‘Registry of Homophobic Acts’ Launched in Canada

A homosexual activist group has launched a “registry of homosexual acts” in Canada.

Specifically, the registry pertains to the province of Quebec, where a group called Gai Ecoute (“Gay Line” in English) is asking citizens to report any incidences against where others express disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle. The list is funded by the Quebec Justice Department as a part of its “action plan for the fights against homophobia.”

“We know that homosexuals for fear of disclosing their orientation, are silent and rarely report homophobic incidents they witness or victim, stated Laurent McCutcheon, the president of Gay Line. “Moreover, this silence does not provide a true picture of the problems surrounding this discrimination.”

The group defines a homophobic act as “any word or act negatively toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general: physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, graffiti offensive, abuse, mockery offensive, inappropriate media coverage and discrimination.”

“Gay Line” is rounding up any reports of these incidences via phone, online chat, email, and mail. It says that it is collecting the information to “better define the issue and act in terms of prevention” through analysis of words and deeds.

However, some are concerned that the information might be used to punish thought crimes in the future.

“It’s the beginning of a soft persecution,” stated Georges Buscani of the group Compagne Quebec. “It is really about inciting a climate of fear using the media, especially with the presence of the police. Any criticism will be interpreted as homophobia and eventually down the road there will be consequences.”

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“It is not a surprise that this has happened in Canada, where same-sex ‘marriage’ was legalised in 2005,”  stated Andrea Williams, the CEO of Christian Concern. “Since that time there has been a huge assault on religious freedom in that nation.”

“Gay Line” states that it has been operating in Canada for over 30 years.

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