German Shoe Company Manufactures Footwear for Atheists Who Want Filthy ‘Soles’

Berlin pdBerlin, Germany — A new shoe manufacturing company in Germany is selling atheist footwear for those who want to get their ‘soles’ dirty.

The company simply calls itself Atheist and was launched in May of this year. Creating retro style casual shoes that look more like a dress shoe or bowling shoe than a sneaker, Atheist aims to leave its imprint by inscribing the phrase “Ich bin atheist” on every sole, which translated means, “I am an atheist.”

The company states that it decided to launch the footwear line after promoting its ideas on the popular bookmark site Reddit.

“Our first idea was to make Christian shoes with water in the soles – so you could walk on water – but it didn’t really sit with our own beliefs,” said Atheist co-founder David Bonney. “So we decided to do something about what we believed in – which was nothing.”

“[W]hen one of us had the peculiar idea to make a handmade ‘atheist shoe,’ we thought that sounded rather endearing and fun,” the company explains further on its website. “[W]e decided we had to roll up our sleeves and make the atheist shoe a reality.”

The owners claim that two-thirds of the population of Berlin is atheist, and that they want to encourage atheists to hook up with each other.

“Maybe our shoes will make it easier to spot the sexy, free-thinking people you like to hang with?” it writes. “No more hours wasted chatting up a pretty stranger only to discover they believe some invisible, magical sky-daddy is looking down and holding a view on whether they should sleep with you or not.”

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The company also references sexual matters when discussing its pun on devising ‘soles’ for atheists.

“Is there anything more beautiful in life than the pure, sweet, wondrous innocence of an unblemished, open and untainted soul?” it asks. “Yes, the delightful process of getting that sole so (expletive) filthily dirty, and soiling its purity with so much titillating sin and hedonistic whoredom that it can scarcely remember what color it was to begin with.”

“This creamy, blank canvas of a handmade shoeling is resplendent in her off-white milky maidenhood … but not for long, the little nymph, for you will introduce her to the real world … blemishing and sullying her with every step you take,” the company continues in its description of its cream-colored footwear. “You’re about to make a grown-up of this shoe.”

The shoes sell for approximately $170 U.S. dollars, and are also offered with the message “Darwin loves.”

Reaction over the shoes has been mixed, as some have expressed sadness and outrage, while others have gloated in the godlessness promoted by the company. One commenter stated, “As an atheist, I would never wear anything that signified me as an atheist because I honestly don’t care enough about it to feel like I need to proclaim being an atheist. I’d rather have a nice discussion with someone and they find out I’m an atheist vs. just wearing a … pair of shoes, or t-shirt or jewelry that says, ‘Hey I’m an atheist.’”

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