Christian Fraternity May Be Denied Recognition at Yale

A new Christian fraternity at Yale University may be denied recognition and funding because of its “Christians only” policy.

Beta Upsilon Chi is the largest Christian fraternity in the nation, but the student newspaper at Yale University says that the group’s exclusionary membership requirements pose a problem.

“[The fraternity] will have to change its membership rules if it intends to comply with Yale’s anti-discrimination policies,” it stated.

Currently, Yale University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. Therefore, either Beta Upsilon Chi would have to allow those of other faiths — as well as homosexuals — to join their fraternity, or be denied recognition from the school.

“Every fraternity has an ideal candidate that they’re looking for in their pledges,” said Beta Upsilon Chi director Jason Hoyt. “Part of ours is that the candidate wants the same things that we want, and what we want is to develop our relationship with Christ.”

Yale grad student Leslie Park told local television station WFSB that she was torn about how to view the matter.

“At the same time, I can imagine that if you weren’t Christian, you probably wouldn’t be interested in it, so I don’t know if they even need to set up such a strict rule,” she said.

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The university has not yet commented on whether it will permit the fraternity to limit membership to Christians.

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