.

She told CBN News that the pro-lifers that had gathered outside of facility were amazed by the girl’s courage, noting that Briana was not coerced or asked to speak, but rather desired to do so on her own.

“I thought it was a bold move for her to pick up that headset, it’s something that I haven’t even done. And so when Briana grabbed it, I knew that she was going to say something. I was very curious to see what she was going to say in her heart and she surprised all of us,” Schlichter said.

Briana told the outlet that she believes it is important for people to speak out about abortion because the babies themselves don’t have an audible voice to plead for their lives.

“Because it’s little children that are being murdered and killed,” she said. “And they’re alive, they have a heartbeat, so they’re humans just like us. It’s just like the only difference is they can’t say no.”

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  • Mourning Warbler

    Wow. Abortion was not even legal when I was her age. Hope the precious young lady will be able to keep that love & zeal throughout a long and blessed life.

  • lissener

    You need to look up the word “viral.” I’ve had more views on a video of my dog running in circles.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Being outside the window on clinic property she would be subjected to the federal FACE law that criminalizes pro-lifers speaking out against abortion.

    • jamie campbell

      So what, she’s trying to save someones life! Men used to stand up for the women and children!

      • NCOriolesFan

        NO KIDDING she’s trying to save lives!

        Again , all I said is what would happen to her if she’s arrested for trespassing on private property, that’s all.

    • Mister Vice

      You are heartless, soulless and oozing hatred! The little girl has more compassion in her pinky than you have head to toe!

      • Dianne

        Well said Mister Vice and I fully concur!
        Many blessings to you sir. 😇

      • NCOriolesFan

        Huh, heartless, soulless, and ozzing of hatred = do not comprehend. I explained what would happen to her if she’s arrested for trespassing, that’s all.

  • nagra bagra

    Do not despise these ”little ones”. God’s blessings upon the speaker and hearer of her words.

  • Joe M

    “and a child shall lead them”… Praise GOD and our Lord and Savior JESUS for giving us little ones that have more sense and compassion than many adults !!

  • Dianne

    Praise the Lord for HIS ANOINTING on this precious little witness for HIM!! The HOLY SPIRIT took over because her little heart is full of FAITH! Amen

  • Jim j

    The helpless created in the image of the Living God. This may be THE barometer of a healthy or sick society. This is what you get when there is no fear of God.