Homosexuals Enraged After Being Denied ‘Wedding’ Cake by Christian Baker

Homosexuals are calling for a boycott of a small bakery in Colorado after the manager declined to bake a “wedding” cake for two men that recently visited his business.

Jack Phillips operates Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, where he daily bakes cakes, cookies and brownies. Part of his bakery has a display for wedding cakes.

Dave Mullin and Charlie Craig told a local Denver television station that they visited Masterpiece Cake Shop to look for options for their upcoming same-sex ceremony, but were advised by Phillips that he does not accommodate those types of requests.

“My first comment was, ‘We’re getting married,’ and he just shut that down immediately,” Craig, 31, stated.

Phillips told Christian News Network that he does not make cakes for such occasions because of his Christian convictions.

“I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and I believe that the relationship is not something that He looks favorably on,” the master pastry chef stated. “If Jesus was a carpenter, He wouldn’t make a bed for this union.”

Phillips, who attends a Baptist church, explained that when he informed Mullin and Craig that his bakery does not make cakes for same-sex “weddings,” the men immediately left. He stated that one of them made a comment on his way out the door that the bakery was a “homophobic cake shop.”

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Mullin, 28, indicated to Denver Westward that is indeed what took place.

“It was the most awkward, surreal, very brief encounter,” he stated. “We got up to leave, and to be totally honest, I said, ‘(expletive) and your homophobic cake shop.’ And I may or may not have flipped him off.”

Phillips said that approximately twenty minutes later, the phone began ringing with complaints. He states that it has been ringing non-stop ever since, with calls both in favor and against the baker, as well as general media inquiries.

“A lot of positive calls,” he said. “[But] still a lot of negative ones.”

Last Saturday, dozens reportedly gathered outside of Masterpiece Cake Shop to protest the fact that Phillips does not bake cakes for homosexual “weddings.” An online petition has been circulating as well declaring a boycott on the bakery.

However, Phillips said that even if he financially goes under, he will not compromise his beliefs.

“We would close down that bakery before we closed our beliefs, so that may be what it comes to,” he stated. “We’ll see.”

He stated that other business owners across the country should stand for their beliefs as well.

“If you back down on your faith in Christ, then you have nothing to stand for,” Phillips said. “[Business owners] need to put their trust in Jesus Christ. He demands everything from them: their lives, their business [and every aspect of what they do].”

“I want [Phillips] to know that what he did hurt us. All we wanted was a cake. We didn’t want him to put on a rainbow shirt and march in the gay pride parade,” Mullins commented.

However, Phillips said that people may not understand where he is coming from.

“It’s not a civil rights issue,” he concluded. “It’s a trust in Christ issue.”

As previously reported, a photographer in New Mexico was recently forced to pay a fine of $7,000 and advised by the New Mexico Court of Appeals that she must shoot homosexual “weddings” according to state law in spite of her Christian convictions. She had declined to assist two lesbians that were seeking her services for a same-sex ceremony.

Main Photo: CBS

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  • Bruce Morrow

    Good article!

  • Paula Stern

    Personally i think it was a set up!

  • Guest

    Have you ever been denied service at an establishment because of who you are? How about it you were denied service because you are a Christian? Would you just ‘let it go’ and get your cake elsewhere or would you stand up for yourself?

    Before you answer, please remember that in the US it is NOT illegal to be gay, and the Holy Bible has zero bearing on our laws, so this doesn’t leave you with much legitimate room to pose an argument, does it? In fact, I’d say that short of just being honest and admitting you personally have a problem with gays, you’ve got absolutely nothing to go on.

    Dr. Krauss

  • MO

    I think Mr. Phillips is out of line, he is being a judge and only God Almighty can be the judge. Mr. Phillips your convictions are for YOU, not for everyone else, let God take care of the other people your suppose to set a good example and you failed. Jesus would not let a person go without a bed because they are homosexuals, I am pretty confident He would have preached to them and changed them with His mighty Power!

  • glenbo

    So why did he agree to make a cake for a couple that were both previously divorced, fornicated, had a child out of wedlock and worked on the Sabbath?
    How does one decide which parts of the bible to follow and to ignore?

  • Max

    You can put as many apostrophes around “wedding” as you like, but it’s not going to make gay marriage any less of a reality.