Company Stericycle, Known for Burning, Illegally Dumping Aborted Babies, to Dispose of Ebola Waste

Stericycle DenverDALLAS — A controversial medical waste company known for its incineration and illegal dumping of aborted babies recently received a permit from the U.S. government to dispose of Ebola-contaminated waste in Texas.

As previously reported, Thomas Eric Duncan of Liberia, who was visiting America for a time, was admitted to Texas Presbyterian Hospital earlier this month after displaying symptoms that later tested positive for the Ebola virus. He had visited the emergency room two days prior and was given medication and released.

When Duncan’s condition worsened, he returned to the hospital and was officially admitted. After being tested for Ebola and found to be positive for the virus, the city contracted with a hazardous materials company to clean the apartment where Duncan, who later died, was staying. A second company was then contracted to actually dispose of the waste—Stericycle, the nation’s largest medical waste company—which also was granted a permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation to handle and transport the contaminated items.

However, the company has been under fire from pro-life citizens nationwide for servicing abortion facilities across the country and burning the discarded remains of aborted children, placed in containers marked as “pathological waste,” at their incineration plants.

Stericycle was fined over $42,000 in 2011 after the company was found to be illegally dumping aborted babies into a municipal landfill in Austin, Texas with household and commercial garbage. The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) found Stericycle liable for “failure to prevent the disposal of treated fetuses at a municipal solid waste landfill” and “failure to comply with permit conditions.”

That same year, Grand Jury documents released by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office revealed that Stericycle had been disposing of fetal remains for convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell for years. The Presentment outlined that staff were assigned the task of preparing the boxes for the company’s arrival.

“James Johnson, who worked for Gosnell since 2001, testified that his duties included collecting the red biohazard bags of fetal remains and putting them in boxes for pickup by an outside firm, Stericycle,” it stated.

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The Campaign to Stop Stericycle, a pro-life effort that has been calling upon Stericycle since 2010 to stop servicing abortion facilities, reports that it has evidence that the babies collected from Gosnell’s facility also were dumped into landfills.

Earlier this year, the Marion County Board of Commissioners in Brooks, Ore. canceled its contract with Stericycle after learning that aborted babies were possibly being burned at a local waste-to-energy plant. While plant officials denied that fetal remains were included in the containers brought to the facility from Canada, the outlet B.C. Catholic reported that they were advised by the British Columbia Health Ministry that “biomedical waste [which includes] human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs and fetal tissue [is] disposed of through appropriate contracted providers.”

“I believe they were in there,” Commissioner Sam Bretano told the Portland Tribune. “We’d like to have that confidence [that they weren’t], but I don’t know how we could, other than tearing into the containers. I have no confidence that fetuses haven’t been in there.”

Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation has granted a permit to Stericycle to haul Texas’ Ebola waste, which has caused insecurity even from government officials in other states. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a temporary general retraining order in court  to prevent the company from bringing the Ebola-contaminated materials into the state.

“This facility has a history of violations in the handling of medical waste,” Koster said in a statement. “We should not allow this company to transport Ebola waste into our state without absolute assurances of safety.”

“Can we really trust a company that illegally dumped babies in a landfill in order to save money to properly dispose of Ebola waste?” reporter LJ Devon also wrote in a recent article, citing concerns about Stericycle’s disposal of aborted babies. “Why did this unethical company get the contract?”

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