Mother of Chinese Student Allegedly Killed By ‘Gay’ Cannibal Comes to Christ

The mother of a Chinese college student that was allegedly murdered and cannibalized in Canada has reportedly become a Christian.

Du Zhigui is the mother of Jun Lin, who is believed to have been killed with a pick axe late last month by homosexual porn star Luka Magnotta. The video footage of her son’s brutal murder was believed to have been recorded by Magnotta and uploaded to the internet. Magnotta is also accused of shipping Lin’s hands and feet to the offices of various Canadian officials, as well as a public school.

Recently, Zhigui spoke at a Missionary Alliance Church in Canada to outline that she has turned to Christ.

“Last Sunday, I decided to get baptized,” she announced to the crowd of approximately 100 attendees.

Zhigui said that when she first arrived to Canada following the news of her son’s death, she was welcomed by Pastor Philip Cherng, and during that time, “the voice of God comforted me.”

Her message to the church was reportedly filled with tears as she reflected on her son’s life.

“Why did the devil come toward you? I don’t understand!” she exclaimed as an unidentified individual stood by her side to hold her hand.

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While news reports state that Magnotta and Lin are believed to have been in a homosexual relationship, Zhigui has her doubts.

“I’m confident to assure you [they were not],” she told CBC News, while also noting that the upcoming trial for Magnotta may provide further answers.

Zhigui stated during the church service that she still feels “much grief” over the loss of her son, and that she hopes to start an organization that will “help parents who have lost their children.”

Lin’s funeral service will be held today in Montreal at Centre Funeraire Cote-Des-Neiges.

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