Internet Evangelist Urges Christians to Write-In Jesus for President

An internet evangelist is urging Christians to write-in Jesus for president this November.

Bill Keller runs a website called, which reportedly has 2.4 million subscribers. He also recently launched a website called, which he states has garnered 200,000 individuals who have committed to write in Jesus for president during the upcoming election.

“It’s time for Christians — true followers of Jesus Christ — to rise up and say no to Satan this November,” he explained in an online video.

Keller believes that Christians cannot rightly cast their ballot for either Obama or Romney.

“President Obama has proven by his words and deeds to be a true enemy of God as detailed in James 4:4,” he stated. “He’s been the most pro-death president in history, supporting the legalized slaughter of innocent babies here and around the world, [and has been] a radical advocate of the homosexual agenda…Every major spiritual issue of the day President Obama has been a true enemy of God and a tool of Satan.”

Regarded Mitt Romney, he said, “Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is a 5th generation member of the satanic mormon cult and a priest in that cult. … His presidency would give his cult the mainstream acceptance they have always wanted since being founded 200 years ago by a documented con-artist, racist, pedophile, polygamist, and murderer named Joseph Smith.”

“The justification for Romney is that he is the lesser of two evils,” he added. “Let me remind you, my friends, the lesser of two evils is still evil.”

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Keller says that casting a ballot for Jesus this November will neither help Obama to get elected nor would it assist Romney.  He believes that Jesus is the only righteous one that can be supported this election season.

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  • Stephanie Hunley

    Bill Keller’s point is correct regarding the voting of the lesser of two evils, and attempting to seek a political solution for the ungodliness of our nation. This cannot be “legislated.”

    However, to “write-in” Jesus as a candidate is pure folly. Jesus is already ruling and reigning from the heavenlies. His kingdom is forever!

    • Stephanie Hunley,
      Maybe ‘folly’ to you, but in my case there is NO “lesser of two evils”, I don’t want the mess that they’re carrying on my conscience. America is in deep deep trouble, and neither man really serves the God/Jesus of the Bible so I’m staying out of this one. Call or say whatever makes you feel good about those who will “sit this one out”, but I’ll answer to ‘THEM’ for not doing so.