Rick Warren Expresses Regret Over Making Video Supporting Biblical Marriage; Family Group Concerned

A pro-family group is calling into question recent statements made by Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church in California, surrounding his regret over creating a video in 2008 that expressed his support for Biblical marriage.

During a recent interview with Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post, Warren sought to clarify matters pertaining to his creation of a video years ago in which he stated that those who follow the Bible should support California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative. He had been accused of lying months after releasing the video for stating during an interview on Larry King Live that “[d]uring the whole Proposition 8 thing, I … never once issued a statement, never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop. 8 was going.”

“People say that I campaigned for Proposition 8. The meaning of the word ‘campaign’ means two different things,” Warren told Hill. “To me, that means that you go out and you speak at rallies, you do advertisements for it and stuff like that.”

“I never made a single statement on Prop. 8 until the week before, and in my own church, some members said, ‘Where do we stand on this?'” he explained. “[So], I released a video to my members. It was posted all over like it was an advertisement.”

Hill commented that Warren is a well-known pastor, and that he should be aware that any statement he makes will likely be distributed to the public.

“It might be disingenuous to say that you have a church of 20,000 people, and you have a book that 32 million people have read and 60 million have accessed,” Hill said. “To say that ‘I was just giving a message’ –“

“You know what? You’re exactly right, Marc, and I learned a lesson from that,” Warren replied. “And I learned that anything I say now privately is now public. And I actually learned from that mistake of going, ‘Oh, wait a minute, everybody took that like I was pontificating to the whole world.'”

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Hill then asked Warren if he could do it all over again, if he would still have created the video.

“I would not have,” Warren replied. “I would not have made that statement. I wanted to talk to my own people as a duty, because as a shepherd, I’m responsible for those who put themselves under my care. I’m not responsible for everybody else. I am responsible for the people who choose to be under my care and ask me a question.”

“So, I’ve had to look at how do I communicate to my people in a way that doesn’t look like I’m pontificating to the entire world,” he added.

Following Warren’s explanation, some are expressing concern, including Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. LaBarbera told Christian News Network that Warren’s comments made him appear as if he was ashamed to publicly stand for the Biblical definition of marriage.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

“[Warren] regrets that the statement got out wider than his church. To me, that’s incredible because he should be happy that he had influence outside of his church to the whole body of Christ in California — indeed, to people all over the state voting on the issue who look to him for guidance,” he said. “And so, that troubles me that he even says now that he wouldn’t make that video. … That’s saying that he does not want to be a leader on the homosexual ‘marriage’ issue.”

LaBarbera stated that he believes many pastors are becoming inward and exclusive about their beliefs, when they should be using their influence outside of the four walls of the church.

“[Warren] used the word ‘pontificate.’ You’re not pontificating. You’re putting your voice out there as a spiritual and moral leader, and that’s what pastors need to do,” he said. “They need to get outside of this mindset that I’m only allowed to talk to my church.”

“The question is, are Christian leaders self-segregating on the moral issues because they’re under the gun of the pro-gay culture?” LaBarbera asked.

He stated that the fear of man should never be an excuse to run from the Christian responsibility of publicly standing for truth.

“The homosexual activist never agonizes and says, ‘Wow, I don’t think I should talk beyond my group of homosexual activists,'” LaBarbera explained. “They’re pontificating all the time. They’re telling us what to think. They’re telling us that we’re bigots if we are against homosexuality, or even if we’re against same-sex ‘marriage’ now, they call you a bigot or a hatemonger or a homophobe.”

“I get the fact that [Warren] is under the gun by the homosexual lobby. We all get it,” he continued. “The homosexual lobby is aggressive and loud and vocal, and they want him to shut up about homosexuality being a sin, and they want him to conform to their ideology, but he can’t.”

LaBarbera stated that just like Warren is unashamed to proclaim the need to be involved in humanitarian work, he should likewise make use of his platform to uphold God’s definition of marriage.

“I just wish he would stop backtracking and seeming embarrassed about helping to protect marriage,” he said. “He doesn’t have any qualms about preaching to everybody in the world the need to have compassion for people with AIDS, and he’s right about that. But, he also in the same way [should] be outspoken and non-defensive about helping to protect the historic definition of marriage.”

As previously reported, Warren also came under fire for other comments made during the Huffington Post interview, during which he stated that homosexual behavior “might be” a sin, and that he believes homosexuals will go to Heaven if they “accept Christ.”

Rick Warren’s office did not return calls for comment by press time.

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  • Billy Edwards

    What does it take to make it to heaven? My actions or Christ’s work?

    • KenS

      Christ’s work

    • wandakate

      BILLY EDWARDS: BOTH of them. JESUS said, “If you love me, keep my commandments”. Don’t tell me they were done away with at the cross, that is a line like no other line. GOD is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Also what about your faith? Is that all you need, just faith and GOD’s grace. Your faith without your works is DEAD!!! How many “IF” words and “OBEY” words are in the Bible? Hundreds of them in the old and the new…so don’t be deceived.

      • QuestGirl

        WANDAKATE: Thanks for sharing. Warren uses the Living translation. That was my clue when he first came on the scene 10+ years ago.

      • Denise

        how about Ephesians 2:8+9? By GRACE are you saved thru FAITH Not of works lest anyone should boast.

        • wandakate

          DENISE: Saved by grace yes, judged by your works. We are not saved by our works, we are saved through our faith in JESUs but “AFTER” we are saved then we work and do good deeds. Why when someone mentions work does the average Christian have an issue with that? JESUS plainly said, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”…WORKERS means people to do the work…Study and learn.

    • Nancy Sternberg

      We cannot get there by works, we cannot do enough works to satisfy God. For He said that no one can come to the Father but by me. Billy, I am glad you asked that question.

    • John

      Both. For faith without works is dead. =o)

  • Jason Millican

    Rick Warren believes his video was a “private” message to 20,000 people, and not a “public” statement. This would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Maranatha.

    • David Aspden

      Agreed – is he really that dense?

      • QuestGirl

        No, but I bet he thinks we are…

    • Michael

      Over half of the population of the United States resides in municipalities of fewer than 25,000 people. If I send a video to my children I could reasonably expect it to remain “private”. If I make a video available to the 500 members of my church family, should I really think it’s going to remain private?

      Warren is a driving force behind the “Chrislam” movement in this country. He denies it in spite of the published statements, videos, and audio evidence. As one of my teachers used to say: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Look at the religious leaders Warren associates with. Match his statements and conduct in light of Scripture. His words and actions speak for him.

      • Bingo

        Yes, Warren denies being a part of this Chrislam nonsense—because he is not a part of such a thing.

        • Michael

          Any time someone tells me that YHWH and Allah are the same entity, I know they are not only being badly deceived but that they are also willing participants in spreading the deception. Your devotion to Mr. Warren is commendable if mis-guided. You might want to check out Warren speaking on camera at an ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) event, telling Muslims how much he has in common with them.


          I would prefer you come to The Truth, but If you wish to be deceived, that certainly is your right.

          Choose wisely.

          Oh, and enjoy Thanksgiving.

          • Bingo

            The truth is here:


            Thanks for the bid to enjoy Thanksgiving, but my Thanksgiving was in October.

          • Michael

            Wow! What a dilemma! Which Rick Warren do I believe? The one speaking on video, or the one quoted in the ‘damage control’ press release after the video went viral? Kind of reminds me of the old TV show “What’s My Line” when at the end of the segment, the moderator would ask: Will the REAL -fill in the appropriate name – please stand up! I guess I’m left asking, will the REAL Rick Warren please stand up?

            Sorry Bingo, but the fact that man doesn’t even possess the courage to admit what he’s said when it’s on tape…
            Well, he’s no better than any of the dozens of two-faced political hacks that currently infest Washington DC. Tape surfaces of them making statements, then they issue press releases saying, “i never said that!” Seems the press release you reference is like a cat trying to cover er, cat waste. Mr. Warren has been scrambling for months now, denying what he said at the ISNA ‘love-fest’.

            If he wants to regain any credibility with Bible-believing Christians, he needs to echo Jim Baker and simply utter the words, “I was wrong”. But I understand pride makes those words stick in the throat.

            As I wrote earlier, your devotion to Mr. Warren is commendable, but it leaves me curious, the “Thanksgiving” you celebrated in October, was that by any chance Ramadan?

          • Bingo

            You choose to devote yourself to vicious-tongued people who live off of hatred and envy and tearing down the people of God. I don;t devote myself to any particular person but Jesus, and I won;t lend my name or my voice to gossip.

            As for Thanksgiving, I guess it really is true that Americans tend to think they a re the center of the universe—so much so, that they forget they have a huge, friendly neighbour to the north.

          • Michael

            Well first off, let me apologize for missing Canada’s Thanksgiving Day. Being it’s a celebration of thanks to GOD – not Allah – for a good harvest, and your harvest “up north” comes in earlier, when the weather changes I typically don’t think of you folks across the border.

            You’ve confused me, however, when you accuse me of being a “…vicious-tongued [person] who live[s] off of hatred and envy and tearing down the people of God” Far from living off hatred and envy, Christ has continued to work in me and conform me more to the image of Himself. Even my wife has commented on that. As to “hatred and envy” where to begin…

            I don’t “tear down the people of God” especially if they are teaching the Word of GOD from Scripture. However when someone who purports to teach the Word of GOD joins forces with those who worship a false god and then teaches those deities are one-in-the-same, I believe I have an obligation to confront that false teacher. Jesus Himself taught us that. And frankly I’m not clear what you’re referencing when you mention “gossip”. I provided the link to Mr. Warren addressing the ISNA and you countered by referencing a press release from Saddleback Church that as I pointed out, was issued to let Mr. Warren ‘backpedal’ from his previous statements and videos. Mr. Warren’s problem appears to be that he made statements in support of a false religion – to please men – for he which he apparently thought he would never be held accountable. When the video, and his views, became known he realized that his prestige (read “pride”) and his earning potential could be severely curtailed.

            I pointed out a video of Mr. Warren’s comments. You think of that as “gossip”. You appear to be deceived. If you think you’re devoted to Jesus in defending a man who speaks as an apostate, may I respectfully suggest you find a good dictionary and seek a Godly councilor.

            Oh, and I hope don’t offend by wishing you “Merry Christmas”.

          • Bingo

            I am not deceived abut Warren. I refuse to jump on the bandwagons of those who make it a point to sow discord in the Body of Christ. Deception is all around us, and gossip appears t be the vehicle by which people choose to promote it. People, such as bloggers sit behind a computer and pass judgment on those who actually do something for the Lord rather than be obedient to God and go out and gather in the harvest themselves. I have no time or respect for them, or for those who parrot what they say.

          • Michael

            So, let me see if I understand your position. You believe that:

            1. I’m sowing discord
            2. I’m gossiping
            3. I’m passing judgement on Warren, and
            4. I’m disobedient to GOD’s Word.

            To the first three points, may I say all I’ve done in point out WHAT WARREN HIMSELF HAS SAID. You fail to make a case for your charge of sowing discord and gossiping. ALL I HAVE DONE IS REPEATED WARREN’S WORDS. HOW IS THAT GOSSIP? According to your way of “thinking” (?), I AM at fault for pointing out what Warren said. You could just as easily make a case for how much Hitler loved Jews and accuse anyone pointing to the death camps of “gossiping”. I don’t pass judgement on anyone. Their words condemn them. Finally, may I note that you have no idea of the ministries in which I’m involved, yet you imply somehow I’m disobedient. But you become highly offended when someone repeats what your idol has said and correctly attributes his words to him.

            My guess is that anyone reading your defense of Warren knows that when you write you’re not “deceived abut(sic) Warren”, it’s obvious you are. As far as having “no time or respect for” for people who simply speak truth, you’ll do well under the rule of Anti-Christ. Let me end this thread with Proverbs:

            “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” Proverbs 26:5 (KJV)

            “God will judge them.” Indeed! You need to take THAT statement to heart, my friend!

          • Bingo

            This is all the spirit of gossip. That is based on deception.

            As for the Antichrist, I won;t be here to be subjected to his rule. I’ll be at the wedding of the Lamb.

  • O. J.

    Even if Rick made a video supporting Biblical marriage and then regrets it later, what then is he preaching now? Is he therefore no longer supporting Biblical marriage? If Rick does not support Biblical marriage any longer, it is therefore doubtful if actually he is preparing his flock for heaven, eternity with Christ. In that case, he need to repent and become truly born again. A genuine servant of God must be willing to stand for God and His Word even when it hurts.

    • wachabe

      Now the Bible is very clear, Jesus says “if you are ashamed about me BEFORE men I will be ashamed of you BEFORE my FATHER; MARRIAGE is the epitome of our relationship with Jesus and we dare profane it with our FEELINGS and RIGHTS? God is NOT a Democrat or a Republican, HE IS KING, and HIS WORD is FINAL, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS, JUST BECAUSE YOUR POCKETS ARE LINED UP WITH currency YOU THINK YOU CAN NEGOTIATE YOUR WAY TO HEAVEN?

      try dying and please come back tell us which currency works there….i am 100% sure it ain’t the dollar….

      • wandakate

        WACHABE: Don’t think they take bitcoin either. No 401 K plans, no stocks, no bonds, no cash, no savings, NOTHING!!! No, just a one on one with JESUS.

        • Dr. Gary Almodovar

          Amen to that

      • Dr. Gary Almodovar


    • Bingo

      Read what he said in context. People love to jump to conclusions about him. They end up eating their hat in the end.

      • Wayne_Roze

        Warren is a pastor and as such his principal concern is for the people with whom he has been given responsibility. According to his statement he was responding to a felt need within his congregation regarding the Church’s position on proposition 8.

        Admittedly, it is a bit naive to think that someone of his stature could think that his words would be not become public. Also, at the same time, you have to recognize that LaBarbera’s comments are not void of an agenda regarding the homosexual community. His approach is more akin to bending people’s attitudes towards his viewpoint whereas Warren was stating the the Church’s position.

        Your choices are to either take him at his word or call him a liar. I choose to take him at his word.

        • Bingo

          And I do take Warren at his word. He is a man of integrity.

    • Dr. Gary Almodovar

      Amen to that because John the baptist spoke the truth they had his head cut off. The truth stirs up anger and fear and the world cannot handle that only the chosen can.

  • jennylynn

    Rick Warren = Wolf
    The Submerging Church (Official DVD Trailer)

  • jmichael39

    Whether Warren is a ‘wolf’ or a biblically-centered pastor, is not shown in this article. His statements here, taken in their context, simply show that he would not want to make statements like he did in that video for anyone but those under his direct ministry. He says he doesn’t want to ‘pontificate’ for anyone else. The one problem I have with that is that by doing livestreaming preaching and writing books and traveling around the globe to preach and planting churches everywhere he IS putting himself in a position to ‘pontificate’ the millions, as the interviewer so rightly pointed out. So, yes, he DOES have to be careful what he allows himself to be recorded as saying when what he wants to say is specifically supposed to be for a target audience. But, NO, he cannot avoid taking a stand on issues like this. People will not allow him to.

  • Jeff Tilley

    Apostate. Case closed.

    • Demopublicrat

      That’s putting it mildly.

    • Bingo

      I guess you only skimmed over the article. Reread it and pay attention to context. Nothing apostate about it.

      • Chanankat

        i hope he won’t become an apostate, but what he’d doing is splicing words and definitions like lawyers do, like bill clinton did over monica lewinsky – “depends what the definition of IS is…” what pastor rick here is doing, to put it kindly, is what we call ‘weasel words’…

        • Bingo

          Actually, Rick Warren has no trouble making himself understood. Weasel words are not in his vocabulary, and he is far from being an apostate. Read the article again.

  • OldArkie

    It seems he does not support God’s Word on this issue, so sad with the influence he has. Lot of times the big boys will go soft & turn against God’s truths while trying to please the world.

    • wandakate

      OLDARKIE: If you love the world, the love of the FATHER is not in you. We can’t be for GOD and agree with man at the same time. JESUS said, I wish you were cold or hot but because you are luke warm I will spew you out of my mouth (will not have anything to do with you-as in you make me sick being that way).
      He knows it’s not GOD’s will for same sex partnerships or unions, He well knows that. To go along with it is turning against GOD’s word.

      • OldArkie

        And that’s what he is trying to do, please the world.

        • wandakate

          OLD ARKIE: WHAT in the world are you taking about?…I don’t need any classes on reading, and I understand plain English just fine.

          • OldArkie

            Yes, you need a reading class, in my 1st post I did not say I loved the world yet you said, “OLDARKIE: If you love the world”

            I said, “big boys will go soft & turn against God’s truths while trying to please the world.”

  • Conservative seer

    Is he ashamed of speaking the truth? , wow, he needs to stand up for righteousness

  • Nancy Sternberg

    He doesn’t dare speak against it. Might lose his support. I would not buy his book, there is nothing helpful in it.

    • Robby Clewley

      I am gay and gay is ok. dont hate what you dont understand

      • Nancy Sternberg

        The manner in which you were formed speaks against you. Gay seems okay until you face eternity.

        • Robby Clewley

          I am going to Heaven to be with Jesus . Being gay isnt a sin. Mind your own business.

          • wandakate

            ROBBY CLEWLEY: Scripture tells you that you will not enter the Kingdom of GOD, period. and YES it is a sin, and who told you that it’s not? They lied to you, you are deceived. You need salvation…You are lost and on your way to hell without forgiveness…And we would be minding our business had you not told everyone that you are gay. Why don’t you keep it to yourself?

          • Robby Clewley

            Cause this is America and I dont have to keep it to myself. We are OUT and we are everywhere . Havent you seen ? Gay marriage is here. Its not your place to judge anyone. It is NOT a sin. You are a fake Christian and a hateful person. Shame on you. Not lost at all. I love God and believe in him and his grace and love .. not the hate that you guys preach.

          • wandakate

            ROBBY CLEWLEY: GOD loves the sinner (you) but he said the sin (sex of homosexuality). Yes I have seen them everywhere and they are NOT married. There is no such thing as a homosexual marriage, they are unions, but NOT real marriages. Marriage was ordained by GOD only. He did not create Adam and Steve, he created Adam and Eve. One man and one woman, not two of the same sex Robby…
            I am not hateful as I don’t hate you at all, I just don’t approve of your sin. I’m not fake, I’m honest. I’m not judging you, but rebuking you as the scriptures say I am to do that if I care. We are to love the sinner and hate the sin. I hope you give this up because it doesn’t matter how much we love GOD, He is NOT going to allow any sin into Heaven.

          • Robby Clewley

            The LAW says they are real marriages , I think the law trumps your beliefs

          • wandakate

            ROBBY CLEWLEY: The law-that’s a huge joke. The law has no justice, they don’t give a hoot if you or anybody else goes to hell. They care about their own agenda and nothing else. If you are too dumb to realize that then you are to be pitied. All have sinned and all need to confess them, repent of them (whatever they happen to be) and forsake them.
            Nobody is born that way…they have “proven” that already. GOD did not create humans that way. It’s the “LUST” of the flesh that is the problem.
            Desires are one thing, it’s when you carry out the desires that you sin and you will not go to Heaven. So , you can dream on and live in your fairy tell gay days tinker bell lifestyle, and you will find out in the end that I was right. I am done, I will not discuss this with you anymore, as you have admitted you are not going to repent and do what you are commanded to do, so there is nothing more here to say to you.

          • Robby Clewley

            You are not right, you are a hateful, vile FAKE Christian and I truly feel sorry for you, your life is so pathetic that you have to attack gay people . Does it affect your straight marriage ? NO . So just mind your own business. I love god and know I am a child of God and going to Heaven. You dont know my relationship with Christ. Being gay isnt a sin and yay for gay marriage :) Ha ha you lose

          • Robby Clewley

            Lets see , I am 39 and have had gay relationships since i was six . not gonna turn away. I am bisexual and was born this way and happy with it. You dont care about gay people , you preach hate . its not sin and i will never believe that it is. you are sin free huh ?

          • Nancy Sternberg

            You were not born this way, someone did something to you. Jesus died on the cross for me and you. You have made a profession of faith. I hope it is real.

          • Robby Clewley

            I am a gay christian . I love jesus and yes i was born this way. My husband and i are quite happy. why would you people want to take happiness away from people ?

          • Ronnie Pierce

            No such thing as a gay Christian. Read the Bible and you will find out. If you were born gay, then you are saying God is gay. That won’t fly here. You need help.

          • Chanankat

            “Be ye holy because I m holy” – whether gay, straight, or bent we are all under the same obligation everywhere to practice chastity.

          • Okayoh

            Robby if I may ask, who are those that will miss heaven?
            Why did God destroy Sodom of the Bible?
            Jesus said if you love me you will obey my commandments.
            Do you believe in God enough for grace and power to life a live that pleases Him?

          • Nancy Sternberg

            When did you make your profession of faith? Jesus will receive those who will call on Him no matter who but we must repent. Your soul is a precious thing. So many have sold their souls in defense of gay rights. You called me a hater but you do not know me. Your “tolerance” goes only one way but I am truly glad you answered my note. I hope you made a profession of faith, I really do. Jesus will not keep you as you are He loves you too much.

          • Robby Clewley

            ive been bisexual since i was very young, jesus accepts me as i am. its sad you are against equality. brainwashed by the church i see.

          • Nancy Sternberg

            I noticed you didn’t answer my question. I already know you are bisexual and attacked me. I asked you when did you make your profession of faith.

          • Robby Clewley

            I didnt attack you , I defended myself . I have been saved since I was 15. I am 39.

          • akitty77

            The Bible is clear that Jesus doesn’t accept any of us in our sin. We have to repent from sin and trust in Jesus work on the cross for that payment. We don’t keep on living in sin.


          • Robby Clewley

            How about you worry about YOUR life an
            d we will worry about ours

          • Denise

            do you lie, cheat, gossip,slander,pay all your taxes, always follow the speed limit,lust after material possessions or other people?

      • wandakate

        ROBBY CLEWLEY: I understand what is necessary and I understand that GOD did not create that way, He did not mean for us to be that way, and He will not allow you into the Kingdom of GOD as long as you are that way, so that’s really all that anyone needs to understand. If you don’t care, then it’s doesn’t matter, if you do care, they you must confess it, repent of it, and give it up.

        • Robby Clewley

          Yes he will. Jesus died for my sins and I confess him as Lord and I am going to Heaven . I dont need your judgment , you people are hypocrites and EVIL. You judge people then go sin in your own life. Gay people are here to stay and you are LOSING :)

      • Okayoh

        Gay is ok by you, is it ok by God?

  • susandaytoday

    Sounds like you just said I am not my brothers keeper? Its not only the people directly under your care its the body of Christ. Where is the truthful leadership?

    • Rrivera77

      He, stated “people who put themselves under my care” this is an Interesting statement to say the least, I always thought it was people who God put under my care. Given that the calling is from God not one’s self!

  • alnga

    Moral courage is lacking in pulpits all over this country. If you tune into me on some air wave presentation you will hear me say exactly what I would say here and any where I happen to be. The truth isn’t determined by the audience the truth is determined by the word of God. The Spirit of God resides in all believers and the spirit will lead you through the truth and it’s applicability in your life.

  • Plcc07777

    I can’t put a finger on it, but for some reason, I just don’t trust Rick Warren.

    • wandakate

      PICC07777: Good thing, as we are not to trust man, but we are to trust GOD…Man will fail us, GOD will never fail us.

      • Plcc07777

        Are you saying there is not a man you trust?
        If that’s what you’re saying I pity you.

        • wandakate

          PICO07777: Everyone I’ve ever trusted turned on me or lied or deceived me in some way. Not good to trust man according to the Bible, trust ONLY GOD, and that’s it. Thank you for the pity, but it’s not necessary.

  • QuestGirl

    Why am I not surprised ? When I see Scripture referencing the Living Bible, I run fast and far to my KJV. The Living is of a satanic nature if ever there was one.

    • Denise

      only the ignorant, uneducated cling to the KJV written in the 1600s. the Bible is inerrant in its original form which is not the KJV. More knowledge of Greek and Hebrew makes newer translations more accurate.

      • QuestGirl

        You are so incredibly wrong, I don’t know where to begin. The KJV was published in 1611,and raised with it. I recently acquired the Geneva 1599 Bible as well. The language in both simply sings to me.

        I am amazed and appalled at those who fall victim to this “common era” we live in today, as our society dictates. I am saddened when I hear a professed lifelong Christian, as a few have, tell me they do not understand the 1611 King James Bible. The “common era” versions written in the 20th century, were written with the hand of Satan, beknownest or unbeknowest to the author.

        I’m going out on a limb here, and guess you are rapture ready to escape the tribulation??? Great or otherwise???

  • Bill Tree

    I support Biblical marriage and homosexual behavior is sin and they will burn in hell. Its not a might but it is sin Mr. Rich Warren. If you support such behavior you will have a place in hell with them when you die. Whose report will you believe God or man? I believe the Bible over anything man has to say. Queers you have lost the battle and you will see hell sooner than you think. Queers you are not a family but a child of the devil. Christian stand up for the Word of God He will fight for you and no man can stop Him.

    • Robby Clewley

      Being gay is NOT a sin. Get your facts straight

      • George Franco

        Robby you are quite right, being gay as in being attracted to people of the same sex is not a sin. However when that attraction expresses itself through sex with a same sex person then that act is a sin. A sin just like fornication or adultery as far as I am concerned however God goes a step further and actually calls it a sin of abomination. That tells me gay sex is particularly distasteful to him. I know the truth is not always palatable but just because we don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t truth. The good news is that if you get born again the Spirit of God can help you avoided sin even if you still have an appetite for it.

        • Robby Clewley

          No , none of it is a sin. God accepts gay people as they are. We are created in his image afterall and for me , I knew i liked boys and girls when I was SIX. Now how can that be sinful ?

          • wandakate

            ROBBY CLEWLEY: You are in denial and nothing anyone here says to you is going to help you. You need help. You can’t see the forest for the trees. If GOD approved of it and accepted it then why does he call it sin, and why does he tell us in the Bible that they will not be in the Kingdom of GOD???

          • Robby Clewley

            I dont need help. I go to a Christian church , with a gay pastor and we learn about God’s love. Not the hate you preach. You words mean nothing. Its not a sin, you have been lied to. Love is love , gender means nothing. Thats ridicilous . I dont need help, I am quite happy but you people telling gay people that they are sinners causes them to kill themselves. You are a very bad person

          • George Franco

            If it was ok with God most hetrosexual men, Christian or otherwise would have sex with multiple women. They don’t because its adultery and dispeleases God. We don’t ndulge in sin because we value what God thinks more than our own sinful desire. You have convinced yourself that same sex is not a sin. That is your prerogative and I am ok with you deceiving yourself. Like you say you are not hurting me. But don’t call me hateful when all I am trying to do is remind you of what God really thinks not what you would like him to think. I didn’t make up my own view. I get what God thinks from his word. (1 Cor 6:9-10 NIV) Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders {10} nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

          • Robby Clewley

            That makes NO sense at all George . MOST heterosexual men DO have sex with multiple women. You dont know what displease God. The loving parts of the bible that lift people up and preach love and acceptance and tolerance are written by God but the rest where it calls for death and condemns people are LIES not written by God. Being gay is not a sin. Being a hateful person is though , you might wanna get help for that.

      • wandakate

        ROBBY CLEWLEY: Apparently you have not read the scriptures. YOU are mistaken and you are the ones that need the facts straight. You are a hopeless case b/c you think you know it all and won’t listen to anybody here. Are you not reading all these comments???

        • Robby Clewley

          Just a bunch of homophobes here . yes i read the comments and they disgust me. Im hopeless ha . im not the one obsessed who other people love. is it cause nobody loves you Wanda ? The bible is mostly love but has six anti gay scriptures and they are written by men who hated gay people. You must be crying that gay marriage is legal. BIGOT

          • John

            Why is it when people are given the truth from the Bible that they don’t like the first thing they do is stoop to namecalling. Perhaps we should label you as a heterophobe? You came on here and announced that you are gay. That could have been for only one purpose. To start a string of rants from both sides so that you can satisfy some twisted agenda you have. That in itself says a lot. If God is love then perhaps you should try imulating that yourself instead of accusing others of not showing love. Walk the Walk so to speak.

    • Denise

      by your thinking a hererosexual adulter also will not go to heaven. check out the 7 sins God
      hates the most. sexual sin is not mentioned. works don’t get us to heaven only faith in Jesus Christ. works don’t make us lose our salvation.

      • wandakate

        DENISE: IF YOU ARE NOT hot or cold, JESUS said, I will spew you out of my mouth (not have anything to do with you). JESUS said in Revelation that the sexually immoral will not enter into the KINGDOM of GOD…It’s a sin in GOD’s eye.

      • John

        Actually the first of the 7 deadly sins is “lust.” And if you read Matthew chapter 5 you will see how Christ defined this lust. That even if you look upon another outside of being married with lust you have sinned in your heart. If a person “continues” in the sin they are lost. That is why Christ said to many, go and sin no more.

    • wandakate

      BILL TREE: And many will see to JESUS on that day, LORD, LORD, but they won’t enter into the Kingdom of GOD. The only ones to enter are the ones that did the will of the FATHER.

    • Bingo

      Rick Warren doesn’t support homosexual marriage. Stop running away with false ideas. You will have to repent of your false judgment.

  • RocketRod

    This is clearly a slanted article intended to provoke volatile responses, particularly from right wing militant fundamentalists and Warren haters. It doesn’t have enough facts to deal with the matter. The issues at hand (i.e. pastoring one’s flock vs. making public pronouncements for example) are clearly misconstrued in order not to give Warren any benefit of the doubt. I am not a defender or a fan of Warren but I am a fan of fair journalism and I think this is a biased interpretation of what happened and suits the needs of the Christian News. I get so tired of the biased reporting of ultra conservatives and I am, by most outsiders’ estimate, an ultra conservative. We make others look bad and we make ourselves look bad in the name of “truth.” Disappointing.

  • Joel Rivera

    First Chrislam and now this. Warren should step down if he’s not willing to step up to the plate to proclaim truth outside of his church.

  • 3Dunedain90

    The soft underbelly of evangelicalism continues to show itself. Did he not make that marriage video from biblical convictions?

  • 3Dunedain90

    If he surrenders that today, what will he surrender tomorrow as Jesus’ authority is what fundamentally is at stake in all this definition of marriage drama? This is where all the relationalism in Christianity is often rather spineless.

  • Robby Clewley

    Lost that fight didnt ya Warren. Prop 8 died and gay marriage WON :)

  • What37

    Rick Warren – I didn’t say that, and I wish I hadn’t said that – this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but obfuscating the truth.

  • Glenn

    What you say to your congregation is what you should be saying to everyone else, so why make the excuse “I was only speaking to my people about the issue” would you tell everyone else something different?

  • Reason2012

    The only regret from any of us will be in not supporting what God clearly laid down as truth – and it will be too late. =(

  • Lonewolf

    Disheartening. A watered down gospel to appease the pc crowd will gain no fruit.

  • Mark

    Wake up people! You can support two things at the same time. I am a 58 yo hetero male, ex military, 4 kids and I support traditional marriage, and I also support the two gay guys down the street from me. Their relationship does NOT affect my marriage or dilute the strength of my love. I am such a compassionate man that I want them to have the same privileges as a married couple (like if one is in a coma, joint bank account etc). How does that hurt ME? People don’t DECIDE to be gay. Did you decide to be heterosexual?

  • keith

    I am totally sick of this man I wish he would really Go Away!!!

  • Michelle

    This apostate needs to go back to teaching the bible before his Saddleback Church transforms into Brokeback Church.

  • mmoments

    Rick Warren has been a wolf in sheep’s clothing since day 1.

  • Randy Constitutional Evangelis

    Not surprising to me at all. Warren has made himself a political figure and he has demonstrated himself to be a “systems” man, rather than focusing his attention on “his flock.”

    To me, he has demonstrated that he loves the praises of man, more than he loves the praises of His Heavenly Father.

  • terrymengle

    Because of the blessing of God in growing a big church some pastors get proud of ‘their’ accomplishment and gradually tell God to get off the throne so their opinion replaces God’s.

  • Miss Patricia

    Rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    Rev 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
    Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

  • choylu


  • Oundinna

    Rick Warren is a false prophet and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Bible clearly warns of of these types of people that will abound in the end times. Sad most people don’t read their Bibles enough to even know what this man says and stands for is in line with the Anti-christ and Satan.
    One way to Heaven through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The Bible is clear on homosexuals the only ones mentioned were first blinded by angels and then destroyed by fire and brimstone.
    You can’t pick and choose God’s laws and commandments as He is a sovereign King and doesn’t need our approval for His laws.

  • Bingo

    So what? Rick has not changed his stance. The headline is misleading to say the least.

  • Eric Mayombo

    “For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.” Luke 9:26

  • dancingontheheadofapin

    So Warren thinks he should hide “under a bushel basket?” What about, “go forth and preach the gospel?” By his very position as pastor he IS required to spread the WORD!

    • Bingo

      Try reading the article and taking what Rick has said —in context. I know, it’s hard, but it has to be done.

  • Guest

    Is he afraid that non-christian will no longer read his books?

    • Bingo

      Absolutely not.

  • estong bicol

    Is he afraid that non-Christians will no longer read his books.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    When are people going to reject these phony “leaders”, who say they follow Jesus, but are ashamed of what Jesus SAID? Jesus supported ONLY what God created FROM THE BEGINNING! (Matt 19) One MAN and one WOMAN, joined together, made to PRODUCE something! Jesus IS the truth! Nothing he said was false! You can’t believe what Jesus SAID, and believe in “homosexual marriage”! That’s not HATE! That’s GOD from the BEGINNING! Warren doesn’t believe suicide is a sin either, his “version” of grace covers a final act of disbelief that ignores the sovereignty of God, all for his own selfish reasons due to his demonically possessed son’s suicide. I don’t know the mercy of God in that situation, and NEITHER DOES RICK! That’s all Rick had to SAY! Instead he gives cover to others who suggest suicide is an option due to their “special” problem! Some PASTOR! I can’t and WONT put people in hell, but I sure as HELL can’t put them in heaven! Rick ought to preach more of THAT! The word of God is the ONLY sure foundation, and the FEAR of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, fools despise it! His ministry is built on one MAN, RICK WARREN. The one sure thing is this: when Rick Warren dies, his “ministry” does too!

    • Bingo

      Some people just make it their career to misinterpret what a man says and to label him false. You make a big mistake.

      • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

        Is that the best answer you have for my post? That’s the fountain of truth that you have for us? Name ONE THING I said that you can refute! That’s the problem with people like yourself, you are unreasonable by definition, because you REFUSE TO REASON! How did I MISINTERPRET, anything he said? Where did Jesus ever tell us to have one answer for people of the general public, and another for the “church”? When did Jesus excuse himself from addressing every question of morality? BINGO!

        • Bingo

          Name one thing that’s true in your denunciation of a pastor who serves God with his life.

          Reason can be an enemy of God. Re-read the article and discover for yourself how Warren has said nothing wrong. It’s a pastime for many to criticize other Christians.

          • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

            Bingo Bizarro,
            I already DID! I have already stated my case, of which you have clarified NOTHING about your “position”! “Reason can be an enemy of God”? What’s the alternative to reason? No reason? Your thinking is BIZZARE, and without merit. I stand on EVERYTHING I have already stated! Even God says in Isaiah 1:18, “Come let us REASON together…….”, is God against what he invites us to DO? Your “God” is confused, and “he” is NOT the God of the Bible! There’s no MELODRAMA here, just the cold hard facts of TRUTH. IF you have more information that clashes with the facts as I have declared them, then do your self-appointed job amd prove me wrong with THE FACTS! Basically you are a hypocrite: you dismiss all of my points with nothing more than a IGNORANT (you ignore my points and the facts), denial, and then you attempt to REASON AWAY, my desire to use REASON. You are nothing more than a relativist, who tells people to not do what you do!

          • Bingo

            Human reason often is merely the flesh rising up against the clear truth of God’s word. With regard to this article about Rick Warren, it appears that reason has flown the coop. There is nothng in it that suggests anything untoward concenin g this man, but of course people only see what they want to see, when they have an axe to grind against certain leaders in the Body of Christ. If it wasn’t so beastly, it would be rather amusing, seeing how everyone hops to it when Rick’s name is mentioned.

            It’s ugly and hypocritical the way this man is denigrated. You make NO POINTS. Try making one based on the correct reading of the article.

  • ISmellTacos

    He is a coward and a false prophet

    • Bingo

      That is an egregiously false statement.

  • Tammy Noel Smith

    Rick Warren:”I’m responsible for ‘my people’.Rick Warren really NEEDS to read Ezekiel 34!!! They are NOT ‘his people’,but the LORD’S people and yes,he WILL answer for his apostasy!

    • Bingo

      Nit picking! A pastor is a shepherd of the sheep that God trusts him/her to care for. Rick Warren is exactly right.

      • Tammy Noel Smith

        READ EZEKIEL 34…..When it comes to God’s Word,we are to ‘nit pick’.We are to hold EVERYTHING up in the Light of Scripture.Remember,we serve a Holy and Living God.He wants HOT or cold,but spits out the lukewarm.

        • Bingo

          It’s laughable. Some people make it their life’s work to criticize certain men and women of God based on a rudimentary scan of little bytes of commentary they make. You obviously don’t know the man, Rick Warren. Unless he is your particular shepherd and you are part of his flock, you don’t have a say.

          1 Chronicles 16:22

          God says He will repay.

          • Tammy Noel Smith

            Believe it or not,I love people,especially those that are my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus my LORD and Savior.In these last days,many pastors only want to be ‘liked’,to be popular and so they tickle the ears of their flocks.They tell them it’s alright to practice homosexuality,it’s alright ot live with someone your not married to,there’s more than one way to heaven.Many people flock to Rick Warren because he tells them what they want to hear so they can go right on sinning against God.And if Rick Warren has any books out there,which he does,then I have every right to speak up.I’ve read his writing/teachings and his teachings are what the LORD calls apostasy.When someone’s house is on fire,I don’t just let it burn,I yell”Fire!”

          • Bingo

            Nonsense. Rick Warren is as real as they come, and is a remarkable pastor, used by God. there are a lot of evil people out there who love to tear down other Christians who have influence, and we must refrain from following their envious and evil ways.

  • Jenji Morgan

    Call it preaching if you need to. But we all know it was coaching voters from the pulpit: “where do WE stand on this”. Frankly, IF your congregation members need to ask you their position, they shouldn’t even be allowed to participate in the democratic process because they don’t have the mental faculties to decide for themselves WHAT they believe. The IRS needs to come down on this so called “church” and all the other brain washed cult like “churches” that would tolerate a pastor micromanaging with voting instruction. It’s time to stop coddling the so called moral majority. IF these clubs – yes I said it – clubs were taxed it would lower our average income taxes down to roughly 3% and the entire nation would benefit. Instead you have mega churches accountable to NO ONE while their “ministers”/CEOs own multiple private jets and 16K sq ft mansions on lakes (Kenneth Copeland) and churches like the LDS church that own ALMOST HALF of the Hawaiian Islands land mass, yet pay ZERO property taxes and we ALL FOOT THE BILL for these parasites while they laugh their heads off working the system.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Stop with your ridiculous generalities! “Human reason is often merely the flesh rising up against the clear truth of God’s word……”!!??! What has that got to do with my CLEARLY STATED POSITIONS? Where has my statements here been against God’s clear truth? Again, ANSWER THE QUESTION, when did Jesus EVER have a position with his followers, that he did not CLEARLY MAINTAIN WITH EVERYONE ELSE? Answer it, or shut up! You are the exact reason that clear truth from God and his word is lacking in this generation! Has my position that Rick Warren and his remorse at supporting ONLY marriage between One woman and one man, OPENLY a, is nothing short of the opposite of what Jesus did? Go read Matthew 19, hypocrite. It is YOU who lives to fight men of God!

    • Bingo

      It’s not a generality that many people like yourself choose to repeat gossip about people in leadership in the Body of Christ. That is a sin of the flesh. That is where the “clear truth” goes bye-bye.

      Do Jesus a favour and cease with heeding gossip and then repeating it.

      Leviticus 19:16
      “Do not spread slanderous gossip among your people. Do not stand idly by when your neighbor’s life is threatened. I am the Lord.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    You don’t have the GUTS to answer what I have asked you, that’s how spineless that you are. I have NO AXE TO GRIND with RICK Warren, he is digging his own grave, so quit trying to demagogue me with YOUR GROUNDLESS ACCUSATIONS. YOUR CONTINUED RESPONSES prove you are a liar! Again, answer or shut up, false accusations won’t work.

    • Bingo

      Your overbearing melodrama proves me correct.

  • JudgeRight

    Warren, a leader, seems to be in need of some guidance and leadership himself. Unless he is a false teacher of the Bible who cannot (or will not) recognize the times we live in.

    • Bingo

      Warren does submit to leadership.

  • Bill Tree

    You cannot support homosexual marriages because it is an abomination before God and they are a disgrace to the human race. If anybody stands up against the word of God will not survive because they will have to deal with God. I have never seen a battle loss by God he has always been victorious. If this person called Rick supports homosexuality in marriage can not be a servant of the most high God. This person has to be a fake and not a true Christian to uphold any type of sin that is an abomination to God. I pray for people that are so ignorant and blind to the fact because of sin that God will have mercy on their soul and give them a chance to repent.

    • Bingo

      Read the article and take in the context. You will see that you have jumped to judgment. Nothing of what you have just said about Warren is true.

      Ignorance and blindness jumps to judgment.

  • samfromhernando

    There can be no doubt that Rick Warren supports “traditional Biblical Marriage” because the Word of God clearly states that to be the only type of marriage. God Himself instituted the Christian marriage and the Christian home in the first pages of HIs Holy Word. He makes very clear in His New Testament where Christians should stand on any other view.
    God’s Way is The Only “Way”.

    • Bingo

      Yes, he does. Thank you for speaking up.

  • MarcAlcan

    Wasn’t that to be expedted? They are all cowed by the gay mob sooner or later.

  • Christian Knight

    Rick Warren is an abomination in GOD’s eyes.. He and his new buddy (the pope) want to bring in Chrislam into the world as a one world religion.. maybe that’s why people are falling away from CHRIST through him and the pope, we’ll see if the Muslims have agreed to this already..

    • Bingo

      That’s a whole lot of cow dung right there. Why don’t you stop letting people feed you with lies and find out the truth for yourself. There’s nothing more ugly that a dipsy follower.

      Ignorance seems to rule here.

      • Christian Knight

        He’s only in it for the money.. he’ll have his day..Are you trying to say he doesn’t want a one world religion Chrislam..?

        • Bingo

          No, he doesn’t want anything more than the Lord Jesus Christ does—-that all would come to know Him.

          Warren has nothing to do with Chrislam, and if you had bothered to do your research to know the truth rather than hopping onto the latest bandwagon of filthy, gossipy lies, then you would know it.

          • Christian Knight

            What band wagon are you speaking off.. Bingo

          • Bingo

            I speak from the bandwagon of truth and of Jesus Christ and obedience to God who tells us to watch our words, and to not gossip or lie. Care to hop aboard?

        • Bingo

          As if you know.

          Warren has nothing to do with the rumour about “Chrislam”. No, he doesn’t one world religion of any kind.

          • Christian Knight

            Watch this space.. him and the pope want to unify the religions of this world..

          • Bingo

            You bear false witness.

  • Elat

    weird that he regrets it. He has responsibility beyond his church. We all do. He should say and do things that have ripple effects beyond our own church – we all should.

  • http://textsincontext.wordpress.com Michael Snow

    Too many comments reflect on the literacy of Christians. Part of the problem is the headline. The other part is that, just like when reading the Bible, many Christians cannot follow anything in context.

  • SteveN

    Shame, he could be so much more.

  • Karl

    Anyone who cares what Mr. Warren has to say, one way or the other, about any subject, should probably rethink their life. Too many people these days follow a cult of personality. 20,000 members in a church? Because of Warren’s message? Because he is so great?

    It’s about God and Jesus and the Bible. Not about Rick Warren and what he thinks.

    • Bingo

      Yes, it is about God and what He does in people through their living faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is why churches like Saddleback see success in their ministries to their communities and to the world. That’s the ONLY reason.

      • Karl

        I thank you for your testimony, and agree that the Spirit does indeed work through people. I would, however, not equate success in numbers, as Mr. Warren so often does. The article was brought forth in reference to his taking a biblical stance on a serious subject, and then later regretting it. If the Holy Spirit has regrets over what it said, then I wonder if it was The Holy Spirit at all. The man Rick Warren is speaking here, and concerned mainly with his standing in the world over a controversial subject. The correct thing to do would be to defend the Word and forget the world.

        I dare say that the world is flocking to Saddleback Church because it has a worldly message. And friendship with the world is enmity with God. I’m not trying to paint the flock with a wide brush, but rather to say that many Megachurches find themselves with much success (by worldly standards like membership and financial numbers) by appealing to those who have issues with certain biblical doctrines, by watering down or even ignoring certain doctrines (see Lakewood Church).

        The path is narrow and the gate is small. Few are those who will pass through it. The true and unchanging message of the Bible is not a widely popular one. Mr Warren is clearly seeking popularity by his actions. How quickly would he lose membership and support if he took a hard stance on biblical doctrine? You can’t serve two masters.

        God Bless

        • Bingo

          Actually, Mr. Warren regretted that his message to his own people had become a thing broadcast to the world. It was unethical for the press to take it to the world, when he has a right to instruct his own particular flock.

          • Karl

            I think you just confirmed what I said in the first paragraph.

            So, Mr. Warren, instead of realizing it was water under the bridge and that his personal message to the flock was leaked to the media and the world, which in my mind is a message that the world definitely needs to hear, he would not have fed Jesus’ sheep and rather kept silent. This wasn’t an issue of whether or not his church should participate in this rally or that, or some matter of church business. But this is a decidedly public, by his own efforts, man of God saying he regrets spreading the true Gospel to the world, and wouldn’t do it again if he knew the world would hear it.

            He should be happy to accept the arrows and slings for his Savior. As Paul said, “Count it all joy”. Again, in the spirit of exhortation of God’s Word, this hypocrisy comes from one who has a face for his flock and another for the world.

            I am not in any way coming against you for your defense of the man, but rather only pointing to the truth as it is given to me in the Word.

            May God Bless you and Mr. Warren.

          • Bingo

            wow—that RW siad he regretted speaking about something moral and political in nature to his flock is now a regret in presenting the gospel of grace?

            This is a true representation of deliberate slander. Thank you for revealing to us all how it’s done.

            God does bless me and Mr. Warren.

          • Karl

            OK. I see we are of two minds. No point in belaboring any further on my part. My comments only reflect the tone of the article, which I happen to agree with.

          • Bingo

            The tone and substance of the arrticle is erroneous and exaggerated….which is usual.