ABC Cancels Blasphemous ‘GCB’ TV Series Due to Poor Ratings

ABC has canceled “GCB” after its first series due to a lack of sufficient viewership.

The program had angered many Christians nationwide, who called the drama series “blasphemy at its worst.” Originally entitled “Good Christian B——s,” the Sunday night soap opera featured popular female actors who portrayed scantily-clad churchgoing women that wielded sarcastic attitudes. Because of the outrage of the public at the mere title of the series, including from the American Family Association and One Million Moms, ABC made a few revisions and settled with “GCB.”

However, the show was still canceled as ABC was not satisfied with its weekly ratings standing at an approximate 5.9 million viewers.

Kristin Chenowith, one of the actors in “GCB,” stated that it was not her intention to offend Christians with the drama series. Chenowith describes herself as a “non-judgmental, liberal Christian,” who grew up in the church.

“I think it’s really funny,” she stated of the television broadcast. “The thing is, just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re perfect. We are all human, so this show shows the humanity of it, and I love it. I’m one of them,” she explained.

The ABC series was based on a book written by Kim Gatlin. It was said to be akin to the popular broadcast “Desperate Housewives.”

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