Jamaica Bans Gospel Preaching On Buses Over Passenger Complaints

A transit provider on the island of Jamaica has banned the preaching of the Gospel on its buses following alleged complaints from passengers.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) states it has issued a notice to all of its bus drivers to politely ask any passengers that seek to evangelize while in transit to cease their activities.

Harley Lewin, the director of JUTC, states that he doesn’t oppose the Gospel, but doesn’t think that buses are the proper venue for the message.

“I am all for evangelising but they can’t use the bus as their platform,” he told the Jamaican publication The Gleaner.

He said that the company took action after it received phone calls from those that didn’t like having to listen to the preaching, stating that it “disturbs” them.

Area Christians explain that while they will obey the prohibition for now, they may seek legal recourse under the Jamaican Constitution, which they assert grants the right to “to manifest and propagate [one’s] religion.”

“We won’t be going back on the bus until the matter is resolved because we are being verbally abused, and the last thing you want is to be physically abused,” said one preacher.

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“If somebody feel that his constitutional rights are being breached he should seek remedies,” agreed Lewin.

Jamaica is reported to be predominantly Christian, with most identifying as Baptist or Pentecostal.

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  • Times have really changed!

    I grew listening to those Gospel Preaching On Buses mini buses in Jamaica. A few people should not have the rights to decide for all. They should have use an election to decide the outcome.

    Rev Wittock
    The Simple Truth Of God Ministries