Missionary Footage Captures Emotion of Chinese Christians Receiving Bibles for the First Time

China Bibles YTA video surfacing online that was recorded by a missionary to China captures the emotion exuded by a group of Chinese Christians who obtained a copy of the Bible for the first time in their life.

The video, uploaded by a YouTube user named “alberttiago1,” shows a gathering of Chinese citizens opening a suitcase containing what appears to be dozens of copies of the Bible.

When the suitcase is opened, “oohs” and squeals fill the air, and the Christians rush forward with much excitement to grab a copy.

The camera then captures several of the Christians kissing their Bibles and looking upon it in adoration.

A young woman speaks among the group, her tearful words being translated as, “This came to us through the blood and sweat of our brothers and sisters. This is the Book we really need at the present time. We really need this Book.”

The video concludes with the Christians opening their Bibles and beginning to read.

“Share this video to awaken the church and make them value the freedom that we take for granted,” a description under the video states.

In China, the government regulates the production and distribution of Bibles, and therefore, many have never read the word of God for themselves due to a shortage of Scripture in the country. Missionaries have been smuggling Bibles into China for many years.

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