Study: Youth Groups Driving Teens to Abandon Faith

youth feet pdA new study might reveal why a majority of Christian teens abandon their faith upon high school graduation. Some time ago, Christian pollster George Barna documented that 61 percent of today’s 20-somethings who had been churched at one point during their teen years are now spiritually disengaged. They do not attend church, read their Bible or pray.

According to a new five-week, three-question national survey sponsored by the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC), the youth group itself is the problem. Fifty-five percent of American Christians are concerned with modern youth ministry because it’s too shallow and too entertainment-focused, resulting in an inability to train mature believers. But even if church youth groups had the gravitas of Dallas Theological Seminary, 36 percent of today’s believers are convinced youth groups themselves are not even biblical.

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  • Preacherdog

    There’s no question that the breakdown of the home is a major crisis in our culture today, BUT the claim that church youth groups are driving teens to abandon the faith is absolutely ludicrous. In many cases the teens who show up at youth group are without much of a faith to begin with, and it is the local church youth program that actually deposits something of eternal value within their souls. Sure, if you look hard enough you’ll find a teen youth group somewhere that may not be exerting a wholesome influence, but I’d say these instances are quite rare, and that most Bible believing churches are running youth programs that are spiritually advantageous. I personally cannot think of one Christian based youth group in my area that is “driving” kids to abandon the faith. The very title of this article drips with hype and extremism.