Police: 12-Year-Old Boy Robs Lemonade Stand With BB Gun

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. – Police in western Pennsylvania have stated that a 12-year-old boy used a BB gun to rob a 10-year-old who was running a lemonade stand.

According to Johnstown Sgt. Patrick Goggin, a 12-year-old boy threateningly approached the younger boy who was running a lemonade stand with what appeared to be a handgun in his pocket. Goggin stated that the boys “got into a wrestling match over the money box” before the older boy took $30 and ran away.

Three other children who witnessed the encounter chased the boy to his home and helped police track him down. When he was found, police were then able to determine that the boy had a BB gun.

Police are not identifying the suspect because he is being charged as a juvenile.

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